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I love my cats but I'm not going to feed them all the time.

Chester and Sawyer will sit in front of the food bowl, chow down on all the dry food, and then come begging to me.

Gavin's the only cat I've ever seen walk away from wet food 'cause she decided she was full.

Also, I love my cat, but it is not fun rescuing her from 7 feet up a curtain.
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I love my cat but if I go away for any longer than a week she gets spiteful and pees on all my stuff.
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I love my cats Mythlond and Lanclot, but they do everything they can to wake me up!
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Oh, lovely dumb cat thing.

I love my cats but it is hilarious to watch them shut a door they're trying to go through.
I love my cat but, I'm tired of cleaning out the water bowl and cleaning your favorite toy because you decide to drown it.

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I love my cats, but I wish they'd pick when I didn't just get comfortable in bed to decide they want out, and meow piercingly at the door. Either that or paw at the blinds on my window... that's really loud D:
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Only the older (19) cat does this...
Had a standing water bowl, only drank very fresh water, and would b***h if it was fresh.
Then started to only want to drink moving water... so I built her a flowing cat bowl (it's cheaper to make it with an aquarium filter and a bucket then to buy them.. by a lot.)...
Then she only wanted to drink from a running bath tub faucet...and cries if you don't take her to the bathroom...
Now she only drinks from the sink faucet and cries to be taken there.
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I love my cat but he just smells like catfood all the time! Even right after a bath.
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She's quite young, but already knows how to annoy us with her obsessions. For example, you're eating a yoghurt. Cat appears and stares your spoon until you give her that to smell what's this... And she does do it all the time. It was cute the first time, but now... You can't eat when you want, just when the cat is sleeping. x) (she does it with any kind of food...)
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I love my cat but he always steals my water.
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my cats woke me up last night at 1:00 in the morning i hate it when they run around at night but i still love them
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i love my cats this is my invention 1. =^.^=~~<(^^) 2. (>^^)>~~/^.^
okay so the first guy is walking his cat the second guy is walking his dog ^^
I love Merlin to death.

But he will. Not. Stop. LICKING ME. gonk

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