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Hello! Welcome to my permanent quest thread! This thread is open, but it's under construction as it is going from an AFK hat quest thread to a permanent quest thread that I will update as frequently as possible! It's a little dusty and beware of cobwebs. ^_^;; Feel free to post and bump around!

Right now I am currently bumping this thread to collect gold and items for a friend who was unfairly banned. Everything that I am given will go to her to help her rebuild her avatar and her new account. She was a late 2003/early 2004 user who donated to Gaia and her account was banned with $120 worth of Gaia cash and nearly 40mil as she was questing for two OMG hats (one for her and one for her boyfriend). She's a great girl who did not do anything close to what Gaia accused her of doing, and Gaia also said that based on their lack of evidence (since she provided proof), that her account would stay banned.

I am also questing Sainte Ciel: Agape for myself.

I'm currently deciding what to quest, but there are several items that I really like that are a wide range of prices. After recently completing my "Climb for Chimes" and raising almost 11mil in gold, I thought that maybe I could raise a little more and get another very cute item that I like! AFK is so cute! Because it had a chance to inflate, and because I am still feeling great finishing my previous quest, I figure now was the best time to try and earn gold for AFK. I was lucky enough, however, to have a very generous Gaian donate the AFK hat to me.

I have a few dream items, but I'm not sure where to begin. I'll figure it out! I know for sure I like Ancient Katana, Kiki, and a couple blue and pink items. I don't plan on finishing my quests super fast. I was so amazed and grateful to the friends who donated last time but they also have their own quests. Donations are always appreciated, but definitely not obligated.

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If people advertise my quest using the image and code below, I will give a small amount of gold or prize for your help!

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Hey! I am Biyanka (or Jules) and I have been on Gaia for many several years. I joined in 2007 and have stayed active ever since! I am really nice, I like to chat and meet different types of Gaians! I am a writer and I love stargazing. I am addicted to Dance Dance Revolution and Mario! I'm twenty-three and from Northern Kentucky.

I am hoping to be able to get some donations from generous Gaians to help finish my "Quest Of Glory." I will definitely be pulling my weight in this quest as well! I JUST finished a quest (as you might be able to see) so my gold is currently limited, but I will be pulling my weight as well! I will continue to Booty Grab, do daily things (Daily Chance, posting, commenting, and Overseer), play games, and participate in giveaways. Donations are loved and would be gratefully appreciated!

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All donations are loved and appreciated! Thanks to the ones below for donating to my quest!

Reoakee - Two RIG items and lots of bumps!

Donations from AFK Quest:

1. Fairy-Of-Fire2823 - 200k

Donations from my previous quest:
1. Ramiele - 500k
2. Yasmen42 - 50k
3. iheartforever - 100k
4. o m g tain - 200k
5. iRatedxXx - 100k
6. Firefairy0228 - 2175k (definitely getting something special!)
7. Little Monster - 15k
8. Version Five - 30k

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Bumping and chatting in this thread would be very appreciated. It helps keep my thread near the top for more to see! If I see someone who is a regular poster, I will consider giving a small gift or amount of gold in return of their faithfulness in being here!

1. Ramiele
2. Moogle Voodoo

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None yet! Hurrah!
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Nothing yet :3
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