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Favorite? Mmm.. I'd have to be channing tatum or johnny dep a also elijah woods
Least Favorite? liz lohan
Sexiest? brad pitt very reliable husband material: heart heart biggrin rofl
Craziest? Er.. I'd say Tom Cruise or Britney Spears..
Celeb I Love to Hate: lohan and miley singing.. heheh
Celeb I Hate to Love: ryan phillippe his so sexy but he looks like a heartt breaker rofl dramallama
Favorite-Hugh Jackman
- Least Favorite -John Travolta
- Sexiest -Hugh Jackman
- Craziest -errr I dont know
Gayest-Zac Efron
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Agile Ladykiller

-Favorite: Taylor Lautner!!<333
- Least Favorite : Katey Perry & Belanova (my god they are annoying as hell)
- Craziest - Kristin Wigg she's Hilarious.
josh harnett is sexy and james fronco is amzingan sexy and smart biggrin
-Favorite-TAYLOR LAUTNER,ROBERT pattinson,kellan lutz(mostly the 1st 2nd ones)
- Least Favorite -all of them except the ones i reaaly love(hahaha smart)
- Sexiest -TAYLOR LAUTNER,ROBERT pattinson,kellan lutz(mostly the 1st 2nd ones)
-cutest smile ever-TAYLOR LAUTNER(HIS HOT) heart heart
- Craziest -taylor and robert(DROOLDROOLDROOLDROOL)
-Gayest-Zac Efron hahaha really
-obsesion-taylor and rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart
think im obsses much dont care i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
craziest: as in funny, i would have to say tom cruise. did any of you see that video of him touching everyone's heads??
sexiest: rob pattinson (yay edward!!!) heart
worst: tie between miley cyrus and the jonas brothers. xp
Favorite: David Bowie of course <3
Least Favorite: Stupid chick from twilight, kirsten whatsername. shes a horrid actress
Sexiest: Huge Laurie, i like older men...DONT JUDGE ME
Craziest: Tom Cruise...that man...is ******** insane.
my favorite: janifer aniston, cameron diaz, reese witherspoon
least favorite: miley cyrus n selena gomez
sexiest: robert pattison
craziest: i dunno
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Wealthy Sex Symbol

    Favorite actor is obviously Robert Downey Jr.
    Favorite musician? Ayumi Hamasaki of course! ;D
- Favorite: Jim Carry
- Least Favorite: Miley Cyris or however you spell it...
- Sexiest: Johnny Depp
- Craziest: Seann William Scott
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Favorite celeb: ooh, it's a tie between Sacha Baron Cohen anf Hugh laurie!
least Favorite Celeb: hmm...I don't like Miley Cyrus...meh.
Sexiest celeb: I'm gonna go with my favories above, grawr!
Craziest celeb: Sacha Baron Cohen. Seriously, he's done a lot of crazy shiz.
Favorite: Miley Cyrus
Least Fav.: Soulja Boy (hate him and his song, he's a real jerk)
sexiest: Travis Garland from NLT
Craziest: Taylor York from Paramore. He touched, for some stupid reason, some burning plate thing and burned his hands. he is so lucky he doesn't have to play his guitar chords with t hat hand or he'd be toast

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Favorite- Heath Ledger heart
Least Favorite- Miley Cyrus (she's so freakin scary O.o)
Sexiest- Heath Ledger heart
Craziest- Dane Cook(in a funny way ^w^)
uh, i watch shamen king. dont know what this is about cry burning_eyes wahmbulance
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- Least Favorite
- Sexiest
- Craziest
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