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                                        Why does this thread have so many dislikes?
                                              냉동심연 is actually the first, original "Heated" thread (earned before the achievements were released) in the Charity/Quest sub-forum. Neat, right? We wanted to stand out from the "Popular" tags. Unfortunately, with the achievements now, we're back in the sea. o(≧o≦)o

                                        Welcome to 냉동심연 - A quest thread of SIX friends.
                                              This place is for tracking our personal quests, but if you're willing to give us a hand, we'd like to ask for your help. Since there's 5 of us, it would be nice if you could take the time to look through every quest. Please? /nudge/ ... All funds will be earned through Booty Grab, games, and possibly vending. Any post tips and spare donations are always appreciated. Can't help? It's okay. Come chat or bump! We'd like some company too... although we're a little shy of talking with newcomers, unless you say something to us first. *cough*
                                        ★~~~~ [6-JQ] 냉동심연 ___________ 멈출수없어~ ♪

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                                          1. FOLLOW GAIA'S TERMS OF SERVICE.
                                            ► This includes not scamming, hacking, offsite advertising, etc.

                                          2. DO NOT STEAL. YOU WILL BE REPORTED.
                                            ► Jong Kook always puts time and effort into the layout. He's had assholes steal his graphics many times before, including the entire thread word for word or just minor rewording of text. He doesn't appreciate that. There's a huge difference in being inspired and stealing.

                                          3. DO NOT QUOTE THE 1ST PAGE, PAGE STRETCH, OR TALK 1i3k 7#!$.
                                            ► The front page is edited frequently and wall quotes make the posts look terrible. Please limit the amount of quotes to 3. If you accidentally quote the first page, then simply edit or delete your post. Also, no 1337 speak allowed.

                                          4. DO NOT BEG FOR DONATIONS OR ADVERTISE.
                                            ► This is quest thread, not a charity. We donate by our selections. Furthermore, we do not appreciate people advertising their threads in ours. If you would like to be noticed, leave it in your signature or ask for an affiliation. Do not bother our donors either.

                                          5. DO NOT FIGHT.
                                            ► If you've got a problem with someone, take your fight elsewhere. If we ask you to leave, then get out, or be reported.

                                          User Image

                                          ??? ??? 2014 - Kookie got tired of updating, since there's been nothing, but BS gold generators.

                                          Older announcements are hidden below.
                                          February 2014
                                            24 - Oh, look... Carnival Day; another shitty gold generator dumping out 500m. ******** off already, Gaia. Not everyone is a rich walking cash cow.
                                            22 - Bedtime Panda's 6th Gaiaversary~
                                            17 - Jong Kook's 7th Gaiaversary~
                                            11 - Release of Roses and Romance, again a gold generator chancing 250m.
                                            08 - Release of Candy Hearts, another gold generator for up to 250m.

                                          January 2014
                                            29 - 12 hours haven't even passed and you've ALREADY released ANOTHER gold RIG? Oh and... You made Let It Ride chance TWO BILLION GOLD. ARE YOU ******** KIDDING?
                                            28 - You know what. I am so ******** DONE with you, Gaia. Over and over and over again... YOU JUST DON'T LISTEN. Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, Divinity's Reach, Coin Flip, Coin Toss, and now, the NEWEST release, Pick A Card... ******** prize up to ONE BILLION GOLD. What. The. ********. Hell. DO YOU EVEN SEE ALL THE DAMAGE YOU'VE DONE? SEE ALL OF THE MEMBERS WHO COMPLAIN AND QUIT? ...YOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE OUT OF ******** CONTROL TOO. No one wants to see ******** 4-5 announcements averaged on a daily basis. Gaia, what ******** happened to you? You were a once special site, but now you're just like a spoiled ******** child begging and crying for our wallets just so you can have something shiny. Granted, we'd be the ones getting it, but the feeling is no different. YOU DON'T SEEM SATISFIED. These sales are not only annoying but exhausting. WHERE THE ******** IS ALL THE CASH EVEN GOING? It sure as ******** isn't going into all those site features you promised us.

                                          December 2013
                                            28 - Really? REALLY? That tiny bit of hope users had for deflation has been shattered. Gaia... YOU RUINED IT. YOU ******** UP. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. You don't give a single ******** about your userbase anymore. THAT'S IT. You continue to disappoint many people. Not only did you ruin Santa's name, but you slapped it on an item that's basically Flynn, with TWICE the payout. 500m. ARE YOU ******** KIDDING? Milk all the users and shut down. That's the ONLY feeling I get now. There is more than enough INFLATION in the Marketplace. LOOK AT THE DAMAGE.
                                            25 - Merry Christmas~ It's time for family... and some wishes! c;
                                            07 - Seriously? You're going to release a mini-RIG full of re-released 2003s/RIGs/recolors? Nothing new? Wtf. That's bullshit. It's not even worth it to begin with, since you decided to make at least 95% of the "wins" as gold. This is like ******** Flynn's Booty/Grab with rare items added and a lower gold grant rate at a higher GC cost. Gaia, you're not fun anymore. Listen to your ******** users and their feedback, if you truly care.

                                          November 2013
                                            28 - Happy Thanksgiving~

                                          October 2013
                                            26 - Well, well... No. ********. Surprise. Flynn's a** is back. So much for "last chance". This is already the 13th RE-RELEASE since August 19th. I REPEAT, 13 RE-RELEASES!!! 10 officially announced, 2 through private buyer incentives, and 1 that was "accidental". Bull. ********. s**t. Enough. Your "gold sinks" aren't even helpful against Flynn.

                                          September 2013
                                            26 - As if not enough damage was done the first 3 releases of Flynn's Booty... You just HAD to re-release it a 4th time and with Flynn's Chest now? Thanks for destroying the Marketplace even more. [ To be continued in the spoiler below. ]
                                            I absolutely refuse to buy any items in this inflation. Until the Marketplace settles down or Gaia releases their so-called "massive gold sink" cavalry, there is no longer any point in attempting to keep up with Flynn's impact on how gold is quickly being rendered useless against people who can easily buy their way to items. Their sales, aren't sales. They're just using it as an excuse to gain more profit, since the ratio of gold to cash becomes increasingly different.

                                            Gaia is using everyone. They're letting inflation happen over and over, so popular items will be taken off the market and they can use that to their advantage and release them again as a "sale" for some ridiculous price that "appears like a deal". People need to realize this.

                                            I am sick of all the bullshit surrounding the month of September - sale after sale in every single announcement. Gaia is no longer becoming a fun place and I'm seeing wae so many people are leaving. Flynn's Chest is the final straw in adding too much gold into the system - 50k to 100m was already more than enough - having a 1m to 250m payout per Chest is ridiculous. At this point, new users to Gaia will be scared off alone by prices and the fact Gaia seems to have become "p2win". Older users who do not have hours and hours to kill or the money to spare, bills aside or because their too young, are now seeing the line between themselves and the "rich" or "elite". I'm extremely disappointed in the path Gaia is taking.

                                            The more people that quit, the more they'll lose on purchases. Obviously, Gaia seems to no longer care that their website is going down the drain. Should I say, they're probably just cashing out at this point for the 18+ website? Those that argue that you can ignore the "sales" - you can't - NOT with Flynn's re-release 4 times. Inflation is OUT OF CONTROL. Click it. Read it. See the graphs.

                                            These "sales" are becoming exhausting. People are not cash cows. Ye, Gaia is a business. Ye, Gaia needs money for their workers. Ye, Gaia needs money for funding projects. I understand, BUT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Staff notices and announcements of "sales" are occurring daily - they're just being shoved down our throats. Enough is enough. I don't care what moderators / devs / staff attempt to say, because as far as I see it, Gaia will cash out and shut down by the end of the year, if they keep going down the same path they're on now. Actions speak louder than words.

                                            19 - Happy birthday, Jong Kook~ ♥

                                          August 2013
                                            22 - Well, hello, Flynn's Booty INFLATION.
                                            03 - iiMyungSoo's 6th Gaiaversary

                                          July 2013
                                            23 - Jong Kook discovered his mule, which stored some funds, was recently hacked. =.='
                                            11 to 14 - Jong Kook is out on vacation, so be good while he's gone.
                                            05 - Happy birthday, Bedtime Panda~ ♥

                                          March 2013
                                            26 - Jong Kook is back and jet lagged. Meow.
                                            14 to 25 - Jong Kook is visiting iiMyungSoo and family, so he won't be online as much.
                                            02 - Happy birthday, iiMyungSoo~

                                          February 2013
                                            22 - Bedtime Panda's 5th Gaiaversary
                                            18 - Gaia's 10th Anniversary
                                            17 - Jong Kook's 6th Gaiaversary
                                            14 - Happy Valentine's Day~ where are those roses and chocolates? ;3
                                            11 - FA's counted has finally reached 3k in "Heated".
                                            10 - Lunar New Years~ Red envelopes, anyone? :p

                                          January 2013
                                            01 - Welcome to the Year of the Snake~

                                          December 2012
                                            25 - Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you have a lovely time with family and friends.
                                            09 - Unfair ban on Jong Kook & Mysteltain is lifted~
                                            08 - Jong Kook & Mysteltain temporarily banned for a misunderstanding.

                                          November 2012
                                            25 to 30 - Jong Kook is tampering with an extremely long overdue thread revamp.
                                            23 - It's Black Friday! Make sure to catch those deals on time.
                                            22 - Happy Turkey Thanksgiving! Are you enjoying that meal today?

                                          October 2012
                                            31 - Will it be a trick or treat today? Happy Halloween.
                                            26 - LaVey has joined with a new thread, so she can edit her own posts freely.
                                            10 - FA was removed from the 10th GSNE...

                                          September 2012
                                            19 - Happy birthday, Jong Kook~ ㅠ.ㅠ
                                            07-12 - Jong Kook's internet router is broken; gone for a few days.
                                            01 - It's been awhile, but 2.5k on "Heated" has been accomplished.

                                          August 2012
                                            03 - iiMyungSoo's 5th Gaiaversary... but he was inactive for 4 years. xD
                                            02 - Please welcome LaVeyan to the joint quest~ ♥

                                          July 2012
                                            12-15 - Jong Kook will be on vacation. Post updates will be done when he returns.
                                            05 - Happy birthday, Bedtime Panda~
                                            04 - It's Independence Day! Fireworks, anyone?
                                            02 - FA has reached 20,000 in posts and is still climbing~

                                          June 2012
                                            28 - What a boring month with no news, except for "Heated" striking 2k.
                                            17 - Another week, another "Heated" mark at 1.9k.
                                            12 - It's fairly quiet, but "Heated" has made it's way to 1.8k.
                                            02 - Nothing new, so let's just welcome "Heated" to 1.7k~

                                          May 2012
                                            28 - Memorial Day; remember those who have "fallen"...
                                            24 - Trolls gonna hate as "Heated" hits 1.6k.
                                            20 - Although being trolled constantly, FA has already made it to 1,000 pages~
                                            15 - Still as steady as ever with "Heated" rising to 1.5k in little time.
                                            13 - Happy Mother's Day~
                                            05 - It's Cinco de Mayo~ and the next strike for "Heated" at 1.4k.

                                          April 2012
                                            21 - Another step with "Heated" as it climbs to 1.3k total.
                                            13 - Uh oh, it's Friday the 13th... Beware~
                                            09 - It's another strike with "Heated" landing at 1.2k votes.
                                            08 - Happy Easter, everyone! Are you finding that little bunny today?
                                            01 - Will you prank or be pranked? ~ Also, make a wish as "Heated" makes it's mark at 11:11.

                                          March 2012
                                            22 - A few graphics were re-sized; Jae didn't like some after awhile.
                                            19 - 1,000 votes for "Heated" has finally been achieved! ^-^
                                            18 - FA has reached total of 10,000 posts and is still going on strong~
                                            17 - It's St. Patrick's Day; Do you have the luck of the Irish?
                                            14 - Happy White Day~ to those who celebrate the second part of 2/14.
                                            04 - "Heated" hits 900 votes: SS taken by Shin, since Jae was gone.
                                            03 - Jong Kook is "grounded" until the 10th for ignoring his older brother. -_-"
                                            02 - Happy birthday, iiMyungSoo~

                                          February 2012
                                            29 - It's a Leap Year: Kpop fans, Big Bang's comeback album is out. ♥
                                            22 - Bedtime Panda's 4th Gaiaversary: Active since 2008~
                                            20 - Eh, that was pretty quick as 800 in "Heated" has appeared.
                                            19 - Will luck stay with us as "Heated" reaches lucky #777?
                                            17 - Jong Kook's 5th Gaiaversary: Active since 2007~
                                            14 - Happy Valentine's Day~ Remember that love applies to your family and friends too!
                                            12 - So much attention here as the number rises to 700 in "Heated".
                                            10 - Beware, it's the devil's call on "Heated" at #666~
                                            04 - "Heated" votes is at 600! Again, Jae was asleep, so here's a 606 one.

                                          January 2012
                                            28 - We've hit 500 "Heated" votes, but since Jae was sleeping, you get a 505 screenshot. c:
                                            23 - Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Years and welcome to the Year of the Dragon~
                                            22 - The "Heated" war continues as it hits 400 the very next day! These trolls just don't know when to give up! xD
                                            21 - A little slower, but "Heated" has reached 300 votes 2 days later, because of our absolutely no life trolls.
                                            19 - Thanks to the lovely trolls, we've hit 200 "Heated" votes in only 1 day! 13 </3s in under 5 minutes? Jealous loser much? Oh well, no life haters gonna hate~
                                            18 - "Heated" has appeared at 111 votes! Thank you to everyone who helped vote <3 and </3 evenly. We appreciate it~ ♥
                                            14 - Revamp of layout and graphics from Fruits Basket to Vampire Knight
                                            09 - iiMyungSoo officially joins us on our quest thread
                                            01 - Happy New Years! Make sure to have some resolutions~

                                          December 2011
                                            25 - Merry Christmas! Spend the time well with family~
                                            15 - Thread moved and opened to the public
                                            09 - FA is under construction

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                                          The more I miss you, the more I cry.
                                          X X X X XThe more I think of you, the more it's blurred. I hate forgetting while remembering.

                                              안녕하세요~! My name's "Jae", but friends like to call me "Kookie" or "JK". 죄 많은 천사의 꿈, which some noticed, is my old thread. I'm Asian, iiMyungSoo's older cousin, and been on Gaia since 17 February 2007. I don't use Gaia Cash or vend, so tips are loved~ Oh, and no need to quote me, because I read everything on this thread. Talk with me to know more. Also... insanely, generous donors go on my profile.

                                          Wishing on the Stars...
                                              User Image
                                              Signature / LMP (hoping for deflation...)

                                              FULL WISHLIST ON PROFILE.
                                              User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

                                          COUPLE ART Request...
                                              Click the spoiler for information on commissions.

                                              NO ADVANCED PAYMENTS.
                                                I don't do half first-half later or full payment upfront. I'll open a trade, but it won't be completed, until I've seen a watermarked final copy. If my trade ever vanishes from your list, let me know, since trades sometimes glitch and disappear when it's left opened for awhile. I will never cancel a request without a notice to the artist.

                                              POST ASKING PRICES.
                                                Please list prices for couples. I'm terrible with bribes. NO art auctions or RLCs. Also, I'd like to see at least 4 art samples or an art gallery. Oh and to make things clear - If I never agreed to commission you, then don't expect me to pay for the art. Art done without my consent is considered a freebie. Should I mention I love freebies? I tip 99.5% of the time for them~

                                              UPDATES / WIPS.
                                                If you are slow with commissions, I expect an update at least once a month - whether it's an update about your life schedule for working on the art or a WIP (so mistakes can be fixed). If you disappear for 2 months, I will send a PM with a warning and after 2 weeks, if you do not reply to me, I will cancel the trade. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to respond to a simple PM with an update. Any update.

                                              THE ART REQUEST DETAILS.
                                                User Image
                                                Click the banner above for character references. If more art references are necessary, see profile.

                                                PERSONAL TRADE COMMISSIONS CHECKLIST.

                                                [07/06] hk_luver for 6m
                                                [01/30] Spirit Reborn for 1m
                                                [01/29] hyperrewind for 750k
                                                [01/27] Eclipse_000 for 750k [ PM ]
                                                [01/26] RireiRirei for 300k
                                                [01/25] OmegaMAD for 1m
                                                [01/23] Mr Grab Bags for 300k [ CXL ]
                                                [01/22] Serenity Moon02 for 350k
                                                [01/22] Hai Chiri for 100k [ CXL 02/05 ]
                                                [01/21] z3lyn for 600k
                                                [01/21] AbmieFui for 50g [ CXL 01/31 ]
                                                [01/21] catcrowns for 400k Never order from again.
                                                [01/21] Ye most regal Overlord for 600k [ X ] [ CXL ??/14]
                                                [01/21] MsEpicKush for 1m
                                                [01/21] Sukix3 for 350k
                                                [01/20] -Lil Artist Kazumi- for 600k
                                                [01/20] Etrikia for 250k (w/ 4 tigers)
                                                [01/19] tgsprite for 1m
                                                [01/19] T i m e S c a p e for 800k [ CXL 03/30 ]
                                                [12/01] snowmiddy for 1.25m [ CXL via PM 12/08 ]
                                                [11/30] cosmickittens for 40k
                                                [11/30] May Kazune for 200k (w/ 2 tigers)
                                                [11/30] crabjuice for 800k [ CXL 01/26 ]
                                                [11/29] motoko920 for 400k

                                                [11/28] Lee Byunghun for ??? [ X ] *NT
                                                [11/28] Inkedlines for 600k [ CXL via PM 12/06 ] FREEBIE RAIN CHECK
                                                [11/27] PEEPEECHU for 150k
                                                [11/23] ll Jennifer ll for 500k
                                                [11/20] Bubble Trouble for 450k [ Page 19 ]
                                                [11/19] Moose Plushie for 600k
                                                [11/19] Xycheth for 400k
                                                [11/19] Unlucky FourLeafed Clover for 20k
                                                [11/15] Yinri for 1.25m
                                                [11/12] Aaoka for 800k
                                                [11/11] Bunruru for 1.2m [ CXL 11/22 ]
                                                [11/11] Puudi for 1.5m (Animated) [ CXL via PM 01/06 ]
                                                [11/10] tazzalam for 100k
                                                [11/10] Lady Yuuki Syth for 1.2m
                                                [11/10] CosplaysDunce for 200k [ CXL via PM 01/08 ]
                                                [11/10] Astro AppIe for 600k
                                                [11/10] Xyrise for 2.25m [ CXL 02/28 ] FREEBIE RAIN CHECK
                                                [11/09] Ohmylions for 200k
                                                [11/07] Heras Box for 400k
                                                [11/07] ehhhme for 1.75m *Round #2
                                                [11/06] AngeloftheShining for 1.5m (Reg) and 1m (Chibi)
                                                [11/05] Bubble One for 1.5m? [ CXL 1/15 ]
                                                [11/05] Sugah Bee for 100k [ CXL via PM 12/14 ]
                                                [11/05] Empress_XSensei for 800k
                                                [11/04] OhhSenpai (Aristokatten) for 200k [ CXL 01/01 ] [ X ]
                                                [11/03] Minty bat for 1m
                                                [11/03] Miharu Outura for 500k
                                                [11/02] Froofi for 800k
                                                [11/02] Scylux for 800k [ CXL 01/26 ]
                                                [11/02] Lliyk for 900k (w/ 2 tigers)
                                                [11/02] ehhhme for 1m *Round #1
                                                [11/02] Drawn In for 900k
                                                [11/02] Neon Wasteland for 800k
                                                [11/02] Samanthai for 2.25m (w/ 4 tigers)
                                                [11/02] Akina Yumiko for 1m
                                                [11/01] Anansi The Spider for 1.75m [ CXL 01/23 ]
                                                [11/01] Destined--Dreamer 3 for 1.8m (w/ 2 tigers)
                                                [11/01] x-Solitary Moment-x for 600k
                                                [11/01] Rosyer for 1.25m
                                                [11/01] Riin Viern for 700k
                                                [10/31] Minyx for 400k [ CXL via PM 12/03 ]
                                                [10/31] Eveliette for 750k
                                                [10/31] -Chiiensuu- for 150k [ CXL via PM 12/14 ]
                                                [10/31] An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- for 750k
                                                [10/31] Eridanos for 1.5m (Reg) and 500k (Chibi)
                                                [10/30] Lyeisander for 900k (Reg) and 600k (Chibi)
                                                [10/30] Ai-Dee-Kay for 350k
                                                [10/30] Enriix for 1.5m
                                                [10/30] Nerin Serene for 1.2m [ CXL 12/24 ]
                                                [10/29] moecchii for 500k [ CXL 01/15 ]
                                                [10/29] iiSaiyu for 1.15m [ CXL via PM 01/01 ]
                                                [10/29] High Alert for 300k [ CXL 01/15 ]
                                                [10/29] codydark for 1.15m [ CXL 01/15 ]
                                                [10/29] rhebbet for 400k
                                                [10/28] sOuL_EaTer_aLiVe for 225k [ CXL 01/23 ]
                                                [10/26] raikun_13 for 175k
                                                [10/26] x I n s a n i c x Asu x for 300k
                                                [10/25] cutesu for 1m
                                                [10/24] -- My Melodiee -- for 1m [ CXL 01/15 ]
                                                [10/20] KawaiiMunster for 125k
                                                [10/13] Cynnybun for 1.5m
                                                [10/12] Mimzelicious for 300k
                                                [10/12] Hackxed for 700k [ CXL 01/16 ]
                                                [10/10] Grey Eyed Simba for 50k
                                                [10/09] electric carrots for 400k [ CXL via PM 12/31 ] FREEBIE RAIN CHECK
                                                [10/08] ureii for 800k
                                                [10/07] Nakami Sato for 20k
                                                [10/06] SapphiePewds for 1m
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    Noble Detective

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                                          When I'm gone, you're a playboy. Hold your head up.
                                          X X X X XAnswer me. You're not fun. You have no manners. You... devil, devil. You... You...

                                              Hello der~ Names I go by are "Bedtime", "Panda", "Pandy" and let's say "SeoHyun" c: I love music <3 Can't live without it. I like to draw sometimes, but I'm not very good at it like most are. I'm 21 years old and been on Gaia since I was 15-16. I enjoy talking c: I really like anime a lot <3 Raman, noodles, and muffins are good <3 More information can be found on my profile.

                                              By the way, I love art freebies~ If you give me a freebie, your drawing and name will end up on my profile c: I play booty grab for my gold. I DO NOT play gold generators. I REFUSE to. They messed up the economy so much and ruined a lot of quests for people. Do not ask me for gold/items.

                                          Currently Questing... ANIMAL ITEMS (wishlist on profile, ^.^"" )
                                          X X X

                                          Future Desires...Cash Items

                                          Gold Shop Items
    User Image
                                          "Even if I'm tormented by hatred..."
                                          X X X X X"I won't become like you, no matter how hard it is."

                                              Yo! I'm Rj, but you can call me "Myst" or just "HeeChul", if you want!
                                              I'm an obsessed yaoi fan girl who dreams to be a guy so I can be gay... I know, it makes no sense! I'm really bad at spelling and grammar, spell check is my best friend. Often times what I want to express could never be fully expressed in words. I am a very silent and awkward person, I tend to think too much of what others think of me thus making it hard for me to start up a conversation.
                                              I don't and never will use gaia cash that's why questing a certain item takes quite a while and this also explains why my wishlist never seems to shrink. Lol

                                              If you want to know more about me feel free to quote, comment or pm me.
                                              You can also check out my profile. ♥

                                          Currently Questing...
                                          X X X User Image 3.4b / LMP
                                          X X X X X X will updated every 500k

                                          Future / Side Quest...
                                          X X X>> My full wishlist can be seen in my profile. >.<
                                          X X XUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

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    Jae Jin-ah's Husband

    User Image
                                          Do you hear me...? Do you hear me...?
                                          X X X X XLet's go together. Don't walk the harder path. It wasn't easy, right?

                                            WARNING: This section is for iiMyungSoo.
                                            Please make sure that all gifts/trades are sent to the correct person.

                                            User Image

                                            Want to trade with iiMyungSoo? »» Click Here ««

                                                Hi! I go by the nicknames "Shin", "L", and "MyungSoo". Simply put, I'm Jong Kook's younger cousin, so yes, I'm Asian. I found an interest into KPOP back in 2008 and am now a follower of many korean groups. My bias is Big Bang and 2PM. Also, I've seen countless Korean dramas, so stop by, if you want to chat. My birthday is on March 2 and I have been a member of Gaia since August 3rd, 2007 (but wasn't active until December 2011). Solo quest thread is located here: [ X ].

                                          Currently Questing...
                                          X X XUser Image 10b / LMP

                                          Future Desires...
                                          X X XUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image


      User Image
                                            You say you’re sorry so easily...
                                            X X X X XThose words that I’m so sick of, because you only try to finish things...

                                              WARNING: This section is for purr_mnty.
                                              Please make sure that all gifts/trades are sent to the correct person.

                                              User Image

                                              Want to trade with purr_mnty? »» Click Here ««

                                                  Hello there. ღ You may call me "mnt", "mewt", "kitty", "T", "Ga Yoon", or whatever you prefer. I'm an introvert, which means most of the time I like to do things alone, but I do get along with other people pretty well, so feel free to get to know me. Although, I'm not on Gaia as much because of college, I do check this daily.

                                                  Anyways, on to the things I love ~I heart kitties, watching movies, drinking tea, and cute things. I have an obsession with the color teal and I will always love summer.

                                            Currently Questing...
                                            X X XUser Image --- / HIATUS

                                            Future Desires...
                                                User Image --- / HIATUS


      User Image
                                            Catch me if you can. I’m forever a performer.
                                            X X X X XDon’t ask for the answer, but just take it as it is, go with the flow...

                                              WARNING: This section is for Luciferiael.
                                              Please make sure that all gifts/trades are sent to the correct person.

                                              User Image

                                              Want to trade with Luciferiael? »» Click Here ««

                                                  Hi all, I'm Crypti, otherwise known as Luc, a 29 year old Female to Male trans (pre surgery, still in the closet offline). I've been on Gaia since 2003 (currently using my 04 atm). I love horror, yaoi, and dark things. You can find me on IMVU @ (LastRites), Recolor.me @ (L u c i f e r), and SyndroneOnline @ (War). I'm also doing Alchemy, wish me luck!

                                            Currently Questing...
                                            X X XUser Image --- / PM ME, IF SELLING

                                            Future Desires...
                                            X X XUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
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      Noble Detective

      User Image
                                            User Image

                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Zoo Snacks, Thank you for the adorable message to <3
                                            Mysteltain: Gothic veil, Powdy Pengy o.o <3 -xmas- Blue Babushka -xmas-, Civil Northern Soldier -xmas-, Cream bani clips, Hunny the bear, Rousamund Passion,
                                            JinglyBell: Werebear <3 -xmas-
                                            Jong Kook: Argent Splendor, Zorya Polunochnaya, Frosted Affection, Chicky, Cheepy, Chirpy, Churpy O>O Thankies <3 -xmas- Wintry Kisses -late b-day, xmas c:-........Wicked Advisor, Thank you letter for Feb 2012 -gversary-......House items, knotted rope, drop necklace, kung fu panda (white belt), fishies <3, Lovely Maritime, Sweet Lunarian -b-day- Beloved Velveteen -xmas-, Oppa Style!, Rosamund revenge 3ed gen -xmas- Black emo bag, Sprig mini angel wings, Lavender nitemare scarf
                                            Ritsmi: Demon Vassal <3 -xmas-, Cutie Animalie, Blue Babushka -xmas-
                                            iiTaecYeon: 20,000 -holidays-, Corona Austrina, Ebony butterfly terrycloth tube-top,, Space channel gaia -gversary-,,,,,,Indigo Flutter -b-day- Ponzu the panda -xmas- Antique peirrot, Literary Luxury, Princess Honore. Winsor -xmas- , 29m
                                            Reckless_Rebell: 115,000, Sweet Sealie <3
                                            bmaster154: Keiongaku Style
                                            You cannot remember me: Thank you letter for Jan 2008 <3
                                            MizerysChild: 5,000,,, Gold shop items, sponsor items <3
                                            Toxic Contents: Pink Dragoness o.o <33
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Mod Geshia OMG THANK YOU <3333 O.O
                                            Seductive Strawberries: 10k
                                            Nor West Chick: 100k <3
                                            Keithiya: 15,000
                                            ESMERALDA PYRONE: 25,000
                                            trenchcoat-on-a-tortilla Black overturn leather boots
                                            Lucifer Highwire Veronica -b-day- <3, Blue babushka -xmas- Dumpling the bear <3 , Cutie Catcher (single), Climbing Demon
                                            Atrise Mana Seed 3ed gen -b-day- <3
                                            Bob Bobbersin Bunch of randoms
                                            final_anime_kingdom 1k
                                            Grogroth 200k Thank you.
                                            Lani de Mirshanns 125k
                                            Ryanzor 800k
                                            Jadore_camellia Sprig Scarf , 1m, Light pink chyaku norisu scarf, Polar Ice sea,
                                            Little gom anon Creamy Scarf, 100m
                                            Anon (Easter Bunny) Cotton candy pink dander bunny ears
                                            Anon Pink dander ears, Purple dander ears, Orange dander ears
                                            x-PerdxxBlade-x Pink Devil tail emotion_bigheart , Springtide bunny x2, summer bride , Shy Gardener x3 , Frolicking Pastel , Petit Cherie, Chocolate bear fur, Spring court coronation, White bunny hoodie
                                            Lani De Mirshanns 1m
                                            soraruru Lavender mini nitemare wings
                                            anon Piranha mask, griefstache
                                            : Donation

      User Image
                                            User Image

                                            Zooplankton : 10k + event items

                                            Bedtime Panda : Divided Stars [xmas], Selection Fairy [xmas], Buttons' Game [xmas], Aye aye Lassie
                                            iiTaeyang / Jong Kook : Grizzly Hoodie [xmas], Fading Ember [xmas], Andromeda's Touch [xmas], Creamy Mini Angel Wings, Southtown Ghost Story, Blood Rebel's Anarchy, Piani-ture, Mane Unihorn

                                            HisLittleHeart : 10k
                                            iScreamNiki : 15k
                                            Xx-Devillicious-xX : 20k

                                            iiTaecYeon / iiMyungSoo : Heavenly Awesome [holidays], Corona Austrina, Nihonahu Geisha, Juno's Lace, Prima Poppet [xmas], Limit Breaker [xmas], Milk the Cat, The Celestial Queen of Solair, Custom Cut 2nd Gen, Golden, Pink and Lavander Grunny, Lavander, Dark Chocolate, Dusty Pink and Orange Dander Bunny Ears, Strange Easter Egg, 29m
                                            Vanilla Dawn : 20k
                                            You Cannot Remember Me : Thank You Letter For Jan 2008
                                            MizerysChild : 10k + 3 Random Items

                                            Luciferian Erevos / Apollyon Destrovya / Luciferian : Tragic Melody [xmas], Evangeline's Gorgeous Gallant Cool Locks, 2m, [Animal] Welcome wagon shorts and shirt, s Blox, Safe Cracker(20m), 1b, Cosmic Cadet, Galactic Recruit, Snow Queen of the North, Tigerola, Grimm Lolita, 12 Project Recolor
                                            Erika from Dollars : 5k
                                            Shizuma Chan1605 : Bionic Sensory
                                            Marimbist : 100k + 3 Random Items
                                            Sungels : Actaeon's Blessing
                                            Seductive Strawberries : 10k
                                            Nor West Chick: 100k
                                            Keithiya : 15k
                                            Esmeralda Pyrone : 25k
                                            Stripey Von Fancyhooves : 15k
                                            anonymous benefactor : Matao the Demon Cat
                                            trenchcoat-on-a-tortilla : Red Flippy Hat
                                            moonlight34 : 85k
                                            xXxShatteredRosesxXx : 20k
                                            Magnanimity Profusion : 1.1m
                                            EnnaKhaos7 : 15k
                                            MayShorts : Mr. Butterscotch the Third
                                            P l N K D O N U T : Demonic Pendant
                                            Tiny Death : 5k
                                            Wabbi: Golden Laurens
                                            Grogroth : Demonic Style
                                            caII it luck : Thank You Letter for August 2009
                                            IamVenetianPrincess : 96k
                                            anonymous benefactor : Mille-Crepe
                                            River of No Return : Enki's Catch
                                            strawberry nella : 20k
                                            Redwing Rogue: 50k
                                            anonymous benefactor : Long-Stem Red Rose
                                            Bethany Tam : Star Suit Mascot, Birthday Cupcake
                                            jirouu : 200k
                                            Lani De Mirshanns: 125k
                                            fuwapaca : Mercury's Moon
                                            Savior of Humanity :
                                            Ryanzor : 800k
                                            Rein Kuroi Usagi : 10m

                                            Oreo lvl99 : 100k
                                            Mr Amazing CreepShow : Midnight Club
                                            rnercury : 1m + commons
                                            little gom anon : Monthly Collectible Letter for May 2013, 100m, Beyond Blue, Kitten Star, 250m
                                            hipdurr : 100k
                                            anonymous benefactor : Peach Dander Bunny Ears
                                            anonymous benefactor : Golden Grunny
                                            WiccansWrath : 4m
                                            x-PerdxxBlade-x : 119m + Strawberry Sundae Sweets x2, Spring Nymph, Spring and Summer Bride, Springtide Bunny, Pink Bunny Slippers, Thoughtful Bride, Spring Court Coronation, Frolicking Pastel, Bom Bom The Bunny, Sweet Lady
                                            Irradiare: Punk Raven
                                            Lani De Mirshanns: 1m
                                            Lulu the Fae Sorceress : 1.5m
                                            OT Anonymous : Hollywood lips
                                            XxXBloodlust_VampXxX : 100m, Her Illumination
                                            Rinn Ue : 300k
                                            milk straw : 1b
                                            Freaksrus : 1b
                                            EverlastingFairy : 1b

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      Jae Jin-ah's Husband

      User Image
                                            This first list contains all donations acquired in this thread. Everything is listed from oldest to newest.

                                            User Image

                                            iiMyungSoo: [01/02/14] Lobo the Gray Wolf ♥ ♥ ♥ ---||--- Devoted Spica, Horangi (Birthday), Silver Sprite, Sunset Spirit, Toxic Kitten, EVERY 2012 Birthstone Anklets, September Birthstone Necklace (Birthday), Right in the Feels, Snow Witch, Corona Borealis, Flashy Blossoming Headband, Sam's Green Elbow Pads, Green Leg Warmers, Monsieur Panda, Satin Hairbow, Birthday Crown (Birthday), 5590 tickets+260 tokens, 13 inks+6 bugs, 8 papers ♥ ♥ ♥ Zodiacal (Xmas Collab '12), Seven Day Love 2nd Gen. (Xmas '13) ♥, Red Randoseru Backpack (7th Gaiaversary), Cool Keiko's Curls, 29m, Easter Cherubim's Peach Wings, Tons of GF Charms, November 2014 Letter (8th Year)

                                            Bedtime Panda: 1,453k, Wisteria (Birthday) ♥, Rosamund's Redemption ♥, Pink Dragoness, Feisty Berserker, Carnival Tiger Companion (Birthday), Clinohumite Diamond Dog, Strawberry Shortcake Queen of Cups, Easter 2k12 Flock of Diedrichs, Tons of inks+bugs, Zodiacal (Xmas Collab '12), Black Sheep (Xmas '13), SDPlus #424 Renard, Astra-264: Soft Twitching Black Tipped Cat Ears ♥, Lavender/Black/Pink/Golden Grunny, Sheepy March ♥ ♥ ♥, Bound Warlock, Plumberry Godina ♥, Bread/Roll/Butter the Baby Tiger/Lion (Birthday '14), [Animal] Glittering Neighbor, [Animal] Prefurable Furmilliar Comfurt, Invariable Archer, Saturnia the Unicorn, Astra: Mini Cotton Candy Flapping Angel Wings, Rapturous Accord (Xmas '14), J's Sketchbook ♥

                                            Little Gom Anon / Simply Mashi: Bennet ♥, 100m Mythrill Coin, Lovely Lucie, Stellar Flurry, [Animal] Husky Fur, Thistle and Tudor Rose ♥, 250m Mythrill Coin x2, Icy Ascension, Buff Arms, Counterfeit Spirit ♥, Titus the Lion, Cathulu, Portrait of a Hare, Vagran Sea, Wisteria Sea, Hinterland Warlord of the Moon / Solair, Spellbound Enchantress, Gemini Twins, Ai no Taisen, Manticore Plush, Team Star, Crimson Puppeteer, Peppermint Refrain, Demon's Dominance, Madame's Stupendous Wigs ♥, Hundreds of GF Charms ----||---- [9/19/14] Midnight Voodoo Doll, Pieces of You ♥, September 2014 MC (Birthday), Pandamonium Pandaista, Midnight Castletown (Xmas '14) ♥ ♥ ♥, [Animal] Xumbreon (8th Year) ♥ ♥ ♥

                                            Yang Yoji: [08/02/12] Pale Marionette, Pink Marionette, Monochrome Keido, Chuchip's Blessing, SOF Tundra, Kandi Kitten ----||---- 1,101k, Vega's Love (Birthday), Horangi, Ebony and Ivory, Anesidora's Gift, Juno's Lace, Demon Vassal, Fall Bride, Topaz Diamond Dog, Eye of Io/Ganymede/Callisto, Devilish Leg Warmers, Devilish Sleeves, Black/Blue/Red/Mint/Pink/Brown Leg Warmers, Blue Denim Short Shorts, Tons of inks+bugs+tokens+tickets ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, Refined Getaway, Minty Winter Wonderland, Prince of the Ocean, Hime Bangs Haircut ♥ ---||--- [02/17/15] Purrsuasion Pursuit ♥ ♥, W's Sketchbook ♥, Caramel Godina, Bloody Godina, Madame Godina, Counting Brown Sheep (8th Year) ---||--- [03/05/15] Synchronous Moonlight/Eclipse/Sunlight ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
                                            Luciferiael: [06/14/12] Exchanged 38m in items+pure for her Devil Tail (ABP 64m) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ----||---- [12/10/12] Ashen Marionette ♥ ♥ ♥ ----||---- Winter Groom (Birthday), 185 inks, Zodiacal (Xmas Collab '12), 87k ---||--- 758k (Birthday '13), 1.24m (Xmas '13), 350k (7th Gaiaversary), Cutie Catcher, Buff Monotone Arms, x10 Safe Cracker + x3 Golden Piggy Bank (925m total) ♥, 1b ♥, Kentauros' Blessing ♥, 2.5b ♥ ♥, [07/01/14] Counterfeit Love ♥ ♥ ♥, [07/08/14] Desdemona's Malevolence, Z's Sketchbook, [Animal] Angelic Halo, Saint Ciel: Aphrodite, Saint Ciel: Storge, Shin's Determination, Checkmate Inverse, Toxic Black Devil Tail, Radiant Messenger, Cool Midnight Violeztin Eyes, The Lionhearted Hero's Warm Hair, Warm Adrian Hair, Wet Shine Dark Locks, SDPlus #510 Vivid Lisa, 957m ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, Tons of GF Charms, [11/07/14] Run & Gun ♥ ♥ ♥, Counterfeit Mistress/Companion/Dynast ♥ ♥ ♥, Libelly/Calumny/Contumely Chauntelle ♥, Stellar Wave, Sinful/Crimson/Pure Halo ---||--- [02/17/15] 100b ♥, Pure White Mini Angel Wings, Heliotrope Marionette Restrung (8th Year)
                                            Jadore_camellia: Heart VS Mind, Holy Berry Scarf, Minty Scarf, Bogie, [Animal] Burnt Orange Wolf Fur, Noodle Fashion, Black Pawn Infantry, Eat Me!, Turquoise Cosmos, [Animal] Brown Husky Fur ♥, Desdemona's Fury ♥, Stellar Fortune + Peanut the Baby Lion (Birthday '14), Possessed Godina (Xmas '14), [Animal] White Tiger Fur (Xmas '14)
                                            Tracla: [03/28/14] Allu the Brown Wolf ♥ (Contest Prize), [Animal] Tiger Fur ♥ (Gift), Rapturous Union (CP), Workshop Flora (CP), Reve Marin (CP), Stellar Wish ♥ (Gift), Erebus' Moon (CP), Warm Midnight Violeztin Hair (CP), The Legend of Castle Town ♥ (Gift), Golden Spin! (CP), Silkrose Stroll (CP), Wendy's Kindness (CP), [Animal] Sukumizu (CP), Lady Estelle (Gift), Happy Capsule (CP), Cernunno's Blessings ♥ (Gift), Golden Admirer (Gift), Ebon Laurels (CP)
                                            Anonymous Benefactor (Dear OT): Crimson Marionette ♥, Aye Aye Bonnie, Soulless Azrael Horns, Cerynitian's Blessing (Contest Prize) ♥, Bloody Marionette (CP) ♥, Ivory Rose (CP), Pale Marionette (CP), Chrysanthe’s Fountain (CP), Firefly's Flame 2nd Gen (CP), Fafnir the Dragon (CP), The Case of Pietro 12th Gen (CP), SDPlus #351 Mad Hatter (CP), Dylene Poissonne (CP)
                                            Lalenka: D's Sketchbook (Contest Prize), Kiki Kitty (CP), Fafnir the Adolescent Dragon (CP), Light Harmonic Songstress ---||--- [11/25/14] The Tyrannical Duke of Lalune, Somber Shika Deer, Requiem of Dreams, Space Channel Gaia Beta, Escheresque, Dapper Bootlegger, Faithful Fencer, Shadow Walker, Electric Jelly Swarm, Peanut the Baby Lion, Fall Groom, Town Bounce, Eurydice's Vanishing, Roseus Diamond Dog, The Wretched, Prince Dhanun, Card Captor Shinigami, Tapioca Skedaddle, Veridical Musketeer (Xmas)
                                            Momo Okami: [05/13/14] Kama's Suggestion ♥ ♥ ♥
                                            F-CK H8 COEXIST: [12/20/13] Michael's Wings: Alchemized ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (Xmas) ---||--- Thank You Letter for June/July 2012 (x2 each)
                                            XxXBloodlust_VampXxX: 200m, Lethe Rose, Astra-215: Mini Burned Fire Flapping Angel Wings, Rapturous Descent, White Devil Tail, Stellar Dreams, Kumiho's Sister ♥ ♥, Michael's Bloody Wings ♥ ♥ ♥
                                            Elfin Melody: 2,000k (Birthday '13), Bonbonieru Konpeito (Xmas '13) ♥ ♥, Princess of Dreams (Birthday '14) ♥ ♥, My Lovely Byul (Xmas '14) ♥ ♥
                                            Mysteltain: Mr. Butterscotch the Third, Zodiacal (Xmas Collab '12), Moody Heart Clouds (Xmas '13), Red Portable Stereo Headphones, Almond the Baby Lion (Birthday '14)
                                            elsasicedtea: Brow Basics (Xmas '14)
                                            Mistress Kationie: Water Sash, 12 inks, 82 bugs, Enchanted Book (Xmas '13), Astra: Perky Mint Wolf Ears (Xmas '14)
                                            X Grape Soda: Horangi ♥, 100k (Xmas '13)
                                            faithleann: 23m ♥

                                            51L3NC3: Princess of the Universe ♥, Eat Me!
                                            Molested Rubber Ducky: 1,000k ... o.o ♥
                                            RinGo ReIzEi: Jolly Hat, 12 random items
                                            hollybellafree: 2.5k
                                            blackphoenixXIII: Envious Night Jewel
                                            Sufferer of Alternia: Keen Bandit, Imaginary Friend, Maquillage ♥
                                            Xx-Devillicious-xX: 30k
                                            Alcyona: 10k
                                            Elusive Spycrab: 5k
                                            You Cannot Remember Me: Thank You Letter For January 2008
                                            Spirit of Redemption: 1.5k, Gift of the Goddess
                                            G.S. eureka: Thank You Letter for January 2012
                                            My Heart is F R A G I L E: Scar of the Warrior/Martyr
                                            T3h Big Bad Pimp: 12 random items
                                            Brave Little Orphan: 8 random items
                                            II S n o w y II: 50k
                                            _Thats Fantastical_: 20k, 11 random items
                                            PookieFX: Strawberry Charlotte, Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups, Fausto's Bottle 11th gen, Caretaker Tia, Eye of Europa, Zeit the Moga ♥
                                            Just Have Hope (Charity): 100k ♥
                                            Hingg: Ashen Werewolf
                                            xPhalanges: 100k ♥
                                            X_s0ul-Taker_X: Kitty Slippers
                                            Japanese_take out: 4k
                                            theannacracker: 100k, Fallen Wish, Checkmate, Peravian Set, Mochi the Puppy, Spirited Gloves, 4 random items ♥
                                            neoblossom: 3.9k, Sweet Sealie
                                            MizzDior: 8 random items
                                            MizerysChild: Thank You Letter for February 2009 ♥
                                            Shiblets: 50k
                                            HollywoodH: 9.9k, 5 random items
                                            x x s k y - b l u e: 20k
                                            I-tal-ic: 10k
                                            Reaganxxx: 100k ♥
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Dark Blossoming Headband
                                            Koydith the Healer: 1.5k, 12 random items
                                            ghostrock320: 58k
                                            FelixVincent: Thank You 2007 Letter SET ... o.o" ♥
                                            call_me_vampire2009: 1k, 1 random item
                                            Qinkie: 200k, Rainbow Jubilee, Pink Bunny Slippers, Nartian Rock 8th Gen, Year of the Monkey, Event Horizon Guardian, White Bunny Hoodie, Fox's Watch, Panda Mood Bubble, Oh My Gumball, Coral Seafolk, Stone Guardian Mask, April Birthstone Crown, 5 random items ♥
                                            Hit and Run (Charity): 1k
                                            trixie023: 25k, 5 random items
                                            GOOD MORNlNG: 1k
                                            angel_cruz21: 10k
                                            AlicexInxWonderland4ever: 1k, 1k Tokens, 2 random items
                                            Dreamcatchers (Charity): 15k
                                            Vanilla Dawn: 40k
                                            king bing bing: 245k ♥
                                            Sheep n-dale: 12 random items
                                            I Am ferret: Secret Retreat 6th gen ♥
                                            Demon Wings | Angel Heart (Charity): 12k
                                            Seductive Strawberries: 10k
                                            theSanshi: Inks
                                            V.M: Valiant Knight, 4 random items
                                            Sunshine Molotov: 12 random items
                                            Samanthie: 150k ♥
                                            iCandyzzz: 5 random items
                                            K a w a i i V a n i l l a: 12 random items
                                            Raven Cpu: Checkmate, Egyptian Gold Bracelet(x1)/Armlet(x2)/Anklet(x2), Inks ♥
                                            Kibz Kibz Kibz: 5k
                                            Shrii: Thank You Letter for April 2012 ♥
                                            Faerie Dreams: 40k
                                            Novakain_Xx: 200k ♥
                                            Nor West Chick: 100k ♥
                                            p o t t e r m o r e: Moira's Red/Blue Studded Collar
                                            Montressa: 5k
                                            KewkeMonsta: 50k
                                            IAMtheSKYE: Lyndexer's Journal 2nd gen. ♥
                                            Twaci: Black Lowtoppies
                                            moonlight34: 100k ♥
                                            Baroness Velma: 1,630 Tokens
                                            -PurpleGrannie-: 51 papers
                                            Keithiya: 15k
                                            animetyshi: 7 inks+32 bugs
                                            I Stein I: 2 inks+24 bugs, 21 papers, 5 random items
                                            Faustus Apollyon: 281 bugs
                                            lxl Corrupted: 6 random items
                                            goldenpanda23: Astra-28: Divine Illumination
                                            Esmeralda Pyrone: 25k
                                            De Legacy: 13 inks+59 bugs, 175 fishes, 109 flowers
                                            Raven OMG: 200k, 3956 tickets+145 tokens, 17 inks+227 bugs, 746 papers, 39 baits+9 fishes, 16 flowers, 84 random items ♥
                                            Egotistically: 25k
                                            xPlay Dead: 40k
                                            Wings of Love (Charity): 25k
                                            K i w ii C r e a m__xx: 64 inks
                                            sailor0taku: 425 tokens
                                            ii Kitty Pop ii: 11k
                                            trenchcoat-on-a-tortilla: Vintage Black Pillbox Hat
                                            Gemenice: 498k ♥
                                            Z3R03FF3CT: 200k, Holy $#17 ♥
                                            hyung dont touch me there: Sainte Ciel: Agape 2nd Gen ♥
                                            --Atonal Safetypin--: Duct Tape Roll, 1 random item
                                            Pixichix: 21 inks
                                            CakieCookieLover: 13 inks
                                            Aizi: Hero's Guard ♥
                                            Nishiki Ao: SDPlus #036 Ian ♥
                                            Namanei: 10,200g
                                            iYumi-chaan: Nitemare Sash, Silver Laurels, 1 random item ♥
                                            Guccigirl247: 7 inks, 101 bugs
                                            Foot Nudist: 660 inks, 23 bugs
                                            LizzyBree: 6 inks
                                            Fragile as Fireflies: 54 inks, 573 bugs
                                            Jeseia Moretia: Thank You Letter for July 2007, Angelbow, Celebrity Date, Angelic Parasol
                                            Wabbi: Shibuya Nobody ♥
                                            final_anime_kingdom: 1k
                                            Grogroth: Zodiacal, Eastern Sun and Western Moon, Jack Frost ♥
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Coal Button-down Fleece Coat
                                            Prince Overdose: 10k
                                            IamVenetianPrincess: 96k
                                            Anabaena: Black Body Dye, The Widow
                                            lilystell: Summoning Tome
                                            headphonehair: Cloud
                                            Anonymous Benefactor (Bree): Art of Espionage, Laced Blessings
                                            bidniman: 30k, Long-Stem Black Rose
                                            Zannrael: Cecil
                                            AdorkableNERD: 200k
                                            Lani De Mirshanns: 125k (Xmas)
                                            Klefairy: 10m ♥
                                            Aulas Final Curtain Call: Fantastical Journey
                                            destinyswonders: 1m, Dreamer's Dust, Dandy Jack
                                            Ryanzor: Koji the Red Fox ♥
                                            Zero Poet: Siku the White Wolf ♥
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Astra-159: Waving Orange Tiger Tail
                                            Innocent Porcelain Doll: 100k
                                            Markipliers: Blight the Undead
                                            beasties: 1m
                                            Spiffy old Drawings: 15m (Contest Prize)
                                            Nat Darling: 5m (Contest Prize)
                                            Trojan.exe: [Animal] Akiva's Dexterity ♥, Phoenix Feather
                                            Baybu: 3m (Contest Prize)
                                            Kittysaurus Rawr: 100k
                                            Janna Windforce: Pure White Angelic Scarf
                                            rotten flower: 1m
                                            Tealinia: 10m (Contest Prize)
                                            Duck Ponds: January/April/June Birthstone Anklets
                                            Princess of Glomps: [Animal] Sun Bear Fur
                                            CB GRIMLIN: Heart X Mind
                                            -HallowReen-: 100k
                                            POOP ON NOODLES: 115k
                                            xxxjesusacesxxx: 10m (Contest Prize)
                                            Graceful End: 500k (Contest Prize)
                                            HoppingTurkey: Jada the Unicorn (Contest Prize), Rainbow Jubilee, Form of Arachna, Soft Lil Leoli, Plight of Girona, Colorful Eurydice Eyes (Contest Prize), Chimera of the West (CP), Shroud of Rime (CP)
                                            Albruna: Princess Estelle, Whispering Wisteria ♥
                                            strapping young man: 40m (Contest Prize) ♥
                                            moru-sama: Astra-58: Shrouded Night, Moga Huey
                                            Rubie Cube: Viva La Mode
                                            ColoredxNoodles: [Animal] Doggy Courier Bag
                                            FIacid: 10m
                                            Lexxi Foxxx: [Animal] Mad Hatter
                                            Sandy Flipflops: 20m
                                            Fleshysweetcakes: 3m
                                            L0DE: 100m (Contest Prize) ♥
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Light Green Grunny, Mint/Olive Dander Bunny Ears
                                            Anonymous Benefactor (Shadow Dragon): White Grunny
                                            Ryouna Runa: White Grunny
                                            Viridis Aureus: Easter Cherubim's Yellow Wings
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Cherubim's Dark Blue Wings
                                            Skm Imperatoriene: Pink/Light Green Grunny, Peach Dander Bunny Ears
                                            Venii Vidii Vicii: 5m (Contest Prize)
                                            Juliessorad: Prosperous Keymaster (Contest Prize)
                                            o-Elixir-o: Astra-257: Soft Twitching Grey Cat Ears (Contest Prize) ♥, Astra-262: Soft Twitching Dark Brown Tiger Ears
                                            hipdurr: 1m, Counterfeit Colleen, Angelic Scarf (Contest Prize), Fragrant Heartbeat (Contest Prize)
                                            Kiranei: 20m, Bom Bom the Bunny x2 (Contest Prize)
                                            Prothyro: 125m total ♥, Chuu Chuu the Bunny, Butterfly Kick (Contest Prize)
                                            DestielintheImpala: 200k
                                            pantec: Astra-172: Swishing White Wolf Tail (Contest Prize)
                                            NarwhaIs: 200m ♥, Red Wing
                                            Lani De Mirshanns: 1m
                                            Yukihara Aishii: 100k
                                            Death Resurrected: 2m
                                            soapycakes: 2m
                                            iPeeSittinDown: 5m
                                            mokibear: Brave Temperance
                                            MaryJane LSD: 26.2m (Contest Prize), Shy Gardener
                                            Naked Chipmunk: Haigha's Madness
                                            Di0s: [Animal] Tunnu's Warmth
                                            Drakkusy: (Contest Prize) S-Pop Club: Taja 2nd Gen, Anesidora's Woe, Devoted Spica, Astra-8: Autumn Waltz, Indigo Flutter, 288k
                                            Crazy Straw: (Contest Prize) Panda Hat, Chuchip's Blessing, Whispering Wisteria, A Little Night Party, Bitter Loathing, Trilune's Promise, Reve Marin, Primrose Path, Duke, Virgil's Sinister Verdict, [Animal] North Star Penguin, Inspector Busco
                                            Summer o v o: 1m
                                            DokiMeowMeow: [Animal] North Kitten Star
                                            Bittensweet_Lov3: Fergus the Scottish Terrier
                                            vintvge: Mellow Cryptodira
                                            Sparkle Gems: SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster
                                            eut: 100m Mythrill Coin (Contest Prize)
                                            BabyKagomeGirl: 125m
                                            delicate fawn: Butterfly Jab
                                            Princess Merunari: Lilac Cosmos
                                            daydreams xo: Workshop Flora, Eremiel's Wings
                                            TieMeDownAnd: Jawesome (Contest Prize)
                                            Reginald Orius: Demon Vassal (Contest Prize)
                                            Naked Chipmunk: Ivory Archer
                                            ITSA M3 AIDS: [Animal] Loving Manner (Contest Prize)
                                            Lessaphi: The Cherubic Queen of Solair
                                            Chibi-Churvzzz: Panda Hat, 50k
                                            Mother 0f Cats: 1m
                                            Blu_Fammy: Stoic Lost Boy, Kepler-22b
                                            Potato Goddess: 100k
                                            ll Lost-Kun ll: Shy Gardener
                                            Sparkle Gems: Stoic Lost Boy
                                            Iavish: SDPlus #161 Proteus
                                            disconcerto: Starlit Promise
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Pepper the Cat
                                            Risika-chan: Exalted Lord, Prince Dashing
                                            Psychotic_Gothic_Angel: 10m
                                            DoctorMelodyPond: Princess Manner
                                            Haochi Lizhi: 5m
                                            Yukihara Aishii: Icy Marionette
                                            Maikuuuh: 20m
                                            GenoSuperStar: 1m
                                            Porn and Beans: Unibrow, Vampire Bite Marks, Walking Dead Poster
                                            Diamond ln the sky: La Belle Chanteuse x2, The Ringmaster x2, Springtide Bunny x2, Blueberry Cookie Queen of Cups x3
                                            degradingly: 5m
                                            CR-Park Mi Yeon: Lilac Scarf
                                            Plasma Mule: Checkmate 3rd gen x2, The Gravedigger x2, Petal Professor Hana, The White Lady, SDPlus #326 Tink
                                            Insatiable D E S I R E S: Black Heartstring
                                            Pandelic DJ: Loli Pop, Butterfly Punch, Le Pavot Rose, Dark Jubilee, Rainbow Pathway, Donna del Carnevale
                                            Eridessa: Highwire Amaryllis
                                            mewkittyy: Bound Warlock x3, Dante's Divine Verdict, RuRu Kitty Plushie, Sno the Moga
                                            Anonymous Benefactor (Prowler): Jaguar's Curse
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Dark Horangi
                                            Erectum: [Animal] Thea’s Enchantment
                                            Virtual Earthquake: Fallen King, Dumpling the Bear, Queen Bee x2, Ultra Satan
                                            General Kim: Princess of the Orbit
                                            Kottan-Beauty: Astra-259: Soft Twitching Light Brown Cat Ears
                                            Post Coital Cookie: Gothic Melody
                                            Trevor Philip: 200m
                                            Taylonn: Little Piggy Bank (85m)
                                            My Lovely Itachi: White Pawn Soldier
                                            The Lovely Emiily: [Animal] Harayama's Strength
                                            raspberry tarte: [Animal] The Mad Hatter
                                            _ s t a c i e e: Little Piggy Bank (55m)
                                            Asgoodasdead: Inverse Russian, Mistress Estelle
                                            Sprinkle Bear: Golden Admirer, Mistress Estelle
                                            Skippergirl: Amusing Manner
                                            screamtastic: [05/29/14] 5b (Contest Prize) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
                                            Lil Red Panties: [05/31/14] Gacha Expert, Madame's Wonderous Wigs (Contest Prizes) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, Princess of the Heart (Gift)
                                            ExhaustedApostate: 1b (Contest Prize) ♥ ♥
                                            Pxin: 1m
                                            Empty Rice Bowl: 5m
                                            Ms Minty Creams: 5m
                                            im a pizza: Attitude Alleycat
                                            NaamiiChaan: Creamy Scarf
                                            kiryuin: Evil Dalnim
                                            Bucky Bear: 100m
                                            MadHatterzMouse: York and Lancaster Rose
                                            SilverDreamx: 7m (Contest Prize)
                                            Charming Lovebird: Happy Capsule, The Frozen Ringmaster, [Animal] Diamond Dust, [Animal] Loving Manner, Dark Omen, Doe-Eyed Darling
                                            Orgasmic Moan: Fantasy Kitten Star ♥
                                            TaddySu: Shin's Courage
                                            Digital CIouds: 200k, The Sandman Dreams
                                            X T I T A N X : 2.5m, Time and Space
                                            nerd central: Striking Arms
                                            ShootingStar WeedFair: World of Devil
                                            Iavish: Blushing Light Charmer, Vengeful Jackalope, Undertaker
                                            Madame Hummingbird: Polar Ice Sea
                                            Flirttea: Princess of the Heavens, Rosamund's Passion
                                            Samurai_Zatoichi: 4m
                                            Semantic Noise: Inverse Marionette ♥
                                            UnicornCommando: Cream Marionette ♥
                                            Kyachu: 20m
                                            iKyota: 500k
                                            Smoke CIoud: 500m ♥
                                            XxxBlackfang_ShewolfxxX: 500m ♥
                                            lieutenant lollipops: 10m
                                            DigitalEscape: [Animal] Mini Pink Nitemare Wings
                                            Violent Pixels: 10m
                                            Writerly Ink: 500k
                                            Aqua Fortise: 1b ♥ ♥
                                            allonsie: 100m (Contest Prize)
                                            CC Luvely: 30m
                                            milk straw: 1b ♥ ♥
                                            Grimm Von Reaper: Safe Cracker x3, Cybele's Lace (Contest Prize)
                                            snow-rabbit148: 350m (Contest Prize)
                                            WafflePaddle of Doooom: Strawberry Godina ♥ ♥, Astra: Swishing Soft Pink Wolf Tail
                                            Normally Weird: 400m, 2b (Contest Prize)
                                            PsycoRealm: 2b (Contest Prize)
                                            Bosazz: 100m (Contest Prize)
                                            Fuphi: Pandaista 2nd gen.
                                            boisterously_silent: Mini Dark Red Nitemare Wings
                                            Infraradiant: Mini Pink Nitemare Wings
                                            pantec: Queen of the Skies Light Pigtails
                                            Roxy is Kawaii: x1 Heart Charm
                                            xXxSweet_DeadlyxXx: x2 Heart Charm
                                            Hi Melody: Thistle and Tudor Rose Void ♥ (Contest Prize)
                                            Eternal_Qween: Diabolos' Quell, Milady / Chocolate Godina ♥ ♥ (Contest Prizes)
                                            toufu-time: 1b (Contest Prize)
                                            Ilvias: 1b (Contest Prize)
                                            K a w a i i - R a m: 2.5b (Contest Prize)
                                            Kawaii DevilPup: 2b (Contest Prize)
                                            I Myself Am: Pandaista 2nd gen.
                                            heatguyj619: Counterfeit Widower
                                            Najarala: 5b (Contest Prize)
                                            Shiki The Vampire: x7 Heart Charm
                                            Heartsu: Panda Hat
                                            Yakisoba Shift: Road Bounce, Akihabara Somebody
                                            lekazo: 150m
                                            Mr-Philanthropist: Cinnyricinclus' Wings, Franciscanus' Wings
                                            Kay Neine: Primrose Path
                                            EverlastingFairy: 1b
                                            DarkenAngel: 3b
                                            Evelin333: 60m
                                            Jenseits von Gut und Bose: 10m
                                            Fartasy: Bright Bloodied/Toxic Black Devil Tail (Contest Prizes)
                                            Apatisk: Invariable Archer + 6 opened Torii RIGs
                                            ihisboti: 4 opened Torii RIGs
                                            Rose de Croix: Invariable Archer
                                            Snow Wonder: Invariable Archer
                                            Aeripoofs: Solar Starset
                                            Admiral Creepypasta: 6 opened Torii RIGs♫ Dainty Kyuubi: A New Phase
                                            My Bunny Love: Wisteria 2nd Gen.
                                            ok noona: Blue Belle
                                            Truly De Vine: Elegant Veil, Magical Girl's Pink Uniform
                                            Confused Compass: 10th Anniversary Angelic Sky
                                            My Eyes Adored You: Dying Revenant, Pink Body Dye, Plucky/Valiant/Lulu/Pamplie the ___ Cat
                                            Zaakros: 3b (Contest Prize)
                                            Astra Green: Raijin's Wrath, Mysterious Tune, See You in Red, Apprentice Detective, Passionate St, Heirloom Ball-Jointed Doll, Astra: Swishing Arctic Wolf Tail, Endearing Schoolboy, [Animal] Atlantic Blue
                                            Free Soda: Custom Cut 4th gen. (Contest Prize)
                                            Count Cyanide: 5b (Contest Prize)
                                            Xtreme Overkill: Fallen King (Contest Prize)
                                            Charcoal Wraith: Astra: Curse of the Gray Wizard
                                            IICrossIl: Chione's Blessing ♥
                                            xMikorin: Tigerola ♥
                                            PandaGirl_LovesCookies: 500m
                                            Eloisse de CR: 10b (Contest Prize)
                                            Hyomin: Tora March ♥
                                            La Noblesse: Madame's Astounding Wigs ♥, Oeneus's Blessing (?)
                                            Beau-sama: 1b
                                            cinnamon mantis: Antipathy (Contest Prize)
                                            Nahayara: Cafe Miam
                                            LynPwnsLen: A's Sketchbook
                                            Mommy Complex: 10b (Contest Prize)
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Raphael's Wings (Pink & White)
                                            XsinnisterX: Devious Foxy Spirit, Open-world Adventurer
                                            itsonlyanna: Foxy Spirit
                                            Duh Fek: Astra: Perky Deep Rose Wolf Ears
                                            stormborn khaleesi: Sweet Rose
                                            Not Your Senpai: White Fox
                                            efraiin: Celestial Deputy
                                            Inscolaris: Gold and Black Long Horns of the Demon (Contest Prize)
                                            stuft nacho princess: Winterland Snowball, HoC: Gray Mage
                                            Sex is Exercise: Toy Rocket
                                            Neptunes Child: Brow Basics
                                            perlerose: Haigha's Madness
                                            At Least I Can Draw: Sovereign Wyvern
                                            foryst: The Prince's Rose ♥
                                            kyu-tea: Dark Chocoholic Dream ♥
                                            DoIor: Rosamund's Revenge 2nd Gen.
                                            flamesoftheheart: 650m

                                            The names below are all past donors to Jong Kook from his old thread, 죄 많은 천사의 꿈, 2010 to 2012.

                                            User Image

                                            Gnarfy ~ 25,000,000g
                                            rurica ~ Nitemare Scarf
                                            Mizandi ~ Steel-plated Ninja Band
                                            Bedtime Panda ~ Kiki Kitty Plushie / Sno the Moga / Checkmate / Coat of Kannon / Winter Dancer / Puppy Love Plushie / V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword / 1,886 Tickets+19,480 Tokens / Inks+Bugs
                                            Yojihyun ~ Ancient Naginata / Wind Security Blanket / Vivacenote 2nd Gen. / Thank You Letter for April 2011 / Skelekitten Plushie / Little Lucie / Topaz Diamond Dog / Thank You Letter for September 2011 / 4,980 TokensInks + Bugs
                                            -Less than Graceful- ~ 40,127g / Chyaku Norisu Scarf / Noel's Gift 5th Gen. / Nitemare Sash / Grunny / Black Wolf / Aquatica / Queen Anne's Lace / Gift of the Goddess x2 / Goti the Kid / Oculus Mythica / Koi / Cherry Blossom / The Love Song / Spring Nymph / Dark Ice / Pink Bunny Slippers
                                            Gift of the Gods / Will-o-the-Wisp / Snow Witch / Fluorite Borealis / Opal Borealis / Moonstone Borealis / Frigid Night Jewel / Raging Night Jewel / Unicorn / Princess Kaguya / Wonderland / Magical Girl / TLDR Hat / Imaginary Friend / Spirit of Scotland / 15,236 Tokens+371 Tickets / Inks
                                            Lieutenant Eunnie ~ Inari's Beads / Demonic Anklets / Alruna's Rose / Enchanted Book / Captain Ara's Nestegg / Western Zodiac / Trick or Treat Tote
                                            qwertyla & RohanDX ~ Ancient Katana
                                            Suicidecandy ~ 1,000,000g / S Gaia Tshirt / Spirit Halo / Random Equips / Game Items
                                            stunning imperfections ~ Angelic Manner / Masquerade 10th Gen.
                                            TrickMeMoon ~ 750,000g
                                            Zero Poet ~ Chyaku Norisu Scarf
                                            illusen cam ~ 100,000g / Angelic Bracelets
                                            AozoraT ~ 505,000g / Twister the Fire Phoenix / Thank You Letter for February 2011 / Moon's Watcher / Xiao Tu Zi the Rabbit
                                            Luxraen Fury ~ 20,000g / Stoic Lost Boy / Vigilant Lost Boy
                                            Peixes ~ 500,000g
                                            suklaa piirakka ~ 100,000g / Bad Moon 2nd Gen. / Lumiere Noire / Der Sandmann / Fortuna / Nutcracker Prince / Red Velvet Queen of Cups / Little Lemon Lime / Secret Sparkles / 50 Tokens / Ink
                                            xtwilight ~ 393,229g / Golden Egg / Lightning Lash / Random Equips / zOMG Items / Game Items
                                            Ziti Lo Mein ~ Thank You Letter For June 2007
                                            [Ch!ps] ~ OMFG
                                            MarchOfLions ~ 100,000g / Trick or Treat Tote 2nd Gen. / Random Equips Bugs / Game Items
                                            zPandaRawRz ~ 300,000g / Puppy Love Plushie
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Thank You Letter for May 2010 / Thank You Letter for November 2010 / Thank You Letter for December 2010
                                            Apple Panic ~ Bear Pajamas
                                            IDK my BFF Voldie ~ Bani Clips
                                            Kastaspella ~ Kottan Bell 7th Gen.
                                            TAX0N0MY ~ Zorya Polunochnaya
                                            Deleware ~ Duchess Delacour
                                            GingerCoffee ~ 200,000g
                                            ~Numura~ ~ 100,000g / Superior Form / Random Equips
                                            Aubryelle ~ Fall Groom
                                            Lopz0r ~ Skelekitten Plushie
                                            Yumi_the_otaku ~ Albus Egg
                                            netna ~ Indigo Flutter
                                            Lunar_eraclis ~ 50,000g / Aeschylus's Order / Emerald Seed / Genki the Lucky Cat
                                            I_snugglez_with_you ~ 79,773g / Purky
                                            G.Ober ~ Thank You Letter for February 2011 / V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            chinov3 ~ 111,000g / 93 Tickets
                                            II Pancake Nipples II ~ 100,000g / 409 Tickets / Inks
                                            To Dope To Be Human ~ Book of Fairytales / Rainbow Scarf / SDPlus Real S12 Juno / Celaeno / Wizards Brew (x2) / Field Creeper / o_o Glasses
                                            rebeljd ~ SDPlus Real S09 DARKNRGY / Romantic Dinner
                                            Nor West Chick ~ 70,000g
                                            Supr voO ~ Lunar Cloak
                                            the_heartless_kat ~ 20,000g / Sushi Error / Chanho the Tiger Plushie / 9,245 Tokens / Inks / Random Equips
                                            Imaginary Grace ~ 88,575g
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ SDPlus Real S19 Gem2niki / SDPlus Real S08 Superphi
                                            Satanillo ~ Whip of Fire
                                            callen_black ~ Peter Pan / Red Riding Hood
                                            Aerobe ~ 65,000g
                                            Seokhun ~ 75g / Moga Huey / Random Equips
                                            Neyul ~ Moga Huey
                                            iMusicGasm ~ The Troll
                                            gothicookie ~ 50,000g / 2,410 Tokens / Inks / Unicorn Horn
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Chanho the Tiger Plushie
                                            Qiutian ~ 50,000g
                                            Toxicnessx ~ 50,000g
                                            starbuksluvr ~ 50,000g
                                            Mallardman ~ 40,000g
                                            Chocolate Parents ~ Houyi's Ward
                                            XxXEmoAngel16XxX ~ Prism Armor
                                            Teak Gemini ~ Pink Belled Ribbons
                                            Reckless_Rebell ~ Fairy Wings
                                            PromisedLifeEternal ~ Nihonshu Geisha
                                            Stigmata-chan ~ Brown Bunny Hoodie
                                            Panda i R ~ Alrunette / The Jack-et / Sisky the Wombat
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Queue Demonique
                                            Lime Vortex ~ 25,000g
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Scorch Scarf
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Boto Encantado
                                            LilinFeatherwise ~ 20,000g / Inks + Bugs
                                            Lady Alzbeta ~ 20,000g
                                            Ziggy Maru ~ 20,000g
                                            Lurk Status ~ 20,000g
                                            sweetnsoursnow ~ 20,000g
                                            x3R a i n b o wx3 ~ 20,000g
                                            Magical Gift Fairy ~ 20,000g
                                            InDaPussyLikeATampon ~ Catastrophe! 2nd Gen.
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Puss in Kamik
                                            Lythiris ~ Brass Raving Goggles
                                            Dopein ~ Gold Headphones
                                            Gendocide ~ Acid Teru Teru Bozu
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Little Lemon Lime
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Tanked Tavern
                                            MakiaUchiha ~ 5,000g / White+Blue Heartbreaker Jacket
                                            Ninitia ~ Soldat Midnight Officers Cap
                                            I Am From England ~ 15,000g
                                            Stubborn Princess ~ 15,000g
                                            iiGen ~ 15,000g
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ The Moon (Mewn Mew!)
                                            LadiSilverfox ~ 13 White Inks + 264 Blue Inks + 307 Green Inks + 310 Red Inks
                                            RlZZY ~ 10,000g / 1,000 Tickets + 537 Tokens
                                            Candy Coated Cookie ~ White Batty Clockworks Cap / ... Mood Bubble
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Angel Ghost Sheet
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ Large Pirate Hat
                                            Fox_Shadow123 ~ Bahn Hammur
                                            Kuriki Fox ~ The Sphinx / Random Equips
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ The Sphinx
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ MTV White Designer Handbag
                                            LoveForeverMorexXx ~ 9,703 Tickets + 5,163 Tokens / Random Equips / zOMG Items / House Items
                                            Dreams Into Reality ~ Long-Stem Red Rose
                                            ilover1508 ~ Surf Scarf
                                            Ro_Okie ~ 10,000g / 10 Tickets + 10 Tokens
                                            lacie alice ~ 10,025g
                                            Keen Incisions ~ 10,100g
                                            Microphone Rain ~ 10,000g
                                            H1J4CK3D ~ 10,000g
                                            SpookyKidOnDowners ~ 10,000g
                                            BeautifulStar-x ~ 5,050g / Random Equips
                                            Lemonade Serenades ~ 9,400g
                                            Dresden Starwing ~ Bright KISS
                                            Mirly ~ Random Equips
                                            CandeeLove ~ Canadian Bacon
                                            One Less Heartbeat ~ Holiday Cardinal
                                            invader_sidekick_GIR ~ Cecilia's Circlet
                                            I-PandAppleZ-I ~ Winged Hankerchief / Daigo's Headband (Alpha version)
                                            x Apolo x ~ V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword
                                            Vexous ~ V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            Anonymous Benefactor ~ V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            4D Porn ~ V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            Kladg ~ V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            Renaissance ~ V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
                                            Sarahsuke ~ V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword
      Jong Kook's avatar

      Jae Jin-ah's Husband

      User Image
                                            This donor's section is reserved for iiMyungSoo. Again, because iiMyungSoo joined the thread after it's creation, all edits and updates to the list will be done by Jong Kook. Donations are still sent directly to iiMyungSoo, however. Please, don't get the two of us mixed up.

                                            User Image

                                            Jong Kook: La Bella Figura, Gilded Conjuror, Deinocti's Oath, Grizzly Hoodie, Soft Blue Randoseru Backpack, Night Weaver, City Roast Coffee, Orange Randoseru Backpack, Honorable Shaman, Winter Groom, Spring Groom, Basic Black Down Hoodie, Ash Gray Offworld Rain Coat, 204 fishes, Quillton the Hedgehog (Xmas)
                                            Bedtime Panda: Viva La Mode, Chase the Painted Bandit, Team Barton Uniform, V-High Hiro, Wensleydale Prep Uniform Blazer, Cursed Prince (Xmas)

                                            BBQPenguin: 1k
                                            Japanese_take out: 4k
                                            OmNomMaster: Oh My Gumball, Neck Shackle, 4 random items
                                            Anonymous Benefactor: Lobo the Gray Wolf
                                            Homicidal [Ostrich]: 8.2k, 3x Thank You Letter June 2009, Lightning Lash, Pride of Hera, Jack 2k7 Armor set
                                            - x electric heart: 5k
                                            Demon Wings | Angel Heart (Charity): 10k, Yellow Daffodil
                                            Oneia's Simple (Charity): 1k
                                            Gaia Hat (Charity): 5k
                                            Hit and Run (Charity): 1k
                                            xxDeidara-KunxxUnx: Demonic Anklets
                                            neoblossom: Mokona Hat
                                            Omoea: 12 random items
                                            Skm Imperatoriene: 4 Inks
                                            Seductive Strawberries: 10k
                                            KiraKiraDesu: 100k
                                            tomorito: 100k, Crimson Valor, The Nightmare, Virgil's Sinister Verdict, Secret Retreat, Kiken Rider
                                            [Ja.Lo.Yo.Lo.Ti.]: 25k
                                            Dragonsama: Yokai's Treasure
                                            Moxcella: 50k
                                            AlexandraAnn: Black Wolf, Textbook Tower
                                            -My-Generation- (Charity): 5k
                                            panda strings: 260k, Fall Groom
                                            Kotaro Musashi: Rose Guardian
                                            the real zeszu: Gold Officer Badge
                                            iCandyzzz: 10k, 7 random items
                                            sailoreclipse: White Olympic T-Shirt, 3 random items
                                            Stitched Ghost: 4 Pink Magical Giftbox
                                            msz_kura: 250k, 2,278 papers
                                            Kawaii Gengy: 20k, Flavor The Alpaca
                                            wilykit_thundera: 10k, 550 tickets
                                            Twaci: 50k
                                            Cloudy Hert: 10k
                                            Thunderkittens Charity: 100k
                                            Nor West Chick: 100k
                                            TankChu (Charity): 100k
                                            Keithiya: 15k
                                            Undertaker Reaper: 65k
                                            Esmeralda Pyrone: 25k
                                            CheshireSmilez: 6,983g
                                            Green_crayon42: Deadly Ansha
                                            Z3R03FF3CT: 25k, Gift of the Gods
                                            hyung dont touch me there: Zeta Star Mercenary
                                            e v e r l a s t i n g QD: 9k
                                            fireko: Aeon's Spark, Der Sandmann, Red Devil Mini Wings Raffle Ticket
                                            deliawa: Antique Shop
                                            xXxShatteredRosesxXx: 40k
                                            --Atonal Safetypin--: 2 house items
                                            T4NGO: 84,250g, Red Guppy Scarf, Gill, Catfish Whiskers
                                            Greteh: 10 random items, 2 house items
                                            Atrise: Summer Groom
                                            8888888_boobmuffins: 12 random items
                                            Lord_LHUSID2: 15k
                                            oTazi: 12 random items
                                            AzuriII: 12 random items
                                            ChengLii: Charming Bowler, Balloonimals, Giant Rainbow Lollipop, 4779 tickets, 100 Blue Seedkin, Energetic Plantimal (Xmas)
                                            Yaoibie: Owlpocalypse
                                            Humanitys End: Black Heartstring
                                            Yumeiii: Civil Northern Soldier, King of Wands, 11438 tickets, Business Man's Tie Rack (Xmas)
                                            Dingu: Vampire Sound, 2000 tickets
                                            KaTron Sensei: 10k
                                            The Angelic Puppet: 512 tickets
                                            Sealed Envelope V.2 (Charity): Monthly Collectible Letter for August 2012
                                            Jeseia Moretia: Nihonshu Geisha, Royal Wizard. MoMo the Monkey, 3 random items
                                            Pink Tokyo: 1,776,00g
                                            final_anime_kingdom: 1k
                                            Grogroth: Rascal the Alley Cat
                                            Lucifernium: 82k, Capricious Mage, +500k (Xmas)
                                            Mysteltain: Team Gambino Uniform, Vienna Roast Coffee
                                            Meeki: Astra-8: Autumn Waltz
                                            LadyKottanBell: 50k
                                            Malfunction Replay: 25k
                                            IamVenetianPrincess: 96k, 943 tickets
                                            Royal Tenrag GS: 2k
                                            moonlight34: 100k
                                            Necrona: 10k, Dark Red Offworld Rain Coat
                                            Anonymous Benefactor (Bree): Soft Pink Randoseru Backpack
                                            Hoaegi: 100k
                                            Oboid: 37 game fish
                                            Zannrael: OMG Scarf
                                            Hidden in Seoul: 22 game fish, Bloody Teddy Bear, Mourning Groom (Xmas)
                                            Riaeru: 30k
                                            Mochers: Strawberry Cream Cake
                                            Gemini Genesi: Tea and Croissant Snack Tray
                                            Freaksrus: Bloody Teddy Bear (Xmas)
                                            Ryanzor: 800k

      Jong Kook's avatar

      Jae Jin-ah's Husband

      User Image
                                            This donor's section is reserved for Luciferiael. Again, because Luciferiael joined the thread after it's creation, all edits and updates to the list will be done by Jong Kook. Donations are still sent directly to Luciferiael, however. Please, don't get the two of us mixed up.

                                            User Image

                                            Voka: Lots of caches
                                            Mississippi Black Velvet: Workshop Lilie, Maestro Conductor, Rena the Unicorn, Sdplus Jabberwock

                                            Hvitr Hrafn: Inks, fish, and caches
                                            mimsy: Inks and fish supplier, 250m and over 10 rig fails
                                            Ever_lasting_Flame: White inks
                                            Kaiousei: 500k
                                            Mellowhypes: Gold + several tips
                                            Great Destroyer Apollymi: 500k
                                            Rozenhiem: Dullahan's Edge
                                            Ryanzor: 800k
                                            Future Representative: 5m
                                            littlebluewolfdemon: 70k
                                            Fae Mystique: x1 Slate Boldur
                                            Atra Regina: 2m
                                            The Gaia Wish Foundation: 1.25m
                                            Sullen death_kitten: 22m, Princess Bamboo
                                            Violetwinged: 1.5m
                                            Davidicus Bellefonte: March Birthstone Anklets
                                            theramblinggirl: 500k
                                            Planet P_M_S: 100m
                                            DreamBigDreamMagic Charity: 3m
                                            Lani De Mirshanns: 3m
                                            machic: M's Sketchbook
                                            Little Gom Anon: 100k Mythrill Coin, Cernunno's Blessing, Divine Arms, Captain Cobalt, Philosopher's Cache: Ruby, Philosopher's Cache (Birthday)
                                            iiMyungSoo: 50m (Birthday)
                                            Jadore_camellia: 30m + caches (Birthday)
                                            TomKat_Sky: 5m (Birthday)
                                            Mysteltain: Caches
                                            Taylonn: Little Piggy Bank (180m)
                                            Bells(?): 40m
                                            XxXBloodlust_VampXxX: Princess of the World, 100m
                                            THE Red Corpse: Astra: Bloodstain, Purgatory's Warden, Rig fails, Astral Singularity, Princess Estelle
                                            aizou senritsu: 2b
                                            machic: Over 10 rig fails

      Jong Kook's avatar

      Jae Jin-ah's Husband

      User Image
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      Permanently Banned

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      17 February 2007 - Jae's Gaiaversary
      22 February 2008 - Panda's Gaiaversary
      02 March - Shin's Birthday
      29 April 2007 - Myst's Gaiaversary
      09 May - Luciferiael's Birthday
      09 June - Jadore's Birthday
      05 July - Panda's Birthday
      03 August 2007 - Shin's Gaiaversary
      19 September - Jae's Birthday
      21 (25?) October - Myst's Birthday
      27 November - Jadore's Gaiaversary

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