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Freya, when she'd claw, she'd go straight to the antique furniture rather than her toys or scratching post. And she as terrified of the Emery Board. ._.
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she puts her butt in my face in the morning
I love my cat but... I'm tired of cleaning up poop from the bathtub.

I love my other cat but... I'm tired of her eating my erasers when I'm doing my math homework.
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I love my cat but...I don't love when he wakes us up at 3 a.m. to be let out, and he refuses to use the litter box! DX
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I love my cat but... she steals the food off my plate while i'm sitting right there and acts like i can't see her

I love my cat but... she decides to get her white fur all over my black clothes by sleeping on them when i'm not around!
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I love my cat but I hate how she only wants attention when im trying do something. stare
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I love my cat, but I need my face to breathe. It is not a tummy pillow.
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I love my kitten even though she sits on my keyboard, makes me lose my video games(and my dads too) and some how manages to post stuff on my computer, my cat is talent, and evil
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Mine screws with me when I am sleeping aside from attacking my feet she will lick my nostrils and eyelids or go right up to my ear and meow...loudly...so in return I teach her how to fly..into walls 3nodding
I love my kitten, but she likes to play with my door when I'm trying to sleep.
She doesn't want in/out, she just likes to play with it, and it wakes me up gonk
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I love my cat(Bonnie) but i wish he didn't sleep over my pillow.
I love my cat (Tony) but I wish she didn't try to steal all my meals while i'm still eating them.
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Wheezing Fatcat

I love my cats but sometimes they step into their own poop and I won't touch them until I wash wherever the poop is. And they beg for food too much and when they don't get any, they raid the kitchen, esp. the trash bin. mad
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i love my cat but its just the doorway is not ur room! and the walls arnt the scratching post!
i love my cat but my face aint no bed
i love my second cat but JUST MY FEET ARENT NUM NUMS

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