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I love my cat but she likes to sing in the bathroom in the middle of the night and jump at the wall to pull down the towels, which is the same wall next to my bed so I get woken up to her slaming in to the wall at 2 am.
I love my cat but he thinks he's the boss. When I try to have a nice sleep, he hogs my bed, and then he wakes me up at 6:00 AM to let him out by slapping his paws against his face. xD
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rip my face off when my guard's down. that's all.

and rip my feet off.. etc.
I love my cat, but sometimes he does this weird nom nom nom thing for no reason, and it makes a very noticeable noise, and it's sooooo annoying after he's been doing it for 15 minutes straight.

He'll seriously just sit there (upright) all content... and chew on nothing. o_o;
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I love my cat but I hate the hair all over anything I own, especially my dress clothes. Yeah, THAT looks professional when I go in for field experience. stare

I love my cat but I hate it when I'm relaxing on the couch and she comes up behind me, rubs her head against mine, chews on my hair................just before she bites my head.

I love my cat but she can be a pain to get inside sometimes.

I love my cat but she wants to grab my hand and bite it when I pet her.

I love my cat, but she seriously needs to start acting her age. She hasn't been a kitten for quite some time now.
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I love my cat, but he has this terrible habit of knocking over glasses of water/iced tea/soda-pop/etc. And he actually looks inside them first to make sure that they have liquid in them before he knocks them down. Never once has he knocked down an empty glass.
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I love my cat(Edd) but he's an attention whore and he has a horrible habit of putting all his weight on my bladder or boobs when he lays down.
I love my cat(Milo), but running around in the early hours of the morning is not helpful when I'm trying to sleep.
I love my cat, but I don't have to EARN affection from my dog. I bought the damn thing, pay for it's dinner, make sure he's healthy... blehblehbleh.]

Go switch your answer. now.

Pfft. Kiss my a**.
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I love my cats but sometimes my cats get up onto the table and jump all over the place
they sometimes bring wildlife inside the house D<
I love my cat but... she barfs up hairballs once in a while. Nasty. gonk
I love my cat but... she jumps on my dining table, and other island surfaces where I cook and clean in the kitchen. ARGH.
I love my cat but
1.) my boobs do not need to be kneaded (God that hurts!)
2.) I sorta need to turn in my homework and i don't think anyone'll fall for the "My cat ate my homework" line
3.) In the middle of the night, stop yanking on the bottom of my door and meowing pittifully. It makes me feel bad and scrapes on my raw nerves.
4.) Stop stealing my advil boxes. I need those for my migrains.
5.) don't chew on wires, youll kill yourself
yeah i have more put i dont wanna piss anyone off
I love cats, but they really need to stop trying to mess me up while I'm gaming.
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i love my cat but he attacks your feet while your sleeping if you move them.
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        I love my cat, but I hate when she tries to eat the eraser on my pencil while I am doing homework.
        I love my cat, but I hate it when she tries to bite my fingers because I'm typing on my laptop.
        I love my cat, but I hate when I trying to sleep and she simply insists on hitting me in the face with her tail to ensure that my face is in fact there.
        I love my cat, but I HATE when she starts to lick my feet.
        I love my cat, but I hate when she chews on my hair after I shower. Especially since I put hair products in right after I shower and it cannot be good for her.
        I love my cat, but I hate when she jumps on my bed while I am in the middle of making it.
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I love cats, but I wish they wouldn't run over my face while I'm asleep.
I love cats, but they need to stop chewing my little sister's shoes.

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