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Welcome to the party of cats. You have chosen wisely-- cats always do. Here in the cat forum we live freely, without fences or leashes, guided by the timeless wisdom the gods gave the feline race at the dawn of time. We can take care of ourselves just fine; you don't need to tie a cat up to keep it from acting stupid.

What was the first domesticated species? Humans-- the cats tamed them long ago!

Over the millennia our humans have created an archive of stories, pictures, jokes, songs, movies and other tributes to the greatness of the cat. Now, as we prepare to go head to head with the party of dogs, we need to collect those documents as evidence to prove that cats are-- and always will be-- the coolest thing around. Or even better, make some original cat artwork. No one appreciates the free creative spirit more than cats!

There will be an official election on Monday Dec 6th. Your vote counts!
Squeeee! I saw a string and it was moving so fast! I've got to catch it! My little kitten paws keep slipping on this wood floor! It's so tricky being a cute little kitten.

This time I'm sure to get it! Squeeee, where did it go? That string sure is a tricky one! Dogs will put your grandmother in a cage and feed her squirrel pellets. Now I found that string!

Oh no, how did it get away again?! *hugs*

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