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We got a little situation here.
...tiny guidos? gonk
If Snookis preggerz then the world must really be ending this year
Its a good news...!
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I've always wanted to see what a Troll Doll would look like in real life,looks like I'll find out in a good 8 months. Teehee.
She will probably have an alcohol miscarriage. How is she gonna figure out who the dad is.
poor baby.
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Ewwh ;o Who in the world would wanna have a baby with that troll xD I Feel bad for the baby..
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Don't care she will probably have a miss carriage but if she didn't I be surprise to see how the baby grow up.
By a pickle no way? Na i'm jk. Screw Jioni what about Vinney?
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Marie Lullaby
We got a little situation here.

rofl That's funny!
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I Shall Give You NoMercy
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rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
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Cool story bro.

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