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I don't really have any favorites either, probably because I don't care too much either
- Favorite That would be Will Ferrell cause he is so funny and all the movies he is in are HILARIOUS!!! mrgreen
- Least Favorite Miley Cyrus
- Sexiest Selena Gomez she is so hot!!!!
- Craziest
Favorite- Mariah Carey
Least Favorite- Jack Black
Sexiest- Mariah Carey
Craziest- Britney Spears
In order to cut down on the number of stickies in this forum and repeat threads posted, we have created this 'favorites' sticky. It encompasses all adjectives - not just your favorite or least favorite celebrities.

Tell us your :

- Favorite
- Least Favorite
- Sexiest
- Craziest
- Be creative with some adjectives, because I am not. wink

Keep in mind that threads like this will be moved as repeat threads - they do not generate discussion!
Also, please be aware that spamming in stickies is not necessary and can result in a spam warning!
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ninja wasup crazy peeps is ninja!!!!!!!! ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
Celebrities are humans too!!!!!!!!!
or so we think
how did michel jackson turn white
- Favorite: Um. So many. But I totally adore Teri Hatcher<3
- Least Favorite: Julie Benz / Vanessa Williams
- Sexiest: A Three-way tie between Stana Katic, Julianne Moore, and Dana Delany.
- Craziest: Euhm. Imogen Heap. <3 She is totally crazy, but totally adorable.
- Favorite: Helena Bonham Carter
- Least Favorite: Dane Cook, Andy Richter
- Sexiest: Anne Hathaway and Leonardo Dicaprio
- Craziest: Gary Busey is pretty out there

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