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Who is your favorite PLL character?

Emily Fields 0.16535433070866 16.5% [ 21 ]
Spencer Hastings 0.23622047244094 23.6% [ 30 ]
Hanna Marin 0.18897637795276 18.9% [ 24 ]
Aria Montgomery 0.33858267716535 33.9% [ 43 ]
Alison DiLaurentis 0.070866141732283 7.1% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 127 ]
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Destructive Lunatic

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Am I the only one who just likes to see these girls get eff'd with?

If I had to pick from the list, it'd be Spencer.
I love pretty little liars. But the TV show is a bit different than the books. Though, I like the TV show better since it gives more suspense and image than having to imagine what happens in the books. All in All it's a really good series both in TV and books heart heart heart
I Luuurve Aria. (:
hanna, aria, emily, and then spencer. ezra is annoying to me xp
Mines is Ari.
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Barton Explorer

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Definetly Aria heart
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Go Aria and Ezra!!
Ezria forever heart
Hanna Marin i think is the most humorous out of them 4, but i love Aria's style
Hanna and Aria are my favorites.
First 2 seasons was amazing.
Waiting for Season 3 smile
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spencer. her and toby are great together... along with aria and ezra. xp
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Tipsy Genius

SPENCERRR. I don't know why, but it's something about her. LOL. <3
I'm here bitches! -A
i love my PLL cannot wait till season 4 my favs will be in this order
im inspired more by hanna
Hanna is charater i relate most to

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