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Thank you to alice_cullen11_00 for the heading banners!

Welcome to ‘Gift Giving Paradise’. It was created in order for people to randomly gift others to help with their quests. I’ve seen many of these threads around, but very few where rules are actually enforced. It is therefore my aim to ensure everyone enjoys their time here. If you have any questions (after reading all my posts on the front page), feel free to PM me. I might not see your posts if it gets very busy here.

If you wish, you can gift anonymously. However, this is not a requirement. A little tip: if you give, you are more likely to receive back. I do not want anyone begging though – it should come straight from the heart. You are allowed to post your quests, but please chat with other members at the same time. It really helps you get better gifts. One thing I would like to make clear: you do not have to post how many gifts you have given and received. Everywhere I go, people claim to have given more than they have actually received. It really is annoying and pointless to post such information, especially over and over again. Oh, and yes, Gold and art count as gifts too (as long as they’re thoughtful). It would also be nice to not give junk/starter items unless someone has specifically requested them.

This post may change as and when necessary with or without notice. You should also note that this is not the first thread I am running, so I do know how and when to take appropriate actions.

Happy gift giving (and receiving)! heart

User Image

1. Follow Gaia’s ToS.
2. Respect each other in the thread.
3. Do not beg.
4. Do not quote the first page posts or stretch the page.
5. Advertising is allowed to an extent – you can merge advertisements with your posts.
6. No scamming or giving junk/starter items unless someone has specifically requested them.
7. I recommend that you either: have a public profile with a wish list on it, merge a wish list into your posts or have your quest displayed in your signature.
8. Please ensure that you have a trading pass.
9. Please thank people who gift you – it shows that you appreciate it.
10. Please use only English to talk here. This is for moderation purposes. If you do use a language other than English, please either include translations or take it to PMs.
11. Chat, make friends and have fun!

I will edit this if necessary.
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Q: What possessed you to start this thread?
A: I think the only reason is that I see many happy people in other threads (like charities) as well as them making new friends. I have certainly met a lot of wonderful people here, so I'm glad I did. ^_^

Q: How did you start this thread?
A: It was back in the Summer Camp 2009 Event. I saw plenty of threads like this one, but not many successful ones as rules were hardly enforced. Hence I started my own thread and even decided to continue with it after Gaia's event.

Q: Do you have more gift giving threads?
A: Nope, just this one.

Q: May I ask why I was invited?
A: I just send out random invites - whether you join in is your choice completely.

Q: I wasn't invited. Can I join?
A: Of course! Everyone is welcome!

Q: I've never been a part of these kind of threads... What is a gift giving thread exactly?
A: It is a place where you gift other people should you want to. If you stick around and chat, you may receive things as well. However, please do not beg. Merging quests into your post style is allowed, but you must have conversational posts here.

Q: I've never been a part of these kind of threads... Tell me: Is it worth it?
A: Honest answer: If you stick around and catch active times, yes. Lots of people actually do gift here.

Q: I've never been a part of these kind of threads, so I'm not really sure what to do...
A: Welcome! Just chat to start off with and gift anyone you want to when/if you feel comfortable.

Q: May I invite another person here?
A: Of course! Everyone's welcome!

Q: When you give something away, how do you know you will get something in return?
A: I don't, but it is more likely. I know because I have taken part in gift giving threads myself before.

Q: What are junk/starter items?
A: Junk items are free items you receive from Daily Chance (like tokens, bait, ink, bugs, flowers, etc.) and quests (like from movie trailers, etc.). Starter items are items new Gaia members get when they first join (most of these items are worth about only 2 Gold).

Q: Are random items that are not junk/starter items OK to gift?
A: Yes.

Q: What if people want junk/starter items?
A: Then you may give those to them.

Q: I don't have much Gold. What do you suggest I give?
A: This is completely your choice. You can look at people's wish lists or even just give them some Gold. However, this is only if you're comfortable with giving. You can just stick around and chat while earning more Gold and see how things go from there.

Q: Do gifts have to be given anonymously?
A: Nope. It is your choice whether you remain anonymous or not while gifting here.

Q: Thank you for the invite, but all I got was junk last time I joined one of these.
A: Awww... I see. Well, it's your choice completely. You can just hang around and chat if you want to and see how it goes. It may turn out better this time.

Q: What is the white and black lists?
A: People in the white list are loyal to and active in the thread, whereas people in the black have disobeyed the rules and are not welcome here.

Q: If I give Gold/items to you, does it go to the cause of this thread?
A: Of course - just make sure that you label the trade or inform me. It will solely be used for this thread and nothing else. We hold a number of contests/events throughout the year, which is where the majority of funds go. The rest is used to buy gifts for users and sometimes birthdays. However, if you prefer, you can state what the Gold/items should be used for. All donations are of course greatly appreciated.

Q: AB91, as you are the maker of this thread, would you like something?
A: That is completely up to the people who take part here.

Q: How do I give a gift?
A: First, buy the item you want to gift. Now, go to your inventory and click on its icon. Click "GIFT ITEM". This will bring you to the gift wrapping page. Choose the colour you want your gift to be, type in the person's username, enter your password and confirm.

Q: I don't have Gaia Cash. Do I need any in order to gift items?
A: Nope, you can buy items with Gold as you normally would.

Q: How do I update my wish list?
A: Hover over the 'My Gaia' tab and then 'Account Settings'. Under the Gaia navigation bar, you will now see various icons. Hover over the arrow next to the 'Account Settings' icon and click 'Wish List'.

Q: Is it OK if I post my wish list/quest(s) here?
A: It is as long as you make conversation as well. Please also remember that begging is not allowed here, but you are welcome to tell us about your quest(s).

Q: Can I have a donation?
A: Hanging around in the thread would increase your chances of getting gifts/donations. We have many generous givers here, but you should put in the effort to chat with us in order to receive.

Q: Why am I not getting anything? This is a gift giving thread, right?
A: Yes, this thread's main focus is gifting. You do not always have to give though. People have their preferences on when or when not they give. Try being talkative - it will increase your chances of receiving. However, remember that begging will get you nowhere.

Q: What do you get out of running this thread?
A: I do not aim to get anything from it. I like seeing people happy.

Q: There are two GGP threads now... What's going on?
A: When I opened up this thread, I had no idea that one already existed. This issues has been solved with the leader of the other GGP thread, hence this is now called "AB's GGP".

Q: Do you accept affiliates?
A: Yep, just PM me.

Q: Am I allowed to put one of your banners on my profile?
A: Of course!

Q: Do you have a guild?
A: Nope. Everything is based within this thread.

Q: Am I allowed to host contests?
A: Yes, you are. Just send me a PM to discuss it first.

Q: What is a sponsor?
A: A sponsor is someone who provides a prize for any contest(s) in our thread.

Q: How do you take screenshots?
A: There is a button on your keyboard called "Print Screen" (or "PrtSc" on some keyboards). Press it and then open an image editing program such as Microsoft Paint to paste and save the screenshot. Afterwards, upload the image using a website such as Photobucket or ImageShack and post/PM the URL (link).

Q: How do I enter contests? Do I have to pay to enter?
A: Each contest has its own rules/requirements in order to enter. This can be found in the 5th post ('Contests'). An example of a contest which currently has an entry fee is the Avatar Contest (100 Gold in order to keep 'spam' type avatars out). Also, the Loot Pile Giveaway requires a donation of anything you are comfortable with giving away. All other contests are currently free to enter unless stated otherwise and I will be trying to organise more in the future. Any ideas are of course most welcome.

Q: How do I title trades?
A: When you start a trade, click on the 'Change' button at the top of the trade box where it says 'Trade request to Person A' and type in a title. After you are finished, click on the 'Done' button.
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Staff List
PM me to apply. Staff members look after this place and make sure everyone is following the rules, mainly when I am not around. They should report any issues to me immediately. Also, feel free to advertise the thread however you can. Trial staff members have the same rights as official staff members, except they are not allowed to ban members from the thread. Also, if your name has been taken off the list, it is because you were not active enough. You may apply again if you wish.
-- AB91 - Owner/Leader
-- Zelos Peace - Official Thread Moderator
-- Zakon - Official Thread Moderator

White List
These people are great:
-- All Staff
-- The Neon Sailor
-- Mercury Silverstar
-- FallenCalamity
-- shevalove
-- Soulhunter91
-- Nefarious Fusion
-- Firefairy0228
-- Zelos Peace
-- Dr Kurt
-- Kyoya_Ohtori-sama
-- Snowflake of chaos
-- cleopatra66 _1IPuppy_
-- Dreams To Come True
-- GrafinGothicwar
-- Dreamjedi
-- GoldCookieRainbow Flaavi
-- Ami_no_Crabtree
-- Shattybuns
-- Zenzareus
-- BBR Rockz
-- oi-Mkafe-io
-- Aalyve Wyyre
-- Celandina
-- Serenity Howlett
-- Skrean Watcher - 2
-- Kitti Meere
-- Weasel-chan Prelude to the Dawn
-- Ixodis
-- Elizi
-- shun_nee
-- random_skittles11
-- angelfromdown-under
-- Noir Resurection
-- i K i s s a y u
-- Beau Hutton
-- Zakon
-- moniiee07
-- Seika Arai
-- Sherlockiana
-- Blushing Cupcake
-- lRhuSlReBorNl lRhuSl
-- II Certified II
-- Cynical_tigress
-- The Furry Fuzzball

Black List
These people are not welcome here:
-- EdJumba - For rudeness in this thread and not following basic instructions.
-- jaaj-1299 - For constant begging in the thread and to other users, even after being warned several times.
-- jerkenburger - For causing drama within the thread.
User Image

Notice To All Sponsors: It would be great if you can PM me in advance to plan the details of a future contest. Also, once the winner is decided, I will request a screenshot from you of the completed trade for the contest prize. Therefore, I ask you to please use the trade system in order to award prizes, even if it is just one item. This is because I am keeping a record of contest trades in case I ever get people claiming that prizes have not been awarded. Thank you.

Notice To All Participants: Although it is perfectly fine to invite people to the thread and ask them to participate in contest voting processes, I would call it cheating to specifically tell them who to vote for as well as bribe them. You are not allowed to invite people to the thread for the sole purpose of gaining votes. Any users caught cheating will be disqualified from contests.

Contest Voting System: Users will PM me (AB91) or post here with the name of the participant they would like to vote for - please make sure to title your PM/post with '[Contest Name] Vote'. Everyone is allowed to vote in contests; participants are allowed to vote for anyone but themselves. No mules (alternative accounts) are to be used for the voting process. All current voting results can be viewed here.

Past Winners: All past contest winners are listed here.

Page Contest User Image
Every 1,000 pages, posters will have a chance to win either an item (worth around 1,000 Gold) from their wish list or 1,000 Gold in pure - the winner will have a choice between these two options. Just because you are the first person on that page doesn't necessarily mean you will be the winner. I will generate a random number from 1 to 15 after every 1,000th page to determine who wins. If you are that post number, you win. For example: If the number generated is 12 for page 1,000, the 12th poster on page 1,000 wins. Good luck!


Dice Contest User Image
Roll 10 10-sided dice and get the number 77 or higher to win 100 Gold. There will be five winners. Please note that you can only win once. Thank you for the idea, sanryu-dark angel! heart

Winners: 3/5

Quote Contest User Image
This contest is very simple: I will post either an image of an item or an amount of Gold on its own – this is what you have to quote. Sometimes, it might even be a mixture of prizes (for example, two items plus Gold). Only the first person to quote is eligible for the prize. In order to participate, you must have been around in the thread with some conversational posts; no hit-and-run users are allowed to claim prizes. Any unclaimed prize posts expire after 24 hours. Good luck!

Avatar Contest User Image - VOTING IN PROGRESS
For this contest, there will be a different theme each month. I will also need a sponsor for each month in order to give out a prize. This can be any amount of Gold or even an item, but please make the prize reasonable. You may sponsor as many months as you wish.

The entry fee is 100 Gold. All entries for this contest have to be PMed to me (or posted here) by the 20th of each month or until there are a maximum of 10 entries (whichever is reached first). Only 1 entry per person please. No tekteks allowed – you must display it as your avatar until I save it. After that, I will put up a poll here for everyone to decide on a winner. The poll will close on the 27th of each month. Good luck! Thank you to Soulhunter91 for the idea! heart

Notice To Sponsors: You may sponsor any month you wish. It would be great if you can PM me in advance to plan the details. Thank you.

January's Theme: Birthday Party - What would you theme your birthday party? Create one for your own bash - no adult references please (minus a little alcohol). For example, you could celebrate in a 1950s style! Please state what your avatar represents when entering to avoid confusion.
January's Sponsor: Dr Kurt
January's Prize: January 2012 Monthly Collectible Letter


* = Trade Pending

momo the peachy (My Little Pony - See below for description.):

User Image

Sherlockiana (Pirate):

User Image

SweetMiserie (Golden Royal Masquerade - See below for description.):

User Image

Zakon (Rainbow):

User Image

lorna13dune (Undersea):

User Image


♘ momo the peachy's description: My avatar represents what I have always wanted, since I was five years old: A My Little Pony birthday party. I never got one, and now am too old for one. But this theme has always been a little girl's dream and one day I hope to maybe host one like this, for a little girl of my own someday.

♕ SweetMiserie's description: A night of glamour and dancing, food and fun ... a grand occasion indeed. Surely, you'll be invited, of course. <3

Tektek Contest
For this contest, there will be a different theme each month. I may or may not require a sponsor for each month in order to give out a prize (if there is no interest in sponsoring, I will provide the prizes myself). This can be any amount of Gold or even an item, but please make the prize reasonable. You may sponsor as many months as you wish.

The entry fee is 100 Gold. All entries for this contest have to be PMed to me (or posted here) by the 10th of each month or until there are a maximum of 10 entries (whichever is reached first). Only 1 entry per person please. All entries must be created using the avatar simulator at tektek.org; you are not allowed to use your own inventory. After that, I will put up a poll here for everyone to decide on a winner. The poll will close on the 17th of each month. Good luck! heart

Notice To Sponsors: You may sponsor any month you wish. It would be great if you can PM me in advance to plan the details. Thank you.

February's Theme: Valentine's Day - A girl/boy dressed for their date!
February's Sponsor: x - S h a d a w n
February's Prize: February 2012 Monthly Collectible Letter


* = Trade Pending


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

iiF r e a x x x:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

momo the peachy (A beautiful neko princess who is awaiting her valentine. She hopes to be whisked away to a land of night, where she is the beautiful maiden of the midnight ball.):

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Loot Pile Giveaway (LPG) User Image
How does this work you ask? Everyone donates things – anything at all (Gold, items, junk, etc.) – and gets given a number/slot. You only get one number for each round. Once at least five users have joined, I will use Gaia's random number generator at the end of the current month to determine the winner of everything that has been donated. No profit for me – everything goes to the winner. When donating for this contest, please label the trade(s) “Loot Pile Giveaway” in order to avoid misunderstandings. Please try to be as generous as possible. Thank you to Soulhunter91 for the idea! heart

* = Trade Pending

Current Loot Pile:
- Sims Egg-In-Your-Face
- Sims Baby Carriage
- Sims Walker
- Sims Dino Plush
- V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Hairpin
- The Sims 3 Plumbob
- Skittles Crazy Cores Facepaint
- Mocha Lounge Jacket
- Rhinestone Flip-Flops
- Kung Fu Panda (White Belt)
- Beastly Tattoo
- Macy's ANGIE Sleeveless Dress
- Fanta Bubbly Orange Peel Bracelets
- Number 2 Pencil
- A Fat Cat Hat
- Spirited 2k8 Boots
- Kiku Flower Hairpin
- Fresh Nog x2
- Orange Ink
- Red Tie
- Gold Officers Badge
- Short White Socks
- Basic Black One Piece Swimsuit
- The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants
- RIP Conan
- Spartan Gloves
- Ocean Summer Top
- Brown Ink
- Token x100
- 600 Gold
- Nicolae's Underwear
- The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants
- Dark Elf's Staff
- Groucho Glasses
- Titan's Legacy (Seed)
- Monkey Brains
- Skittles Crazy Cores Facepaint (Melon Berry)
- Macy's Sequin Heart Sweater Dress
- Churro the Donkey
- Black Bakeneko Ears
- RIP Conan
- Nicolae's Underwear

Current Slots:
1 - momo the peachy
2 - Evelin333
3 - Flaavi
4 - lala22709

Sponsored Lottery User Image
For this contest, there will be a different prize every so often. I will also need a sponsor for each lottery in order to give out the prize. This can be any amount of Gold or even an item, but please make the prize reasonable. You may sponsor as many months as you wish.

Each ticket costs 200 Gold. Each user can buy a maximum of 20 tickets. All proceeds from this will go towards the thread's funding. When buying lottery tickets/slots, please label the trade(s) "GGP Lottery" and send to AB91. All tickets bought will be given out in consecutive order. You are allowed to buy tickets as many times as you want. No refunds will be given unless the lottery is cancelled for some reason. After all the tickets are sold, I will generate a random number and the owner of the winning ticket shall receive the current prize. Good luck! Thank you to shun_nee for the idea! heart

Current Sponsor: Flaavi
Current Prize: Pale Bebe
Duration: 125 Tickets (123 Tickets Remaining)

Please inform me if you change your username.

* = Trade Pending

1-2 - Teagen Sirrus (2 Tickets)
User Image

None at the moment.

Past Events
December 2009: Secret Santa 2009
April 2010: Easter 2010 Event
August 2010: Summer Secret Santa 2010
December 2010: Secret Santa 2010
July 2011: Summer 2011 Giveaway
October 2011: Halloween 2011 Event
December 2011: Secret Santa 2011
User Image

A list of people's birthdays throughout the year is located here. To have your birthday up, post it in this thread or PM me. This post displays the birthdays for the current month. You may gift anyone you want to surprise. If you decide to, please be generous. Thank you.

02 - Shine1992
04 - sk8ter1999
06 - BelleAbug
19 - Yakuni Kamatayan
21 - Dr Kurt
22 - Mew Muffin
23 - x-lildoodle
26 - iikent lewis
30 - cansal
User Image

Here is a list of our affiliates. To affiliate with us, please link us in your thread and send me a PM. You may choose from any of the banners listed here or in this post. I am only accepting 200x40 and 88x31 pixel sized mini-banners. Please note that any inactive/closed threads may be removed to keep this post up-to-date. smile

Our Banners:


User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.53134103/][img]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c218/aparnabanerjee91/Album Of Aparna/GGPBanner3.jpg[/img][/url]

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.53134103/][img]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c218/aparnabanerjee91/Album Of Aparna/GGPBanner17.jpg[/img][/url]


User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.53134103/][img]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c218/aparnabanerjee91/Album Of Aparna/GGPBanner5.gif[/img][/url]

AB's Banners:

User Image User Image

Other Banners:


User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image


User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Text Links:

Sweet Dreams
✰ ℒucky Star ✰ [Q]
Epic Questing!
Valley Babe ~ A TekTek Bribe Shop
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Wade Says:

Aaaah, cool, another anon gifting thread!

I was hanging out at the other one, but it was too big. D: Big threads intimidate me.

Hope this goes well! I'll be sure to donate plenty!

Yum Yum! heart

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same here~! 4laugh
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

I know. Me too. Hence I started this.

...although it can be distorted.
;D i shall partake in this new thread. ah hahahaha
:0 but who to give to........ eek

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

Yay! xD

...although it can be distorted.

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