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Random question! Do you think having a quest thread is effective? OAO I feel like at times, it's hard to get a conversation going XD haha

YES! 0.25454545454545 25.5% [ 14 ]
No, not really 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 5 ]
People do read it, but they move on 0.16363636363636 16.4% [ 9 ]
Yes, good way to keep track of stuff 0.30909090909091 30.9% [ 17 ]
There are too many questing threads 0.036363636363636 3.6% [ 2 ]
Give kita a <3 ? 0.10909090909091 10.9% [ 6 ]
Should I add more games/events? Yes? 0.036363636363636 3.6% [ 2 ]
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Credit: Pretty Gift Quote: l Ghoul l
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Welcome, emotion_bigheart
My name is Kitana Hiki and here is a small blurb of why this thread was created.
One of my favorite pleasures to do on Gaia as of lately is to bask in the warm
fuzzy feeling of helping others out on their quests and gifting various wishlist
items to random strangers. However, I had personally put my own quests on the
back burner when I caught the gifting bug and have decided to return to questing
to complete a few small dreams. So this will be the place where I will keep track
of my quests as well as continue on with the joy of gifting.

About Me:
In Gaia, I love playing zOMG and crafting items from the game. I enjoy making
people smile and love to gift and help people out whenever I can. As an active
mod for this fun gifting thread Gift the Person Above You, 2nd Ed., Infinity Love DTTPAY
and running a small charity of my own on the side, I have a pretty full plate. :3

emotion_yatta I love making new friends and having fun conversations, so
please, come in and make yourself comfortable, since there are fun things to
look forward to in this thread…I hope. 4laugh

Thread Announcements!

yum_shrimp April 10th: Grand Opening Date
yum_cupcake April 11th: o.o Over 500 posts. Yay!
yum_onigiri April 12th: A BIG THANK YOU to Breesus, who donated Mint Sundae Sweets heart
yum_donut April 16th. GOT MY COPPER BELLE. Donated by Little Cookie God
yum_tamago April 20th: Added new charity section, reorganized thread
yum_pie April 24th: With the help of a couple of CBers, finally attained Fenghuang!
yum_strawberry April 25th: Hit 100 pages!
yum_pie April 29th: Converted this quest thread to an official charity thread :yatta
yum_shrimp TEMP HIATUS: In Vegas partying at the moment
yum_burger July 7th: Blood Magic Crafted!! ^.^ Another quest done hehe
yum_coldone July 18th: Mint Sundae Sweet crafted crying Finally all epics done heart
gaia_gaiagold August 1st: FINISHED Birthstone Anklet Collection
emotion_bigheart THANK YOU IDIOT NOOB for Mystical Mender!
gaia_star September 1st: FINISHED Birthstone Crown collection
gaia_diamond September 13th: FINISHED Birthstone Sash Collection
gaia_crown September 26th: COMPLETED MY FIRST DREAM AVI ON GAIA EVER. Since 2010
yum_puddi Fall 2013: These past three months have been tremendous milestones for me. Given over 60m in gifts to various gifting threads, and have completed several mini quests with the help of fantastic people in Infinity Love DTTPAY and Floating Wishes GTTPAY
gaia_spoons January 29, 2014: It's been awhile since I last updated this section. 4laugh Exciting news though! With the help of the lovely lady: Amarysso Lux and the crazy Lisonallie, I have recently completed a few quests that I had thought it was impossible. Getting closer to finishing my quest fetish and hopefully soon, I can focus on making my charity bigger<3

4laugh May 13, 2014: WOOOOO. It's been awhile since I last updated this section. Recently, a few sets of mine have been completed, despite the crazy inflation. With the help of IL DTTPAY, Amarysso Lux, Elle-Roo, CBers, some of my more impossible quests have been completed. Thank you so much for your help and support emotion_bigheart
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Simple Rules:
yum_puddi Follow Gaia’s T.O.S.
yum_puddi Please remember your manners and be civil to others.
yum_puddi Have Fun, leave your dramallama at home.
yum_puddi I prefer conversation but bumps are always appreciated heart
yum_puddi Keep quote trees to 5 or less. Page stretching hurts the eyes.
yum_puddi Please don’t steal the pictures on this thread.

I have a small hobby on the side where I love taking random pictures
of Mother Nature and all of these pictures are personally taken by me.
If you want to use the pictures, do ask.

Regulars! Chat with these lovely people when I'm not around.
4laugh They're super nice<3

classified_jet TheMuzikofSilence
gaia_kittenstar Rawfie
classified_jet Smegywho
gaia_kittenstar Midnightglow18
classified_jet xXArtDollXx
gaia_kittenstar tomatosauce312
classified_jet twinkies are back
gaia_kittenstar Sissi CoMpLeX
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Bubbles I need: 1 left!! OAO
Bubbles in MP.........o3o Not sure if there is a listing.
User Image

Quest for Sets!
I have a weird fetish in wanting to complete things in sets (like mood bubbles, birthstone items etc) irl and on Gaia. It would mean a great deal if anyone would help me in this endeavor 4laugh

Completing the Sets!
(I already own the original, now to complete the set with recolors!)
Need:1.User Image2.User Image4.User Image6.User Image9.User Image

Impossible Quests [Due to inflation]
Hair Set: Have: User ImageUser ImageNeed>>User ImageUser Image

As much as I love to gift, I am reserving all donations given to this thread for current quests.
I'll fund my own gifting habits to others through hardcore booty grabbing, attempts at zOMG, and etc. ^.^
Also, if you have unwanted game items (inks, bugs, flowers, papers etc), I'll be happy to take/buy those from you.
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Donations are always appreciated emotion_yatta
Generous Donators

yum_puddi sarkaro: Spring Nymph, Muramasa, A Line Design, Bani the Bunny
yum_puddi Eternal_Love_Song: 10k
yum_puddi Capt StoneBeard: 75k
yum_puddi xXArtDollXx : 2.5k, Blade of the new Republic Tunic x2, Wensleydale Prep Uniform Skirt, St. Baldur's School Uniform, Red Deluxe Holiday Legwarmers, Red Gaia Feet Stockings, Jingle Me Hat, Starmony, G-Team Ranger Blue Chestplate
yum_puddi Citacion: Hammi Hat
yum_puddi Ms. Minty Cream: 200k ^.^

Purpose of Charity:
When it comes to gifting, I always try to do my best to gift something that would make someone smile. ^.^ Even though I may not always be able to buy an expensive wishlist item, it’s the thought that counts right? 5k, 50k, WL item, etc…in the end, I’m just gifting back to those who need it and to those who I want to show appreciation due to various reasons. So this is my mini charity that I host. I often do giveaways in Chatterbox for fun as well.

Have a quest you need help with?

Just stick around and chat. You can mention what you're questing for but please don't spam it on the thread. Even though I may not always be around, I do read over what's happening and such.

Currently in the midst of revising how the charity works. ^.^

Charity Rules

yum_tamago Don't beg for donations or gifts.
yum_tuna Say thank you?

yum_strawberrypie All donations are more than welcome but please label “Charity Donation” when sending trade. This will help differentiate the donations I receive for my quests vs charity. ^.^

Value of Gifts given so far in this thread: ~4m

classified_jet floralsnow: 10k
gaia_kittenstar l Ghoul l: 82k
classified_jet Lelouch Lampherouche: Flirty Playboy (WL), 15k (Game Prize)
gaia_kittenstar l Kachiko l: Sundae Collection
classified_jet Ayame Shizuko: Prism Butterfly Mantilla (Random Gift)
gaia_kittenstar Chip Chocolate Cookie: 20k (Quest)
classified_jet Rawfie: Cosmic Dust (Game Prize)
gaia_kittenstar Yana Hashim: 20k (Game Prize)
classified_jet Vanwald: Philosopher's Cache (Game Prize)
gaia_kittenstar sarkaro: Somber Dreams Air (Random Gift)
classified_jet cutefaty: 50k (Game Prize)
gaia_kittenstar xXArtDollXx Sweat Mood Bubble (Game Prize)
classified_jet dreaminglily1983: 10th Anniversary-Angelic Halo and Winglets (Random Gift)
gaia_kittenstar Xyim: 10k (Game Prize)
classified_jet Rawfie: 50k (Quest)
gaia_kittenstar Boofs: 10k (quest)
classified_jet cioullie-hime: Friendship Pendant (quest)
gaia_kittenstar Jillmanji: 10k (quest)
classified_jet diseased diIdo :10k (quest)
gaia_kittenstar thatonegirl17: 15k (quest)
classified_jet Whale Chile: Supercharger Deluxe, Ghi Amp Deluxe (Quest)
gaia_kittenstar Tsubaki Shiina 50k (quest)
classified_jet Rawfie: 50k (tek tek contest)
gaia_kittenstar Twerking Expert: 30k for dream avi
classified_jet Tea and Narwhals: 30k for Quest
gaia_kittenstar Rei Vaan: 30k for Quest
classified_jet Bagtastic Lover:30k for Quest
gaia_kittenstar l S0ULS l : Mythic Hair
classified_jet Les Cherries: 30k for quest
gaia_kittenstar 0rrjasmine: Ink, bugs, gold
classified_jet harpsdesire: 30k for quest
gaia_kittenstar Sparkle Gem: 30k for Quest
classified_jet Sinnto: Fruits Mer
gaia_kittenstar Twerking Expert: Future Assassin
classified_jet twinkies are back: Key-Tastic Typer
gaia_kittenstar TheMuzikofSilence: Wired

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User Image

Special Thank You to those who have kindly donated via gold, gifts, tips and support of this thread. Thank you so much heart


~Ayame Shizuko
~Metropol Rubbish
~Lelouch Lampherouche
~Lady Sindara
~azphyxxxiate: tipped multiple times<3
~Suicide Rayne Fall
~Whale Child
~][ . Milk . ][
~l Ghoul l
~Crystalized Cherri
~wallow wer
~II Fairy water II
~Neko Music Lover
~Tessa Frel
~im doing your sister
~Eternal_Love_Song 4laugh
~Kyrian Hope
~Metal Kumo heart
~stevewatch heart
~Ms.Minty cream
~Etc Unltd
~la kajira
~Banana Maid
~Sissi CoMpLeX heart


yum_puddi floralsnow: Joyful Dreams
yum_puddi Atypical User: Green Sorcerer's Book
yum_puddi Whiskey Dik: Bizarre Oddities
yum_puddi Vanwald: 6k + zOMG recipes
yum_puddi lizhybridbrat: The Painted Bandit
yum_puddi xRedStormx: Nitemare Sash
yum_puddi Deldaria: Winged Halo

yum_tamago Lil Anti-Christ: 30k
yum_tamago woolen jumper: 5k
yum_tamago Whimsical Bliss: 20k
yum_tamago Toki Re: 20k
yum_tamago daddy cholo : 15k
yum_tamago The Philanthropist Society: 10k
yum_tamago A Deer In Headlights: 30k
yum_tamago GDIC Charity: 10k

gaia_star Lelouch Lampherouche: 75k
gaia_star hitokiwaa: 50k
gaia_star Invictus Daemon: 50k
gaia_star sapphi: 50k
gaia_star Aesthet!c X : 50k
gaia_star milk bunnies: Love Song, Fruit Mer, Trolo, 50k
gaia_star Daintea: 75k

emotion_bigheart l Ghoul l: Droplets and orb aggregate
emotion_bigheart Strobelight Seduction: Blood droplets
emotion_bigheart Whale Child: Blood droplets, vampire blood
emotion_bigheart Nakoa-Chan: Orb Aggregates
emotion_bigheart Malus Dracula: Obsidian Maquitil
emotion_bigheart Revvraptor: 125k! + Blood Droplets + Orb Aggregates
emotion_bigheart FMFM The Pirate: Droplets
emotion_bigheart yamiandy: Orb Aggregates
emotion_bigheart Hindy-Poo: Orb aggregates
emotion_bigheart monkeyshiz of fail: 500 droplets

gaia_diamond Tsukikage no Knight: 200k
gaia_diamond Wulkor: 200k
gaia_diamond Breesus: 225k
gaia_diamond Duck Ponds: 130k
gaia_diamond smegy: game items, 100k
gaia_diamond A Colorful Rapist: 100k
gaia_diamond disskord: 100k
gaia_diamond Coldfire Oxymoron: 200k
gaia_diamond azphyxxxiate: 146k
gaia_diamond caMiMac xD: 250k
gaia_diamond Moon's Charity: 100k
gaia_diamond PoultryChamp: 100k + Grizzly Slippers + Succubi Modesty
gaia_diamond Saffie Chan: 200k
gaia_diamond -PaLoLoY- :300k
gaia_diamond Zombie Reine: 125k
gaia_diamond jihood: 150k

Extra big thank you for these gifts 4laugh

emotion_bigheart l Ghoul l: Thank you for your help with zomg ingredients!
gaia_diamond Little Cookie Monster: Copper Belle
emotion_bigheart Breesus: Sundae Collection, Magical Mender, Mood Bubbles + Birthstone Crowns/Sashes
gaia_diamond XxMissBooxX: 456,290g ^^
emotion_bigheart fleshy: 200 aggregates o u o
gaia_diamond Famed : 1m 4laugh eep.
emotion_bigheart Up in the Clouds Charity: 600k oAo
gaia_diamond Shellz: 400k :3
emotion_bigheart Whale Child: 523k ^o^
gaia_diamond Axinis: 800k
emotion_bigheart Katsu Shunu: 570k heart + A trade full of goodies of 100k+), 1.5m, mood bubbles
gaia_diamond Idiot Noob: Mystical Mender
emotion_bigheart Amarysso Lux: Marionette Collection, Blush Collection, Inky Wisp, Winter Bride and many more WL items... Q.Q She is my fairy godmother. Too amazing for words.
gaia_diamond xoxoDonatello: Wishlist items<33333
emotion_bigheart TheDarkestPleasure: Wishlist items<3333 TOO MANY TO COUNT<333
gaia_diamond Herrliche: Dice Bunny
emotion_bigheart -l-killuimnaughty-l-: Pistolera's Revenge, Wendy's Kindness
gaia_diamond Naturally Feline: Wendy's Care
emotion_bigheart Salted Lemon: Butterfly Kick & Ribbon Candy
gaia_diamond Aizikan: Big Sister! QwQ Pandy March, Raguel's Wings. crying -glomps-
emotion_bigheart Azurentia: Amazingggg person who helps me with my fetish set. Rosamund Devotion/Passion, Heart x Mind, Graceful Lunarian....etc<3333
gaia_diamond Lisonallie: She's a sweetie!!! crying : DJ Mood Bubble, Green Worm Mood Bubble, Heart VS Mind etc <3
emotion_bigheart Rooster Teeth Addict: 12m + Celestial Queen of Solair
gaia_diamond Kiyo Kitsune: Butterfly Block + WL Items<333 Kyaaa
emotion_bigheart Banana Maid: Te quiero!<333333 WL/Quest help
gaia_diamond MoreOriginalThanYourFace: Juno's Lace
emotion_bigheart HuggedSadness: Such a cutiepie<33333 WL items
gaia_diamond MoonieChan : 40m [Giveaway]
emotion_bigheart Bleikur: 10m
gaia_diamond Demonically Disturbed: 60m [Whim Sea help], Vagran Sea <33 Sweetest bby<3
emotion_bigheart Kiyo Kitsune: Crazy lovable gal who helped a lot with my quest<333
gaia_diamond Maovesa: 1m
emotion_bigheart G r i m m e V2: Faithful Spica + a few wish list items :3
gaia_diamond Fabricated Fairytales : 15m
emotion_bigheart Sixx Sky : 3m
gaia_diamond Violet-Shay : 20m+ Animal Clever Doll + Chequered Punk + Ryuusei the Celestial Dragon + Jinxi's Charm + Tyrannical Duke of Lalune + Undeadtaker + The Forest Fawns
emotion_bigheart Elle-Roo: Princess of my Heart, Princess of the Heavens, Princess of the Woods
gaia_diamond iAdorkableKitty: Raspberry Ribbon
emotion_bigheart Valkyria_ChiRei: Flatline Love, Nero’s Just Verdict, Fading Love, Manslayer of Lalune + Oodles of cute gifts emotion_hug 4laugh
emotion_bigheart gaia_diamond emotion_bigheart Infinity Love ---To be updated soon<3

Anon Gifts

yum_strawberry October Birthstone Crown
yum_strawberry Shell Collection
yum_strawberry Blood Red Rose Cluster Hairpiece
yum_strawberry Wingding
yum_strawberry G-LOL Blood Mistress Stocking
gaia_diamond Fantastical Journey
gaia_star My thoughtful anon who granted my quests 10.21.13: Embarrassed Dream & Sweet Frosting. 10.23.13: Rosamund Doll<3333 Newest Update: Step/Little Sister. Ancient Katana. OA O Heart Attack<3
gaia_star Wendy's Care
gaia_star Nov 2012 Letter
gaia_star Kandi Kitten
gaia_star 100m Mythrill Coin x2
gaia_star Dark Madelyne Hair
gaia_star Buck teeth
gaia_star Buck teeth
gaia_star Buck teeth
gaia_star Dark Chocolate
gaia_star Mysterious Conductor

White List

~My lovely Regulars

Kitana Hiki generated a random number between 0 and 1 ... 0!

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Closed for the time being
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Banner and Link

emotion_kirakira I wouldn’t mind extra help with advertising. Thank you in advance. heart

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Let me know if you want to be an affiliate! ^.^

User Image User Image User Image0 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
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Completed Quests:
Quests that have been completed since this thread opened heart
Completed Sets Here<3

Crafting Quests:
Big thank you to my past + present donators who have made these quests possible heart

Crafted:User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Past Donators

yum_puddi - Vatica -: Donated inks
yum_puddi azphyxxxiate: A sweet guy who donated gold, inks, Astra Music In the Air, Infernal Spirit, Tea Bundle heart
yum_puddi Diesel Powerr: Donated Inks
yum_puddi Digitalgod17: Donated zOMG powerups, gold, cute gifts, zOMG ingredients
yum_puddi FMFM The Pirate: A sweet & generous friend who always helps me out on my crazy zOMG quests of making the Blood Bat and Kamila's Blood Scarf.
yum_puddi Glam Factory: Donated bugs and game items
yum_puddi Hashtable: gave me my first Fortune's Favor Ring :3
yum_puddi Hatchi-san: donated zOMG ingredients
yum_puddi I-Zeo-I-: Donated gold for my very first questing item: Princess Discord
yum_puddi IIDi3CEII: donated zOMG powerups
yum_puddi Isha Tsutomu Shameless: donated inks, game items
yum_puddi jesse_aikens19: dontaed game items
yum_puddi Kat42393: 4laugh She always always help me out on random quests from zOMG items to game items
yum_puddi kimo hamoshi: donated zOMG ingredients, gold ^^
yum_puddi Korilassical: Game items, gold
yum_puddi Kouken Sonumi: inks, bugs, gold
yum_puddi Lil Anti-Christ: Gold, game items, zOMG ingredients
yum_puddi Mercurius ter Maximus: inks
yum_puddi Miss Krystal Dawn: Keiko's Cake
yum_puddi NK_Minako: inks, Modus Operandi
yum_puddi O M G Tainbait: o.o MY MANGO! Donated: zOMG ingredients and recipe for my epic quests
yum_puddi Pentagrammaton: donated inks
yum_puddi Redmagekyo: inks, game items
yum_puddi Relmking: inks, game items
yum_puddi RevvRaptor: inks, game items
yum_puddi Shimmi Blossom: game items, gold
yum_puddi Smegy: Game items, gold, gifts. :3 Awesome guy<3
yum_puddi TwilightreaperX: zOMG ingredients
yum_puddi Veneteux: droplets
yum_puddi Vengy: One of my best friends on Gaia. Donated over a few million in gifts, gold, zOMG ingredients + powerups. heart ILY man XD
yum_puddi Wonderbound: Inks
yum_puddi Xenk_xknown: Gold, game items, zOMG ingredients. :3
yum_puddi xMlKE: droplets
yum_puddi xXDarkWhiteAngelXx: inks, game items
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Everyone likes to celebrate their birthday!
If you have posted in this thread for more than 5 pages
or considered as a regular, please PM or post your birthday!!

4laugh All gifts will be given on birthday!
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Reserved <333
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