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Favorite- James Marsden whee and Christina Aguilara
Least Favorite- Don't really have one
Craziest- Tom Cruise and Brittney Spears
Funniest- Dane Cook
Freakiest- Brittney Spears
Overall Best- Mickey Mouse
- Favorite : miley cyrus
- Least Favorite : britney spears
- Sexiest : miley cyrus/jojo
- Craziest(& psycho) : britney spears
Indiana Evans <3
Least Favorite:
Marilyn Manson - EW
Jessica Alba & Marilyn Monroe & Melody Thorton
Hate to say this
but Brit ;[
- Favorite id go with will smith hes funny as hell
- Least Favorite defintly Paris hilton to slutty lol
- Sexiest Johnny depp heart heart heart
- Craziest Chris angel he is just insane
Favorite hes a singer but i still luv him brendon urie
- Least Favorite miley cyrus
- Sexiest brendon frasier hottttttt
- Craziest lindsey lohan britney spears(kind of but not really any more)
Favorite-Selena Gomez
Most Hated-Miley Cyrus
Cutest-David Archuleta
Craziest-Miley Cyrus
Prettiest-Selna Gomez
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I added some adjectives of my own XD

-Favorite: Johnny Depp (just...perfect)
- Least Favorite: but there's so many to choose from...
- Sexiest: Leonardo Dicaprio (especially in Titanic) *drool*
- Craziest: Britney Spears without a doubt
-Cuddliest: Neil Patrick Harris
-Cutest (not sexy, just...cute): Orlando Bloom xd

And of course the sexy older men awards go to Harrison Ford, George Clooney, and Alan Rickman
- Favorite: JOHNNY DEPP eek
- Least Favorite: Miley Cyrus scream gonk
- Sexiest: JOHNNY DEPP whee
- Craziest: Orlando Bloom? stare

Johnny's awesome, great, amazing, and I love his roles of Sweeney Todd and CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow... :V
[Favorite | Dane Cook]
[Least Favorite | To sum it up, any Disney stars and political leaders]
[Sexiest | Jussi 69]
[Craziest | Steven Tyler]
- Favorite: Jason Mewes, Jason Lee, Rose McGowen
- Least Favorite: Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton
- Sexiest : Jason Mewes & Bill Moseley
- Craziest : Sherri Moon Zombie
Favorite:Uma thurman, milla jonovich
Least Favorite: miley cyrus, brittany spears, and paris hilton.
Sexiest surprised livia munn
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User ImageTakuto, I love you....
- Favorite~ User Image Yes. Michael Jackson 3nodding
- Least Favorite Miley Cyrus
- Sexiest User Image Bam Margera my little Jackass, and my curent obsesson Chad Michael Murray ---> User Image and save the best for last JAMES FRANCO!! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image I lied one more. ZAC EFRON!! User Image
- Craziest Once again Bam ---> User Image
Yeah, I like white guys and I'm the color of caramel sweatdrop
I don't want you to become a ghost...
I love Robert Downey Jr for being his quirky witty self and the characters he portrays.
Natalie Portman for being just absolutely beautiful.

The only celebs I have seen and met

Bam Margera - met him and took pictures with him

Kat Von D - I have just seen but I was in her tattoo shop

Pixie - I met Pixie
kim kardashian
will smith ..i luv that guy
i dont like lindsay lohan...she actually goes for the craziest too neutral
cute one is... brad pitt i guess <.< >.>

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