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Hi I'm Lost Anastasia Starz, this is my new account.

My real account anastasiastarz was unfairly banned.

I lost 3.7mil and Angel Staff, W.S Blanket, Fallen Wish, Gimpi, Elegant Veil and 800+ items including a lot of MCs.

I have been a member of Gaia Online since 17/3/2007, and I go on gaia for about 5+ hours every day in the past. About 3 now due to senior years.

The point of this board is help me regain what I lost.
What Happened

Last night (2/1) I was on gaia around midnight.

This afternoon I got an email saying that I was banned for scamming.

I never scammed anyone.

I called my friends who also go on gaia: Adrian Adams, Helen Quatrzos, Lily Everdream and found out they were also unfairly banned for "scamming" which they didn't do.
They have now all quit for been unfairly banned.

For some unknown reason the account's last login date/time keeps changing.
Just found out why.
"...last login date changes pending on attempted logins, regardless of if they were successful or not."

When I try to login it says "Critical Error
Error: Your account has been blocked. Please e-mail inquiry for further info."
What I Lost

As I get them again, I'll cross them off the list.

Most Valued Items
Engraved Gold Locket
Staff of the Angels
Wind Security Blanket
Fallen Wish 1st gen.
Biancamella 6th Gen.
Elemental Wings
Gimpi 1st Gen.
Elegant Veil
Winter Rose
Western Zodiac
Demonic Anklets
Enchanted Book
Enchanted Book 6th Gen.
Enchanted Book 2nd Gen.
G Pin
Dreamer's Dust
Enchanted Strings
Everything in my House
Shadow Spirit
zOMG Rings + Loot
Hermes's Moon 3rd Gen.
Imperial Queen
12 Birthstone Crowns Set
Long-stem Rose Set - Gold - Yellow
Grace of A.
Smashing Cities
Celestril Wrap
Tiny Pixie Wings
Summoning Tome
Green Milady Outfit w/o headpiece
2x Bunny Hat
2x Chicky Hat
Autumn Glory
Magical Girl
April 08
Radiant Prism
July 08
September 08
Lusty Scoundrel
Snow Feather
And lots more - in screenies.

I have sceenies taken 1/12/08 to prove what I had of that day. But since then I have gotten more gold and obtained more stuff.

To summarise I lost everything from earning it since 2007 with just about 5+ hours a day on gaia making gold.


What I Lost [Images]

These images are as of 1/12/08. Since then some things in my invo has changed, these images are edited to show what I had on 2/1/09.


House Items

Locker - Part 1

Locker - Part 2

Locker - Part 3

Locker - Part 4

I'm auctioning "Jenny's Sentimental A-line Dress" the first thing I've bought on this account.

The point of this auction is to help me recover what I've lost, due to unfair banning.

User Image
HB: 10k by muffinbadgirl
AB: 1 mil

Bid History

ill bid 10k on your lovely dress darlin. biggrin

Thank you for your help.

greenDudette - 1k
justonewish - Kitty Slippers + 2x Enchanted Wooden Trunk + Angel Imp Plushie + 2x Tube-Tops
XxMoonwebxX - 2k
Kloeee - 10k
muffinbadgirl - Gold + 23 Items
SSJ Sky - Gift of Goddess
Tani Halliwell - 2k
Jace Quin - 7 zOMG Recipes + Axe + 4x ??? Rings
Aerynna - The Gift + Skinny Jeans + Kitty Slippers + Benny
Tenshi_Aino - 3x Mall Cop Shirts + Swim Top + White Stockings + '70's REd Pants + Yellow Striped Stockings + Peasant Shoes + Drained Victim + Blue Door + Artwork wall Hanging + Fish + Demon Armor + Flame Top + Tie Top + Jack Shoes 2k6 + Arrow Fish drop + Tattoo Sakura Fluff Plushie + 2x Flamingo Plushie + 9 Brown Ink
Woof Myoto - Bunny Shirt + Pink Knit Jacket + Drop Dead Moonlight Gown + Dragon Queen Horns + Azure Mask + 3x Pineapple Hat + Xmas Tree + Flower + 2x Ghost Sheets + 3k
xXCoCo_BubblesXx - 400g + Elf Circlet + Ruffled Top + Purple Mistress Skirt + Fishnet Stockings + Violet Stiletto Boots + Silver Genie Bangle + Silver Rings + Black Rose + Cuttlefish
-Whip-Gurl- - 1k
cybermorphine - Purple undies + 50g
Deidara Shanbara - White Rose + 3k
Th3 RAWR Charity - 50k
Brendon the Ninja - Summoning Tome
_cHrOzShOw_ - Aquarium Bamboo 1
Ingou - 7k + 2k6 Jack Sweater + Rhinestone Flip-Flops + Purple A. Scarf + Flower Shield + Medieval Chair + Red Cushion + Cuttle Fish + Green A. Scarf + Gold Tiara
Akatsuki_Palmar - 1k + zOMG Loots
FallenStar_BrokenWishes - Imperial Queen - Amethyst and Milk Quartz Headband - Blue Hibiscus Pajama Shirt - Blue Hibiscus Pajama Pants
Broken x Condom - 5k + Witchling Hat + Leaf + Tiara + 615 Tickets + Wooden Trunk + Golden Trunk + 4k Coin
RinGo ReIzEi - The Experiment 6th gen.
Pickle Sauce - 100g + Ghost Mask + Mall Cop Top + Terrier + Bamboo Staff
i got a dark soul - Dark Elf's Staff
pink_mist - Grace of A. + 7 zOMG Recipes
C a n d ii C a n i ee - 2x collectable cards + newspaper + matte tile + leather chair + 267g
scare_me_away - Leviathan's Grace (Chest)
kid25130 - 2x fishdrop + brown giftbox + fish + zomg item + 1035 tokens
linnea9233 - 3x tiles + panda rug
Fuzzy-Meltone - Kokeshi Kimono
--7he teddy-polar beal2-- - Goldfish Drop
iDemonicKitty - 123g + Wine Tavern Wench's Bustier
iiKraiizy Cumkake - 50k + Grace of A. + Silver Ring + Drop Necklace + Kokeshi Fan
Bandi Bandi - 3625g
Its Wolfeh - 4x 2k8 Xmas Items + 4x Skittles Quest + 800 Token + 320g
LosT BunniZ - Thank You Letter for January 2009
Alundra_Daydreamer - 9k
theycallmesilver - monster mask + 3x xmas items + cloak + angelic boots + vampire potion + gold tiara + bride skirt + eggnog + elf amour + vampire victim
ABCmule - 1k
aprilanimorph 1 - 5k + bikini top + Nicolea's undies + cheerleader dress + 2x aquarium stuffs
Captain Jacques - 1k
XxX_Angelic_Saviour_XxX - 5k
Sylme - Yellow Heart Hair + 3x House Items + Halo Helmet + Chicken Mask + 5x Aquarium Prizes
Kalassin Dracon - Easter Basket
DJ_aniwai3s - 1k
Lamplitesunshine - Pearls + Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace + Ritzy White Pearl Necklace
Holly Nelson - Heart of Gold
Draculas-Mistress - 1k
Pip.the.Cat - 11x Watermelon Hat + Spirited Shirt
Bihna_The_II - 12 Birthstone Crowns
PharaohofDarkness - March 08
Noriaki - A lot of flowers, baits and paper bags.
Princess-of-Darkness678 - 10k
Rei Itsuharu - 5k
Current Quests

User Image

Silver Promise Ring
Lovely Genie Gold Bangle Bracelets

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Emails from Gaia

From: Gaia Administration Staff (inquiry@gaiaonline.com)

Sent: Friday, 2 January 2009 11:48:30 PM
You have a message from the Gaia Online administrator: Your account anastasiastarz is permanently banned because of the following reason: Terms of Service violation; Scamming

Sent: Tuesday, 6 January 2009 7:45:06 PM
Your account has been banned for scamming or profiting from a scam. Inaccordance with our standard moderation practices, your account must remainbanned.

Sent: Wednesday, 7 January 2009 4:57:53 PM
Hello, There is sufficient evidence that links you to the scamming of another user,where their account was scammed, and items were taken. Because you share the same IP with the account that originally scammed this person, your account will remain banned. Thanks for writing,-Gaia Customer Support


The connection I use is the school's, a boarding school. So it's the school's IP, imagine how many people go on gaia and go to my school, we got 1000+ students.

User Image
Angel Imp Plushie

User Image
Gino's Underwear

Link Back

It looks like this:
anastasiastarz's Recovery Auction - Unfairly Banned

[align=center][url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/the-gaia-exchange/anastasiastarz-s-recovery-auction-unfairly-banned/t.46314315/][b]anastasiastarz's Recovery Auction - Unfairly Banned[/b][/url][/align]

User Image



Link Out

anastasiastarz's Recovery Quest - Unfairly Banned


Heyy =]

Sorry to hear what happened. I know you wouldn't scam. I see you around here so many times wishing people good luck.

Well, you know what? GOOD LUCK TO YOU! ^^ It's our turn to say it back.
User Image
Hey, I remember you. You were in my thread yesterday.

The same thing happened to me...without saying I Scammed people, only got Banned Unfairly.
User Image
Heyy =]

Sorry to hear what happened. I know you wouldn't scam. I see you around here so many times wishing people good luck.

Well, you know what? GOOD LUCK TO YOU! ^^ It's our turn to say it back.


The reason I chose not to quit is because most people here are really nice ^_^.
User Image
Hey, I remember you. You were in my thread yesterday.

The same thing happened to me...without saying I Scammed people, only got Banned Unfairly.
User Image

Hi Moon

Did you get an email from gaia admin? I think they always say why you were banned.

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