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Original Millionaire

well, i got earl gray and the hibiscus tea cause it was on sale for two dollars a box. normally it's in the three to four dollar range.

That's pretty normal.
But, that's only between fifteen and twenty cents per cup for the average box of twenty tea bags.
Loose leaf tea is way more expensive. Though, loose leaf does make a better cup of tea since it's made with higher quality tea and other ingredients.
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Original Millionaire

i like having the bags, personally.
they're much easier to deal with than the tea leaves.
until i get a proper tea set, which i will have one day!

I've got a box of tea filters for using with loose leaf tea.
The tea just goes into the filter bag, and a metal clip with a chain closes the filter.
That way the loose tea doesn't go everywhere.
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Original Millionaire

i would think a tea set would come with something like that, wouldn't it?
i don't really need one yet since i don't have my own place, but when i do get one it'll be on display in my kitchen and pretty and stuff~ lol

A tea set is usually just a tea pot and cups.
An infuser ball or the tea filters/clip I have are tea accessories bought seperately.
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Original Millionaire

oh, alright.
are they easy to find or would i have to go to a special store for them?

Infuser balls are super easy to find.
Lots of stores carry them.
My tea filters are from a tea store.
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Original Millionaire

i've never come across a tea store before.

They exist.
I know there's a chain called Teavana in the states.
But, they might only have stores in larger cities. I'm not entirely sure.
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Original Millionaire

i found one!
it's in the city where my college campus is, which is right next to the town i live in. :]
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Lupine Guildsman

You guys talk a lot whenever I disappear. It's nice. Gets too quiet in here at times.

Well... I'm back. Feeling better, for now, possibly with a new boyfriend. My friend's birthday party got a little too crazy this time. Half the people got drunk and started talking about their feelings. Of course I refused to drink, partially because I'm 'weird' enough late in the day.

Anyhow, my best friend (the male one) who's apparently liked me for seven years now (but I've only known for four) managed to win me over last night, I guess.
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Original Millionaire

you don't sound too pleased about that, terr. oxo

It's good to hear that you're feeling better, Terr.
Sounds like that was quite the party.

Last night for me consisted of being kept up by the drunk people on my floor being loud all night.
Waking up at three am to the sound of my res fellow telling them they were be too loud [ironically in a loud voice] was definitely not my idea of a good time.

And today I have somehow become a big ball of ouch.
Just about everywhere hurts.
And doing just about anything hurts.
How this happened I'm not exactly sure, but it did.
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Original Millionaire

maybe you should get a massage or take a bubble bath~

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