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Selena Homez

I totally dislike all of them... just young celebrities, bah.
Though if I seriously had to choose, I'd probaby choose Selena.
She can actually sing at least a bit.


lol no she can't

More autotune and s**t is used on Selena plus she sounds weak and out of breath live. The only one who can sing out of the disney people is Demi Lovato. But she's messed up.

I didn't really want to say that she can sing, just that when it comes to it she is better than the other two.
That song, if I recall correctly, "Trust in me" didn't sound so bad.

Selena gomez heart
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Demi Lovato.
I like Demi better, I like that she is against bullying and I like that she is trying to make herself better. I don't know anything about her past but I've watched her on American Idol and she seems like she's doing better.

Selena is ok... I don't like her voice at all. I like her lyrics and her style... that's about it...

Miley can die for all I care she's gross and needs to be slapped. I'm sure her daddy doesn't appreciate the direction she has taken considering he helped her get famous. Her voice is annoying and her lyrics and music suck. Little kids should NOT follow her example.

I'm not a fan of these people, I listen to rock most of the time not pop, but Demi is definitely the better one of the three.
demi smile
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In order from most to least:

Miley - I like her music the most, and I liked the Hannah Montana show. A lot of people think her voice sounds annoying because it sounds rough and has an accent, but that's exactly what I like about it. I just hope she makes either a country or alternative rock styled album next. That dubstep song she was featured with Borgore was probably the only song of hers I didn't like at all.

Demi - Only like her music. She has the strongest voice out of all them. I haven't really seen her act though.

Selena - I only liked the Kiss & Tell album. Her music is boring now.

Demi is Sonny with chance.
Old man: that's why u use auto tune and I don't .

Demi: neutral

Simon: cool
Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. They're both great.

miley cyrus is perfection.

Oh yeah, sure she is. She dresses like a skank and has photos of herself covered with only a sheet in magazines and online. She's the perfect role model for young, impressionable girls!
demi lovato
selena's way prettier than those other 2 skanks
Miley Cyrus used to have the most amazing hair before she pulled a Brittany and messed it up
Miley Cyrus used to have the most amazing hair before she pulled a Brittany and messed it up

what's so great about her hair?
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miley cyrus is perfection.

So, you are saying a horrible actor that has ear bleeding bad albums and a total attention whore, is perfection.

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