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Cats are awesome but sometimes they can drive you crazy.

What are some things your cat does that drive you up the wall,
Or something that they do that is really gross.

Start off everything you say with "I love my cat but..."

I love my cat but...it drools everywhere when its happy and the drool SMELLS DX

I love my cat but...It brings things into the house that aren't quite dead and lets them go!

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I love my cat but he thinks my bedroom belongs to him. My bedroom and everything in it. I'm not allowed to close the door or allow the other cat in.
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I love my kitten, but every time someone has food she won't stop bugging you.

I love my second cat, but she's a scaredy cat.

I love my third cat, but she cries all night.
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I love my cat but... my chest is not a scratching post...
I love my cat but my hands are not pillows for her to lay on!
I love my cat but my ankles are not nom noms!!
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I loved my cat but, Im not your humping post, King, and Lucaria >.>
I love my cat but I do not want to be woken up at 2 am because he wants to go outside in 30 degree weather..... not happening, so from 2-5 am he whines...
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I love my cat, but regardless what he might thing, I do need to get up in the morning, and him laying on top of me and refusing to get up makes that pretty hard.
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I love my first cat but just because you can see my skin does not mean that it's there for you to lick.
I love my second cat but stop meowing at me to pet you in that ear piercingly high meow.
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I love my cat but the second I leave my chair, she steals it and whines when I try to kick her out
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I love my cat (Socks), but she can't keep eating my chocolate.
I love my cat (Shadow), but I am not a pillow to sleep on.
I love my cats, but everything I put outside doesn't equal food.
My cat takes my socks and hides them in window sills
I love my cat, but I really wish I didn't have to sleep in fetal position every night just because she's sprawled across the middle of the bed.
I love my cat, but I don't have to EARN affection from my dog. I bought the damn thing, pay for it's dinner, make sure he's healthy... blehblehbleh.]

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