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Hello one and all, tis I, your great host!
~Sweeps his cape and bows majestically.~
I shall be your guide to this thread. My name is the Prince of Hyrule, though you may call me Hyru for short.

Now, this thread is for me and my beloved's quests for each other.
This might be here a while as Gaia does add new items that are pretty neato.
Either way, if you stick around I'm sure you will find the company rather awesome.

We are now hosting an art contest, so be sure to stop by. ^^
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Table of Contents:

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Somehow, it's my job to make these...

  • No advertising your own quests (signature banners are fine...o.o)
  • Be nice to everyone here <3
  • Please do not stretch the page x.x
  • No spamming
  • Use common sense?

Rules will be updated if/when it is deemed necessary. heart
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Hello one and all! I am known as Prince of Hyrule. I have been with Gaia officially since March 10th 2004! I was a senior in highschool when I joined, as a friend of mine had introduced me to this site. It was a very nice place to come when I was not at work, or school. It kept me entertained over the past years. I've had wonderful friends throughout my experiences on Gaia. I was here for the introduction of Durem and Aekea! I was however absent over Ian getting shot, I did hear about it though! ... Oh silly me, I seem to be rambling on and on about the past of this grand place. ~Gently stamps his cane on the ground~ This place is a wonderful place to waste rainy days on. Regardless, I met my girlfriend of two years on here. She is a wonderful person who has captivated my heart. In a year, maybe two, I plan on moving to live with her. Anyway, on to the meaty good parts that you all want to know about... >.<;

I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1986. My real name is Matthew. I moved up to Ohio around the year 2000. I worked for a company called Meijer, anyone in or around the Michigan area might know of it. IT is very similar to Walmart, where I now work. I know sad right? Anyway, I do occasionally buy Gaia Cash, but not often, bills and all that. Either way if you want to know more feel free to ask!
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Well hello there. o.o
My name is Jaime. You can call me that if you want, or Nyaoista, or some variant thereof. As long as I know you're talking to me, I'll reply...>_<
I'm twenty, attending college in New Jersey (psychology and accounting), and very much not looking forward to this coming birthday in December.

For some reason I can't quite explain, I'm in love with that crazy guy over there~ *gestures to other posts* <3
The reason I want to buy him all those items down there that he wants, aside from the fact that I love him, is because he hiatuses from Gaia occasionally and gives all his stuff away when he does...
But, if I get it for him, I get it back when he leaves, and can then simply give them back when he returns. ninja
So, no more re-questing, yay~
(He keeps saying he feels bad that his list is so long...>_<;;
I insist on it being that long, for the record; I do not want him buying his own stuff.)

I've been on Gaia for a while, and I'm on almost daily...
I have a terrible tendency to donate to random people, so the main purpose of this thread, as far as I'm concerned, is to keep me on track. @_@
It'll also be nice to have a place to hang out consistently.
And obviously donations would be wonderful, but not exptected; company is nicer. =)

My main way of earning gold is Booty Grab.
I also play Blackjack quite a bit, and I zOMG occasionally, plus posting around in a few threads.

Apparently the way I say "lazor fishie" is really cute...x.x
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This is what I will be trying to get for Nyao, while also questing for a few things of my own.
These are just a few things that she wants and is letting me get for her.
Please help me to help my wonderful girlfriend.

550k/LMP on the Pistolera's Revenge


Occasionally I will list some rare sales...
Something that goes back to 2004 Gaia that I remember...
Say sometimes I might have Donation Letters for 2.5k a piece.
This is a very rare thing. Or other items that I may not like that others say are worth more. I will estimate their price as they would have been in 2004.
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Currently: Though all of the prize gold has been safely tucked away,
there are still a few prize items we would like to acquire,
and so some of my gold is still going towards that.

These are the awesomeful shiny things I will be questing for my love. <3
(I will not necessarily be questing in this order. New items may be added to this list randomly. o.o)

Current Gold Count: ???
Remaining Quests: 13

Completed Quests: 28

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I will use crimson for people who donate towards me so that I may acquire items for my beloved.
Those who donate to Nyaoista, so that she may acquire items for her beloved, will be listed in this purple color.

Tinkerboricua gave us our first donation!!!

  • Tinkerboricua - 30k
  • Royal Soda - 200k User ImageUser Image
  • Cardboard Chaos - 220kUser ImageUser Image
  • an "anonymous benefactor" (because we soo don't know who you are) - Sainte Ciel: Agape User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

  • Empty_Memories - Deadly Ansha heart heart
  • Royal Soda - Nightwalker's Reprisal, Flowing Flaxen Princess Locks heart heart heart
  • Tinkerboricua - 30k heart
  • the same "anon" - Zombie G CORP Tshirt heart heart heart heart heart
  • Yuki-Saurus - 13 black inks heart
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Other people we love; regulars and such. <3
(In alphabetical order, because I said so.)

  • bump4u
  • Empty_Memories
  • GuardianCentauri
  • Light Full Moon
  • Pure Sankofa
  • Royal Soda
  • Tano-san
  • tinkerboricua
  • Yuki-Saurus
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Link us? <3
(and be sure to let us know, so we can link back to you o.o)



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Come visit our art contest thread!
(too many rules and such to squish into this one post o.o)
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Every entrant will win a prize! <3
Over 12 mil in prizes - 6 mil grand prize, smallest prize is a RIG!

Past contests:
  • The first and last poster on page 100 will win 100k each.
    (The same person may not win both times - we will move to the second-to-last poster if need be.)
    All other posters on the page will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a Forgotten Reverie.
    (Only one entry per person. Either Prince of Hyrule or I will generate a random number to choose the winner.)
    Prince of Hyrule and I are both excluded.
    Winners: first post - UAG Mule, last post - Aruka Vilikinson, RIG - ilover1508

  • It's Matt's birthday! <3
    • 25k Raffle
      Everyone who posts today, November 2nd, (from now until 11:59pm EST) will be entered in a raffle for 25,000 gold.
      Winner will be chosen via random number generator at midnight.
      If the thread happens to get relatively popular for the day, I will very likely up the prize.
    • Everyone who posts today will, in addition to being entered in the raffle, receive a small gift.
      Said gift will probably be priced in the range of 500 - 1000 gold.
      It's not much, but hey, all you have to do is post. o.o
    • First poster on each new page today, excluding myself or Matt, will receive 5000 gold.
      You may not win the first-post prize more than once - if a previous winner is the first post on another page, the prize will be given to the following poster.
      As such, some page prizes may not be awarded to anyone, if nobody new posts.
      **Please refrain from spamming the thread - only bump if nobody else is here. If you are the first poster on a page, and you do not abide by this rule, you will be skipped.**

    Raffle List:
    1. Silent Heaven x
    2. irotlee <--- winner
    3. youkoonna

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A blacklist will be here, if one is needed. Please do not make us do this.
We love you Gaians and just want to be friends with all!

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