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Yeah, a lot of items are expensive now a days.
They've almost all inflated to being crazily priced, even the MC's.
I remember when those things used to be 5k in the market place.
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Original Millionaire

yeah, gaia has inflated since gaia cash was invented.

The introduction of the cash and cash items definitely did cause the market to go crazy.
-Shakes fist.-
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Original Millionaire

and it causes people to spend money on useless things that are only pixels!

Yeah, that to.
I personally don't get the need to waste money just to 'own' a pixel item.
The donation letters make sense, but they're only 2.50, not 25 dollars.
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Original Millionaire

and there's the items that are millions of gold, like the one you're questing!
how can something be worth so much anyway?

The item in particular that I'm questing, the Nitemare Mini Wings, are considered a rare item.
They're an old MC from 2003, so there aren't as many of them kicking around.
Because of that it causes the worth of the item to be very high.
A lot of the old MC items are worth a Hefty amount of gold.
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Original Millionaire

yeah, i know.
that's why i try to get a mc for each month, but i quit getting them when i started seriously questing x]
I rarely buy mc items, because I'm picky when it comes to items.
That and I tend to hoard my gold until I break down and make an impluse buy every four or five months.
Until I finish this quest I plan to seriously commit myself to saving.
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Original Millionaire

well, i have a few items i could give you and you could sell them to get more gold. i have one item that's worth over one mil, but i use it too much to sell it x]

Please don't feel obligated to donate.

Yeah, I know how you feel. I have some items that have some worth to them that I'd never sell.
-Pets horns.-

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