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Welcome! This is my most expensive quest! Even if you're not here to donate I'd like it if you would stay and chat. 3nodding I hope you will donate and good luck with any quest of your own!

2.My quest
4.About me
6.White list and Black list
Here is my most expensive quest!
Here is my progress on the item I am currently focusing on.
User Image
Chyaku Norisu Scarf
Elegant Veil X2
Bani Clips
Goti Clips
Kiki Kitty
Coco Kitty
Working my way up. <3 Also, I'm questing for two Elegant Veils! That's right two! But I'm not going to quest for the second one until I get everything else! You need two for a dress really. XD
Thank you guys for any donations!

*Follow the ToS!
*Bumping is allowed
*No begging or spamming!
*Please be literate, minor things are okay but T@lKinG LiK3 TiSS really annoys me :/
*NO adult conversations or pictures
*No advertising
So far this is what I could come up with, but more will be added if needed!

I love to chat! When I get in a good conversation I can't stop! So please, If you don't want to donate feel free to chat or bump! I also like to see other peoples dream avis! But this doesn't necessarily mean I'll donate so don't get your hopes up just don't let them down again! I like to draw and some people said I'm pretty good. I also like to act! I have been in three plays so far, all Shakespeare! This pretty much sums it up, I'll add more if I feel I need to.

My greatly love donators!
Judge Bib - 150g heart
Puro Uro - 6k eek heart eek
XCryWolfX - Aquatica and Mythic Hair heart eek heart eek
Fujita Goro99 - Aquatica heart eek heart eek
Land Of Metal Shadows - Blacklight Ribbed shoes heart heart
Catdoglover - Blacklight Ribbed shoes and 50g heart heart
HakimsRazor - Gold Bracelet, Rough off Blue Jeans, Trap Jaw, Pool Stripe Sleeve Sweater, Deep purple rose band, and 5k heart eek heart eek
MercyMerie - Gothic Veil heart eek heart eek
Aramdildo - 500g and Narwhal plushie heart heart
Sheymin - 4k heart heart
iNugget - Prisoner's pants and Mocha Lounge pants. heart
Thonek - 5k and Stealth UltraViolet Boots heart eek heart eek
Speedy1418 - 2k and Ink set. heart
Mockery - Blue Fur-Trimmed Underwear heart
Thank you all for donating!

White List
CJ_ CruShEd bY uR CrUsh - For chatting with me about candy! heart

Black List
No one yet! :]
heart Bump heart
Good luck!!
xXx Musical Dreams xXx
Good luck!!

Thank you so much!
No problem smile

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