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Favorite: There r many.. but I think Kate Bekinsale and Ian Somerhalder
Least Favorite: Ryan Gosling,Robert Patterson& Eva Mendes
Craziest: Lady Gaga& Ke$ha
Serxiest: Ian Somerhalder,Chris Hemsworth,James Franco,Alex Pettifier,Bradley Cooper,Channing Tatum.
Nicest:Seth McFlarne,Ian Somerhalder,Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift,Miley Cyrus& Paul Wesley
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Favorite: Basically the cast of The Avengers.
Least Favorite: (IDK actually, I never thought of a least favorite.)
Sexiest: Jeremy Renner (hands down, no argument whatsoever) and maybe also Hugh Jackman.
Craziest: Jim Carrey (Tho' he's still the most awesome actor I have ever seen.)
my fave i say would be, Taylor swift, Nicki minaj
, and Rihanna

Least fav, Miley Cyrus, johnas brothers and Justin bieber

18]Sexiest, honestly i dont have one.

]Crasiest, johnny depp (but in a good way), and Britney Spears
- Favorite ~ Justin Bieber.
- Least Favorite ~ One Direction or Selena Gomez.
- Sexiest ~ Justin Bieber x)
- Craziest ~ Miley Cyrus.
heart heart heart heart
Favorite: Rob Zombie
Least Favorite: JB
Sexiest: Ville Valo
Craziest: Bill Kaulitz
Celeb I Love to Hate: JB
Celeb I Hate to Love: Jefree Star cat_blaugh
i like angilina jolie
Favorite - Zooey Deschanel because i just love her and she's hilarious.
Least Favorite - Nicolas Cage because well....he's nicolas cage,its pretty self explanatory really.
Sexiest - Dougie Poynter because he is sexy(surprise)
Craziest - Probably Cee-lo Green,he looks like a giant muppet for the love of God.
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- Favorite Karl Pilkington, I enjoy him.
- Least Favorite Paris Hilton. Because if her shelters are full of poor little dogs that stupid girls bought as accerrories.
- Sexiest Silas Weir Mitchell. Put a baby in me.
- Craziest Eminem <3 Let me slip into that bathtub full of blood with you <3<3<3
- Most inspiring CM Punk
- Most Intelligent Stephen Fry
- Most smug and annoying Stephen Hawking
- Most adorable, fun, up for anything Jonathan Ross
- Kindest to animals Ricky Gervais
- Most deserving of a punch in the nuts ...god, what do you call that idiot Katy Perry married?
- Sweetest to his fans Johnny Harris
- Most I wanna bite that Nathan S Jarrett
- Gay for Reese Witherspoon/ Katy Perry/ Zooey Deschanel
- Most HYPOCRITICAL and SLUTTY Taylor Swift.
- My idol Charlie Sheen

I could go on but I'm tired.
I love ariana grande !! 3nodding 3nodding
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- Favorite- Misha Collins
- Least Favorite- Justin Bieber and the whole of One Direction
- Sexiest- Dylan O'Brien
- Craziest- Misha Collins again xD
Craziest- Lindsay Lohan (that girls cray) sexiest- Ryan gosling
Channing tatum.. josh hutcherson... ryan gosling

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