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Favorite - Anne Hathaway
Sexiest - Lindsey Lohan
Prettiest - Olivia Hussey
Craziest - Tom Cruise
Funniest - Ellen Page
Coolest - Will Smith
Favorite: Hayden Panattiere (I know I misspelled her last name)
Least Favorite: Stupid Miley Cyrus
Sexiest: Orlando BLOOM!!!
Craziest: Britney Spears! I mean, she shaved her head, people!
Gayest: Kevin Jonas! He's so yumilicious, lol!
Favorite: It's a tie between David Tennant and John Simm. They're both just so brilliant.
Least Favorite: Eric Winter
Sexiest: ... Haven't the foggiest.
Craziest: Dane Cook. And he's awesome for it.
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Favorite = Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton
Least Favorite = Paris Hilton
Sexiest = River Phoenix or Peter Saarsgard
Craziest = Russel Brand, Jack Black
- Favorite:: hayden panettiere
-Least Favorite miley cyrus
- Sexiest Jared Padalecki
- Craziest Britney Spears..do i even need to explain this one
Favorite: America Ferrera heart
Least: paris hilton rolleyes
sexiest: derek hough and julianne hough from dancing /w the stars whee
craziest: Flavor Flav eek
Favorite: Criss Angel
Least Favorite: Jonas Brothers burning_eyes
Sexiest: Jim Sturgess heart
Craziest: Britney Spears
I'm waking up at the start of the end of the world ...

Favourite & Sexiest : haha, it MUST be Pete Wentz <33

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Coolest : Tanaka Koki >.<

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... but its feeling just like every other morning before
Favorite is Robert Downey Jr.
Least Favorite is Miley Cyrus. Bleh.
Sexiest is Johnny Depp
Favorite && Prettiest:
Natalie Portman

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Luke Pritchard

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Michael Cera

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Here we go...

Favorite- Gary Oldman (always!), Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Jerry Seinfeld, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansen, Natalie Portman... I always forget somebody!

Least favorite (that's easy!)- Enrique Iglesias, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme (I hate them so much!)

Sexiest- Gerard Buttler (Oh, my God!)

Craziest- Amy Winehouse (I saw her concert in Rock in Rio Lisbon and she was so drunk and druged...)
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Bashful Gaian

- Favorite, Sexiest & Funniest; Robert James Hoffman III. heart heart gonk

- Least Favorite; Amy Winehouse, Bert McCracken.

- Craziest; Gabe Saporta.
I love heart channing tatum andH ugh Jackman, Russell Crowe I thing with russel crowe in gladiator he looked fine in that roman uniform hugh jackman looked goood in wolfverine and vanhelsing. biggrin sweatdrop channing tatum look good in that army unifor in flags of our fathers and that movie with amand bynes he playe ooo she's the man that was funny lol he looke good mannn! heart jonny dep is my baby. biggrin
least fav paris hilton and Amy Winehouse . I did like john claude van dame in the 80's he looked good backed then.
My favorite is Shirley Manson.
My least favorite could go to most of the people on Disney Channel.
The sexiest is SHIRLEY MANSON. She's beautiful, sexy has a really awesome style, is sexy, has a sexy accent, and is sexy.
The craziest is Adrian Young. He's an awesome drummer though!

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