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April's lucky day is the 20th!

Please post your "thank yous" in the thread instead of PMing me; your donation may not have been my doing. This is to make sure everyone who works hard to help others achieve their dreams is appreciated.

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Banner of awesome, made by Dark-Velvet-Revolver: User Image

Okay, so I have come to the conclusion that many people need help with the alchemy formulas. I have not seen a thread dedicated to getting unwanted components into the hands of those who need them. For my part, I cannot say that I am interested enough to go through all the levels and would just hire someone to craft for me if I wanted something. However, I still get the formulas and ingredients just like everyone else. This thread will be a charity thread for all things alchemy.

For help see:
{Ultimate Alchemy Formula Guide} or ask Yamaichi-sama

Stripped Stripes has made comprehensive list of all the items used in alchemy: Clicky!

**Remember your manners; mean people suck! evil
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(1)Post in this thread (DO NOT PM ME) a list of the items you need/want. DO NOT post 'anythng' or you will be ignored. I want to know what you are making and how close you are to getting it yourself before I help you. I also recommend quoting one of my many posts to be added to the quest list or to make any changes to get my attention.

(2)Your wish lists MUST be updated on a regular basis. If you get something, take it off your list so dontations are not duplicated.

For example: I need 20 amigo pants, I need 10 amigo pants

(3)It should go without saying, but nice people get more stuff than naughty. Remember to thank the people who donate to you.

(4)I (Duchess Marie) will quote you when the change is made. To get my attention, I would recommend quoting me. PMs are not always a safe choice with me.

(5)Please, please, please visit the thread at least once a month, even if you have no updates. I would like to know that you did not give up alchemy or leave Gaia. Only active questers (the people who come around once in a while) will receive donations from the thread.

I would suggest that you either subscribe to this thread or remember where to find it so that you can keep on top of your wish list, else you risk being deleted/moved to the second page. It would be nice if you hung around the thread for a bit and tried to help your fellow alchemists perhaps?
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(PM me to be here, but it is more than okay to remain anonymous.)
Do not annoy/harrass/beg these people and let me hear about it. It is so rude!

Rubai Sora
Xiahou Jin
fairy animi
Madam Boo
aphelia the vampire
Uncertain Times
Twisted Nerves
elle stata
This Hollow World
THE Santa Claus
Stripped Stripes
Paradox Theorum
Guardian of Courage
The Witch of the Wood
Pixelated Chaos
Eiji Minamoto
Butterfly on my Shoulder
Seren Cian
Musical Kisu
Zathura Raine
Cyber Elf X

Anons (X11 )

And a special Thank you to Leonaenae for making the headers for each topic.
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White list:
(get here by updating your post, thanking the donators and helping others)
If you should be here and you are not, please tell me. sweatdrop

xResident Zombie
Hell Butterfly Ichigo
fairy animi
x Strawberry CreamPuff x
OtherWorldShukumei~~Thread MOD here
this is my name XD
Stripped Stripes~~Thread MOD here
Paradox Ultima
Kinky Pixie Stick
Nhyarlothatep~~Thread MOD here

Black list:
(get here by begging/trolling or just being annoying in general)
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User Image

A heart means that this person has received a confirmed donation(s)* from here and has posted a 'thank you;' we like them.

A stare means that this person has received a confirmed donation(s)* from here and has not posted a 'thank you;' we are not thrilled with them.

A gaia_star means this is a new quest.

*Either myself, another thread MOD or this was a confirmed donation in the thread.

Ace of Blue Spades needs MANtis, Autopsy Scar: I need 3 scars of rogue and 4 scars of coward, Cuttlefish Scythe: I need 6 cuttlefish keytar and one cuttlefish mask, Regalavino: 8 regalia of ancient fire vests and 1 vengeful flame.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Amethyst Tenshi needs 450 Pink Magical Giftbox

AngelicHottie126 needs Turf 10x, Idiot Hair 6x

heart Bes In A Box needs 12 google black fish, 8 red google fish, 12 flamingo feathers, 70 grasshoppers, 23 black flies, 197 red flies, 143 red beetles, 142 blue beetles, 186 red dragonflies, 107 blue dragonflies, 143 red butterflies, 196 blue butterflies, 185 old crumpled newspaper, 177 light blue paper

heart heart heart Betrayed Savant needs Gold Cache. 20,000 / 2,000,000 gg or
0/1 Philosopher's Cache : Gold / Severed soul ( 1 needed )

heart stare Captain SpeedShadow18_R needs chicken fletchings: 21/30

Candy_30 Rocks needs a cherub feather

CBB1112 needs 22 Garnet caches, 4 Angel Imp Feather's

heart heart heart heart heart heart cjlbroken2 needs angelic gloves

CuteGirlwpc need sand stone

Davidicus Bellefonte needs 35 Gold Caches and 3 Diamond Caches

heart heart heart heart Deidrice needs trash/bugs/flowers/fish

heart DigitalDayLight needs 1 Alruna's Rose, 5 Unsavory Cactus, 3 Verde Vixen, 2 Dandy Lion, 25 Grass Green Rose Cluster Hairpiece, 5 Vineyard, 10 Green Intentions, 25 Man Eating Plant, 4 Undecided Seed, 4 Medicinal Herbs

Diosu needs 3x Formula 9: Lace Meow, 45x Barbed Suture, 8x Roto's Hat

heart Divine Eradication needs 50 gold

DLSmith6157 needs 1) 400+ orb aggregates, and 1 Obsidian Maqhuitl for Mint Sundae's Sweets, after I craft all the ones I have, I'll have somewhere around 500+
2) 1 yang tech, 1 yin tech for Monochrome Battle Pants
3) fuasto's bottle (any gen) and stardust for Fausto's Bottle: alchemized
4) 5 maneating plants, 1 ladybug poncho, 1 lexxon's garden, 1 coocoon (any gen) for Dionaesil
5) 8 wriggling tentacles for Rainbow Octopus
6) 1 the watchmaker, 1 happy cloud bubble, 2 dove capelet for Windy Gear

always in need of inks: red, blue, green, white, and gold. all papers, all flowers, all bugs.
zOMG: leather, suede, snake eyes, pink flamingo feathers, wing tree leafs.

heart heart Fae Mystique needs: 603 Orb Aggregate, 4 Angelic Tables, 5 Angelic Chairs, 5 Angelic Beds, 200k Tickets, 844 Sand Boldurs, 8 Great Monarchs, 428 White Ink

FaiMaxwell needs 5 x Jade, 1 x Baroque Pearl OR Philosopher's Cache: Garnet x6

Forever Fluffman needs 5 scars of the warrior.
10 scars of the rouge
4 scars of the tyrant
10 scars of the coward

Gemonade needs two Garnet Caches

Hakumei Angel of Twilight needs 5 fabric swatches
10 death moths
10 green geist black candles

heart heart heart heart Hold the Onions Caches Needed:
Caches Needed:

Amethyst x 88
Aquamarine x 71
Diamond x 61
Garnet x 49
Gold x 53
Platinum x 22
Ruby x 64
Sapphire x 46
Topaz x 58

Components Needed:

Adamantium x 2
Alligator's Skin x 5
Alligator's Teeth x 2
Alphyn's Tongue x 3
Amber x 10
Amphithere's Feather x 1
Aquamarine x 2
Bahamut's Bone x 5
Bakunawa's Red Tongue x 1
Basilisk Tongue x 1
Bat Fat x 5
Beeswax Loaf x 20
Bindweed x 7
Bloodgrass x 7
Cinderblock x 10
Cinnamon x 10
Copper Token x 4
Cosmic Cell x 2
Crushed Gemstones x 1
Dhampir Blood x 2
Diamond x 5
Dragon Guts x 7
Dryad's Tears x 1
Dust Motes x 10
Dust of Time x 2
Elf Locks x 2
Empty Bottle x 4
Fiery Curse x 2
Fire Salt x 1
Fish Oil x 10
Geode x 5
Glass Marbles x 20
Go Berry x 4
Gold Foil x 4
Golden Apple Seed x 1
Golden Webbing x 1
Golem's Scalp x 1
Halogen Cloud x 4
Haunted Object x 3
Helium Bubble x 4
Hemlock x 5
Ice Spice x 1
Jade x 1
Lace Fungus x 12
Lava Jelly x 3
Leviathan's Fin x 2
Leviathan's Scale x 2
Lotus Petal x 2
Mandrake Root x 1
Mineral Water x 20
Mirror Shards x 10
Monkey's Paw x 1
Monotonite x 10
Moonbeam x 10
Noble Spirit x 2
Obsidian x 2
Onyx x 2
Peridot x 5
Phoenix's Tear x 1
Platinum Peach Pit x 2
Quartz x 2
Raven's Beak x 1
Ruby x 2
Rusty Tacks x 10
Salt x 20
Sapphire x 2
Scorpionshark's Venom x 2
Sea Water x 22
Severed Soul x 3
Showgirl Scales x 5
Silver Token x 4
Siren's Larynx x 1
Slothbeetle's Carapace x 20
Smooth Whetstone x 24
Snake Oil x 10
Steel Plate x 20
Succubus's Blood x 2
Succubus's Bone x 1
Sugar Crystals x 5
Sulfur x 5
Sunbeam x 10
Tiger's Eye x 10
Topaz x 10
Troll's Wart x 5
Unicorn Hide x 2
Unicorn Poop x 2
Unicorn's Tear x 4
Unidentified Object x 1
Willow Bark x 10
Wisp of Cloud x 2
Wriggling Tentacles x 10
Zombie Goo x 5
Zurg's Shedded Skin x 2

heart Icaiser needs The Gift 22/50

Icethus_Stronam needs 65 Crickets, 70 grasshoppers, 58 houseflies, 100 red flies, 77 cicada, 71 fireflies, 79 red beetles, 72 brown beetles, 100 blue beetles, 77 red dragon flies, 98 blue dragon flies, 63 green dragon flies, 64 red butterflies, 68 yellow butterflies, 99 blue butterflies

heart heart heart heart heart lKlTTENl needs: paper, flowers, goldfish, and guppies (from fishing)is on break, get well soon!

heart koneko66 needs 28 White Carnation, 100 Blue Carnation, 4 Black Bubble-Eye Goldfish, 10 Red Bubble-Eye Goldfish, 10 Gold Bubble-Eye Goldfish

Ilija the ninja needs 10 wing tree leaf,6 of red and orange guppy,4 of yellow guppy,9 of each goldfish,48 blue carnation,11 of both white and red carnation

heart Lucifer aka Fallen Angel needs 5483 Pink Magical Gift Boxes,19 Fails, 1 Lesser Potato, 19 old crumbled Newspapers, papers, flowers, and fish

Lyn the Calisto needs 3 Anycolor Dyes

Madam Ace needs 908/100 Orb Aggregates

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Misfortuned Checkmate needs Mint Frilled Hats x2.

heart Mummymaster needs lexxon's garden x2

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart nefret2011 needs junk/Zomg items.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart OtherWorldShukumei Needs:
For Celestial Wing Quest Lvls 8-9:
8 Imported Lake Water, 2 Wizard Leaf, 2 Screaming Mushroom, 10 Sea Water, 2 Rainbow Strain, 20 Mineral Water, 32 Cherub Feather, 19 Crushed Gemstones, 1 Dyrad's Tear, 1 Phoenix's Tear, & 10 Unicorn's Tear (Equals out to Caches = 4 Topaz, 28 Amethyst, 10 Aquamarine, 21 Gold, 32 Garnet, 11 Diamond, 1 Platinum)
10 Angel Imp Potion & 10 Blessed Stellarite
2 Enchanted Water Formula, 2 Angel Tear's Formula, & 3 Angel Imp's Feather Formula
ANY White, Red, Blue, and Green Ink/Bugs
LOTS of White Pebbo Feeder, Bluestone Biter, and Sand Boldur
As always, any Philosopher Caches

See quest thread for other items needed

heart Phanna needs ON HOLD

Ray Valentine needs Scorch Scarf x1, Fire Breather x 3, Bonne Fire x 3, Burn Devil Horns x 2, Squall Scarf x 1, Water Puddle x 49, Green Intentions x 10, Fausto's Bottle 9th Gen x 5

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart RaynebowBunnyBuns needs 7 orange guppies, 7 wing tree leaves, 30 old crumpled newspapers and 691 Orb Aggregates

Sexiibunniluv needs Formula 2: Head of Night
0/1 sleepytime starry night bed
0/6 star hairpin
0/6 Red Star Back Tattoo
0/1 stardust

Formula 4: Summer Gardener
0/1 Fairies Abode
0/1 lexxon's garden
0/1 summer grass field
0/50 flower on my head
0/25 flower crown
0/50 flower ankle bands
0/50 flower wrist bands
0/5 shovel blade
0/1 mana seed 3rd gen
0/6 barley wine

heart heart heart heart ShadowdrakeMagi needs 4 diamond
2 garnet
10 amethyst
1 topaz
1 ruby
10 sapphire

heart Skm Imperatoriene needs Philosopher's Caches gold, ruby, sapphire, platinum, and garnet and grey body dye

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Stripped Stripesneeds 1) 418 White Ink (or 2,090 Blue Inks or Bugs, 1,853 Green Inks or Bugs, 2,043 Red Inks or bugs).
2) 7 Great Monarchs.
3) 1 Diamondback Lion Fish = (950 SandStone Boldurs = 9,494 BlueStone Biters = 94,931 White Peebo Feeders)
4)66 Gold Inks and 1 Sunstone for Radiant Heart Headband
***Any and all Paper, Bugs, Flowers, Goldfish, Guppy, Wing Tree Leaves, Pink Flamingo Feathers, Tickets, Grade “A” Bait, and Inks (Red, Blue, Green, White, and Gold)
Any Caches Not Needed.
** Mainly Old Crumpled Newspaper, any paper, bugs especially blue bugs, flowers especially carnations, guppy's, goldfish, tires, red, blue, green, gold, and white inks. These are ongoing.
** Old Crumpled Newspaper, any paper, bugs, flowers, guppy's, goldfish, tires, red, blue, green, gold, and white inks. These are ongoing.

Tenshimaru Kensei needs 3x Orange Guppies, Formula 1: Angelic Quest Inizio
2x Anycolor Dye, 1x Blessed Stellarite

The Enemy of Old needs 0/150 aquamarine
0/72 amethyst
0/45 emerald
0/24 garnet
0/12 sapphire
0/7 diamond
0/4 gold
0/1 platnium
0/12 topaz

vampire chick 08 needs 13 fabric swatches

heart heart heart heart Vedetta Fiore needs 54 Gold Caches.

Vehement Ferocity needs 900 Michael's Memory

Whiskey Dik needs My giant alchemy quest

heart heart witchy cat panther needs 993 Orb Aggregates and Obsidian Maqhuitl

heart YamiTyger needs 9 salts, 1 cherub feather, 1 giant syringe, 5 steel

heart Yoshielite needs > Wriggling Tentacles 1/85
> Sea Water 0/15

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart youkoonna Celestial quest formula components

Zathura Raine needs 27 Old Crumpled Newspapers
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Amateur Visionary

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Amateur Visionary

User Image

(Please do not ask for them unless you plan to craft the item.)

Formula 1:Titan's Legacy

Formula 1: Bottled up Moonlight

Formula 1: Flames of Rage

Formula 1: Joker Card

Formula 1: Double Rainbow

Formula 1: Champion Halls

Formula 1: Unicorn Blood

Formula 1: Giant Rainbow Lollipop
**There are also sticky sticks and rainbow sugar available through this charity.

Formula 1: Valefor Academy

Formula 1: Long Tusks
**There are broken tusks available.

Formula 1: Pink Magical Giftbox

Formula 1: Blue Magical Giftbox

Formula 1: Brown Magical Giftbox

Formula 1: Sad Rainbow Ice Cream

Formula 1: Duck in a Box

Formula 1: Nomy the Snail

Formula 1: Chicken Suit

Formula 1: Tire Dress

Formula 1: Radiant Galaxy

Formula 1: Obsidian Seahorse Tail

Formula 1: Topiary Wig

Formula 1: 10 Pound Guppy

Formula 1: Kapre's beard

Formula 1: Guardian Totem

Formula 1: Amigo Taco

Formula 1: Gauntlets & Goblins

Formula 1: Gold Bullet Helm

Formula 1: Cirque du Junkfood

Formula 1: Angel Imp Potion A

Formula 1: Angel Imp Potion B

Formula 1: Angel Imp Potion E

Formula 1: Lawn Shark Blades

Formula 1: Midsummer Swirl

Formula 1: Animal Quackers

Formula 1: Hell Prison

Formula 1: Cirque du Gothique

Formula 1: Gauntlets & Goblins

Formula 1: Club Limbo

Formula 1: Love Charm III

Formula 1: Love Charm II

Formula 1: Love Charm

Formula 1: Famestar 2000

Formula 1: Fortune Egg

Formula 1: Suspicious Package

Formula 1: Silver Star

Formula 1: Poseidon's Legacy

Formula 1: Snow Apple

Formula 1: Emerald Seed

Formula 1: Repo Lamp

Formula 1: Neon Core

Formula 1: Book of Poems

Formula 1: Dark Reflection 2

Formula 1: Nightmare Box

Formula 1: Fortune Egg

Formula 1: Ultra Satan Cat Face

Formula 1: Gee Boi Turbo

Formula 1: Lonely Star

Formula 1: 2k11 Masquerade Brooch

Formula 1: Dark Reflection

Formula 1: Final Reign

Formula 1: Underland

Formula 1: The Worst Mistake

Formula 1: Cryptic Path

Formula 1: Alchemist's Case

Formula 1: Eternal Rivals

Formula 1: Famestar Hero

Formula 1:Runic Challenge

Formula 1: Fortune Egg

Formula 1: Pegasus's Feather

Formula 1: Crystal Overdrive

Formula 1: Tigerskin Loincloth

Formula 1: Gold Bullet Helm

Formula 1: Black and Silver Edwardian Children's Loafers

Formula 1: Twin Snake Shoulderpads

Formula 1: The Drill

Formula 2: Gro-gain

Formula 2: White Lizardman

Formula 2: Jellyfish Dress

Formula 2: Tama's Basket

Formula 2: Overgrown Kudzu

Formula 2: Clam Shell Hat

Formula 2: Pink Belled Ribbons

Formula 2: Frozen Time

Formula 2: Sea Sash

Formula 2: Tsunami KO Royal Shirt

Formula 2: Octopus Trident

Formula 2: P3 Gear

Formula 3: Sundae's Treat

Formula 3: Fondue the Chocolate Bunny

Formula 3: Jack Frost

Formula 3: Coco Nigiri

Formula 3: Black Bedouin Skirt

Formula 3: Storm King

Formula 3: Monochrome Battle Pants

Formula 3: Dewdrops

Formula 4: Captain Ara's Nestegg

Formula 4: A la Fondue

Formula 4: Silly Candy Horns

Formula 4: Uni Candy Horn

Formula 4: MANnequin

Formula 4: Black Bedouin Tunic

Formula 4: Winter Dancer

Formula 4: White Bedouin Tunic

Formula 4: Regalinovo

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion A

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion B

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion C

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion D

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion E

Formula 5: Floating Angel Imp Potion F

Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion A

Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion B

Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion C

Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion E

Formula 5: Floating Devil Imp Potion F

Formula 5: Vitaman

Formula 6: Enchanted Book

Formula 6: Changeling Baby Girl

Formula 6: Queen Bee

Formula 6: Blue and Silver Short Keido Wig

Formula 6: White and Gold Short Keido Wig

Formula 6: Princess the Piglet

Formula 6: Biancamella

Formula 6: Arrow Candy Horns

Formula 6: Jade and Black Short Keido Wig

Formula 6: Ruby Companion

Formula 6: Forked Candy Horns

Formula 7: Jinxi's Charm
Formula 7: Raspberry Cupcake Dress

Formula 7: Lemon Cupcake Dress

Formula 7: Vanilla Cupcake Dress

Formula 7: Jade Rabbit

Formula 7: The Librarian

Formula 7: Jagged Candy Horns

Formula 7: MANthro

Formula 7: Pokeman

Formula 7: Pointy Candy Horns

Formula 7: Black and Red Long Keido Wig

Formula 7: Gold and Black Long Keido Wig

Formula 7: White and Navy Long Keido Wig

Formula 7: Grace Meow

Formula 8: Draco Ladon

Formula 8: Solar Mage

Formula 8: The Nightmare

Formula 8: Imaginary Friend

Formula 8: Gardener's Brown Twin Curls

Formula 8: Triple Candy Horns

Formula 8: Edmund Companion

Formula 8: Long Candy Horns

Formula 9: Reve Rouille

Formula 9: Inari's Beads

Formula 9: Fafnir the Dragon

Formula 9: Antique Shop

Formula 9: Rose Porridge Locks

Formula 9: Aquamarine Porridge Locks

Formula 9: Violet Porridge Locks

Formula 9: Radiant Heart Headband

Formula 9: Louie Companion

Formula 9: Curled Candy Horns

Formula 9: O'Manan

Formula 10: SDPlus Blind Box

Formula 10: Warmth of Apollo

Formula 10: Zorya

Formula 10: Persephone

Formula 10: Masquerade

Formula 10: Faust's Bottle

Formula 10: Mercury's Moon

Formula 10: Gentleman

Formula 10: Lunarian's Pink Bao

Formula 10: Lunarian's Blonde Bao

Formula 10: Lunarian's Mint Bao

Formula 10: Butter

Formula 10: Case Meow

I also have wing stickers if anyone wants one of the Treehouse formulas, but again, do not waste my time or resources if you are not going to use it for yourself.
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Associated Threads and Guilds:

User Image

For Level One and Two alchemy help: Dirvine1

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

Buy the cache color you need!!
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Tanks of people we like:

Grab that Booty! emotion_dowant

Lucifernium -- bump here when glowing -- User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image Crafting services available! User Image

Please remember that you must have the formula, all ingrediants and the crafting gold for the following Gaians. They will craft the item for you in exchange for experience. **Remember that they do not have any control over the alchemy failing, that happens to everyone. So be nice to these guys.

Any level one through nine formulas: Crazy Cat Concotions!

**Active**Any level one through seven formulas: Grandpa Rei

Anything level eight, nine and ten: Dirvine1

Any level formulas, PM Luc LaVey

Any level one, two or three formulas, Lefty_7

**Active**Any level one, two or three formulas, PM Toriki-chi wahmbulance wahmbulance For limited time only: covering your crafting costs up to 100k! wahmbulance wahmbulance

Either level two or three, PM LollipopLocomotion

Any level one through eight: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Either level two or three: Ray Valentine

**Active**Any level one to seven, PM Deidrice

**Active**Any level, PM Vedetta Fiore

**Active**Either level two or three, PM Bonny Lass Minty

Level ten, PM Bit Siniful

Levels eight or nine: Davidicus Bellefonte

Levels one through four: Ace's Crafting Services

**Active**Levels one to six: The Half-Full, Non-Metal Alchemist

**Active**ANY Level, PM Divine Eradication
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Past charity news:

We were chosen as recipients of a donation from a closing charity! See the notice here. Utopia was founded to remind all of us to pay forward kind acts to others. It is a system of take and give; make sure that you put a little effort into helping someone else out on a regular basis. Thank you so much Utopia for your support and good luck!

If you are a regular quester/donator or poster to this thread, you are invited to participate in a Halloween tektek contest. You may choose your own theme. All submissions are to be PM'd to me (Duchess Marie) no later than October 24th. Voting will begin on the same day with the contestants being assigned random numbers. All visitors to the thread are able to vote and the winner will be announced on October 31st. The winner will receive a TWO RUBY caches donated by Lucifernium.

Halloween contest entries:
(1) User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. **Deidrice**

(2) User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. **Evil A**

(3) User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. **YamiTyger**

(4) User Image **koneko66**

(5) User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. **TheLostNobody**Winner**

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