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the sexiest miranda cosgrove
craziest britney spears
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Favroite is definitely Heath ledger! He died way before his time and played not only great as the Joker but in A Knight's Tale, Broke Back mountain, The Patriot, and of course Brother's Grimm!

Least Favorite has to be paris Hilton. The only movie she was good in was House of wax.. DIE b***h DIE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sexiest has to be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.. sexy sexy Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. ooh merow!

craziest, gotta love Jim Carey and Robin Williams! They play well rounded actors and cna still make your pants fall off while laughing!
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Favourite : Idk Don't Really Have One
Least Favourite : Miley
Sexiest : Bill Kaulitz :]
Craziest : Britney Spears
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Favorite: Robert Pattinson
Least favorite: Britney Spears
Sexiest: Kellan Lutz
Craziest: Jim Carey

No adjectives mrgreen
well i have lots of favorites
my least favorite is Donald Trump
sexiest is johnny depp
crazy britney spears
In order to cut down on the number of stickies in this forum and repeat threads posted, we have created this 'favorites' sticky. It encompasses all adjectives - not just your favorite or least favorite celebrities.

Tell us your :

- Favorite
- Least Favorite
- Sexiest
- Craziest
- Be creative with some adjectives, because I am not. wink

Keep in mind that threads like this will be moved as repeat threads - they do not generate discussion!
Also, please be aware that spamming in stickies is not necessary and can result in a spam warning!
where are they twisted
Ehh I don't really have a favoriet celeb but Demitri Martin and Dane cook rule! xd
1 of my faves is arnold shwartzanager from the terminator series and his other movies he is such a good actor.
I think that Miley suks and Dane Cook RULES!!!!!! I THINK HE IS CUTE heart I WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!! BYE!!! biggrin rolleyes exclaim smile redface question idea crying stare arrow neutral xd 3nodding mrgreen ninja blaugh gonk 4laugh rofl scream stressed pirate sweatdrop talk2hand burning_eyes heart xp cheese_whine dramallama whee wahmbulance wink emo sad surprised eek confused cool lol mad razz cry evil twisted
twisted twisted twisted heart smile ninja question rofl rofl yo i am getting money for this texty thingy!!! i wish i would really get money!!! by!!! scream scream
sexiest :
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david caruso
least favorite :
johnny whitwort
craziest(crazy as in funny?) :
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emily procter
favorite : all csi miami main cast!!!!


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the sexiest miranda cosgrove
craziest britney spears

ya im with ya on that
heart i really dont care blaugh
ZOMG, I totally fan boy H. Jon Benjamin. Also, Dino Stamatopoulos.
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- Favorite
Gwen Stefani
- Least Favorite
Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Bill O'Reily
- Sexiest
Johnny Depp
- Craziest
Chris Crocker

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