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justin beiber jayz and jcole
i dont really hate celebrities. i just dont like them. and the one i dont like the most would have to be justin beiber. oh wait i do HATE him.
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I hate Nicolas Cage, idk something about his face. xd
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Now,hate is a strong word. But I've never found Larry The Cable Guy all that great.
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scream scream scream scream Miley ******** cyrus
I hate Demi Lofatso too much......
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i cannot stand miley cyrus

Off The Top Of My Head - Kate Moss, Lady Gaga & Ke$ha.

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-Lady GaGa; a rip off and a fake and her songs make my ears bleed.
-Rihanna; a racist b***h.
-Katy Perry; just as fake as Lady GaGa and no real talent either.
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miley cyrus is still alive? i forgot she even existed talk2hand
I don't like chuck norris because he is way over estimated by people. I know he's the best at martial arts but that doesn't consider him as "god".I know you people would be saying, "Well we didn't say he is god." But that's my experience of what people are saying.
Justin Bieber. stare
Queen of Assassins
miley cyrus is still alive? i forgot she even existed talk2hand
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