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My ear should catch your voice, my eye your eye,

Adam Lambert is not androgynous looking.
I don't like Adam being compared to that piece of ladyman filth.

my tongue should catch your tongue's sweet melody. Were the world mine.
Adam Lambert. heart
I'd marry him.
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For the Love of Lambert
Adam Lambert. heart
I'd marry him.

                  ██ for the love of lambert.. great name, haha biggrin
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*Wait Bill never confirmed?*

*DARN IT BILL!!!* heart heart heart heart
I love Bill. heart heart heart He is my fave of the 2. I like Adam but have always liked Bill more. heart heart heart
Cause he can actually pull it off.
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        adam. at least he doesn't look like a chick.
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Definitely prefer Bill Kaulitz. heart
Well, seeing them together, they look scarilly similar 3nodding but I think I would chose Adam cos he's younger and more talented and, well, gay blaugh
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sweet heart i totally agree with you! adam lambert is so my choice! he is sexy and has the most beautiful voice ever. i have heard tokio hotel before as well. and i love bill too since he is as sexy, but i also agree with you on this end, that i have only heard a couple songs from tokio hotel that were really good.

i have not one clue on who bill really is though, but for adam oh goodness where can i start babe? props to you! i agree with you on this one all the way, adam fever baby!

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Adam may be hot and everything, and I love is style...BUT...BIll's better. He's my hubby, after all smile
Bill, definitely. I've heard more of his music and really love his stage costume designs. He's got an amazing talent and I hope to meet him one day.
Adam Lambert's music makes me want to burst into dance, well most of the tracks of his album anyway.

And the man's got a great face to practice make-up artistry on. Fo'realz.
I would go with ADAM!!! i love him and he is soo talented and awsome. I also love his voice. But it is true that Bill Kaulitz is hottt!!!!!!!!!!. and ADAM is also very sexy and hot!!!!!!
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                      ADAMS A WINNER FOR MEEEE~~~~~ go the power of glambertttt

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