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heart BILL KAULITZ IS A SEXIIIIIII BEASSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart heart
My personal opinion I absolutely love TH (Tokio Hotel) their music is fantastic and I use to love Adam Lambert but he just go to dull with me till i realized that Tom and Bill and the rest of the band members (Georg and Gustav) Have been together way long than Adam himself so i realized they had more experience working in the music industry Plus Bill Tom and Georg...are pretty hot
I love TOKIO HOTEL SOO MUCH even look at my profile
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these are, in my opinion probably the best looking, guyliner wearing, white adrogynous (bill more so than adam) males going..
bill kaulitz has been around with tokio hotel far longer than adam, and the music styles they work with are totally different, but adam used to be 'accused' of copying bill's style, which i think is a pile of bull.
sure they both have guyliner and crazy black hair, but both of them rock the style really well.

if you picked one over the other, who would you pick?

I would pick adam, only because at the moment, i am totally INTO him. I know more about his music, listen to his music more.
I think bill is absolutely gorgeous but there are only a few Tokio Hotel songs that i have heard and i don't know anything about Bill.

and you?

totally agreed!!
Bill Kaulitz is waaaaay better than Adam Lambert smile
I do not like Bill being compared to Adam. Adam copied Bill.
Bill was here first.
heart BILL KAULITZ IS A SEXIIIIIII BEASSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart heart

My god yes he is *-* heart
I say Bill xp
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Does that answer your question? blaugh lol
I dont believe Adam is copying Bill or vis- versa
I mean I have never followed Adam but as far as Bill goes there has been so much that Bill has done that Adam hasn't. ( to my knowledge)
Bill has had dreads, his spiky hair (his lion hair as some call it)
Hes dyed it red, blonde and his current hair is... silver... I think?
So, hair wise at least, Adam is not coping Bill otherwise you would have seen him with those styles. Likewise if Bill was coping Adam he would have not had all those styles.
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Wow those are such old pictures LOL

Bill. Currently.

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I heart Adam! biggrin He has the most incredible voice I have heard in a loooong time. 3nodding And plus, he is WAY hotter than the winner!
Adam Lambert is gorgeous.
Ok, i hate how young i am, i discovered all this stuff about Bill like just 2 days ago. He was like huge in 2007. But I have been an Adam fan since i saw him dancing in the top 32 in american idol. Bill though, idk... he's very attractive. And Adam is gay, that makes me sad. :'( Bill totally. There is less of an age difference than there is with me and Adam. heart heart heart heart
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Adam Lambert..? rolleyes
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I like Bill Kaulitz more than Adam I love Adam but I like tokio hotel way much better.

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