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                            Adopt a Newbie quests to ensure the successful integrations of new
                            gaians into the brand new world of Gaia Online. Adopt a Newbie was
                            created for "newbies" to have a safe place to ask questions without
                            being shunned or labeled. Together, we place new gaians with other
                            knowledgeable, integrated gaians of similar interests. Interested in
                            adopting newbies or are you new and looking for friends? Read the
                            thread to get started!

Visit our raffle and win gold!

Click here to head over to our bump thread to win up to 40,000g!

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Owner: Dual Wave Behavior Charity Mule: Adopt a Newbie v2

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        Respect everyone.
        No outside advertising.
        Try to be literate.
        No spamming, begging or flaming.
        Do not quote the front page.
        Post applications only once.
        Any adopter / newbie may be denied upon selection.
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        Are you an experienced gaian looking to give back your know-
        ledge to the newest generation? Hoping by teaching the newbies,
        Gaia will be less spammed and be kept literate? Adopt a Newbie
        is the place!

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        All we need is a little bit of information about yourself and you're on the way to improving the gaian
        lives of newcomers! Please fill out the application below and post it in this thread.

        To qualify as an adopter, you must:
        1) Have been a member of Gaia for at least one year
        2) Participate actively in this thread

        Adopter application
        [b][size=24]I want to be an Adopter![/size][/b]
        How long have you been a member of Gaia?
        What skills can you teach new members? (how to make gold, use the marketplace, etc.)

        Some applicants may be denied.
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        Are you new to gaia and/or need help finding your way? Look-
        ing to make your first friend? At Adopt a Newbie, we will set you
        up with an experienced gaian, someone to share their knowledge
        of gaia with you. All you have to do is post in this thread, request-
        ing a friend and someone will contact you shortly!

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        Get some gold!
        1) Your first post in this thread earns you 500G!
        2) Post ten more times and earn 5,000G!

        To collect your gold:
        1) You must have a trading pass!
        2) Have your adopter tell you the secret password. Which you will PM to Adopt a Newbie v2.

        Remember, no begging for gold.

        Note: To qualify, you must have already be adopted.
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        Events will be listed here. Got an idea for an event? Send
        Adopt a Newbie v2 a private message and tell us about it!

              50/50 Raffle Enter to win 10,000G!

              Click here for our bump contest!

              1st to 250 bumps: 25,000g
              2nd to 250 bumps : 40,000g

              Get 50 bumps, earn 5,000g!
              Get 200 bumps, earn 15,000g!

              Note To earn the 5,000g or 15,000g, you do not need to be competitive. Everyone who gets 50 / 200 bumps will earn gold.

              Every bump must be numbered.
              Anyone can enter at any time.
              To collect the prizes, PM Adopt a Newbie v2 with the page number you started on and finished on.
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        Adopt a Newbie sends gold to every newbie that comes our way.
        We also love to hold contests to give items and gold away to both
        deserving adopters and newbies. We appreciate each and every
        donation. Thank you for your support!

              Recent donations:
              Xx-DevilsNeverCry-xX, 250,000g
              Kenshin Himura ^_^x, 200,000g
              Metal Reita, 100,000G
              MadamPhantasmagoria, 90,000g
              Mini_san, 50,000g
              x-HighWolf-x, 40,000g
              - Shia225 : 1,500g

              Complete Donations Record
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        If you wish to become an affiliate with Adopt a Newbie, please
        PM Adopt a Newbie v2 with the 88x31 image & code.

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