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It's a single dorm. So, it's very small with just my desk, filled with books, my dresser with my little TV on top, my bed in one corner, my hamper in another. It's mundane and boring
Aqua marine complex
Kung Fu Brother
A lot of green....with an Asian theme going on
how did it go with that guy friend you had a crush on?

Oh, lol! blaugh

I thought everyone forgot about that. Well we still hang out. Not so much anymore. He can't stay still enough to have a conversation so I just see him whenever. And I kinda see that he's a bit immature, and I don't want a child, ma'am. I've moved on.
Kung Fu Brother
Aqua marine complex
Kung Fu Brother
A lot of green....with an Asian theme going on
how did it go with that guy friend you had a crush on?

Oh, lol! blaugh

I thought everyone forgot about that. Well we still hang out. Not so much anymore. He can't stay still enough to have a conversation so I just see him whenever. And I kinda see that he's a bit immature, and I don't want a child, ma'am. I've moved on.

thats good to hear 3nodding
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A small room with a big bed, and a over stuffed closet. biggrin
effing small =(
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future moose
future moose
my room couldn't get any smaller, it's like 8ft long/wide with beige walls and purple accessories. it might be extremely small but i've definitely made it mine. <3

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Your room is just pretty. I wish I had the skill to decorate like that.

My room is fairly large, but crammed with a bunch of crap. Bed in the corner, two desks with a Mac and a PC on each, two shelves with Nintendo toys.
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its a room
its where my nightmares live
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My room at home I finally started putting up posters and art prints on my walls, but that's about it. I just have my bed, a nightstand, and a dresser with my tv on top of it. The walls are a cool limeish green and my bed is all red and brown, so I thought it was neat looking. I wish I had a shelf unit or desk at least.

My dorm room is really plain but has more than my home room. I have art gifts from friends on the wall above my bed, and I have my figure collection on my desk. It's useless clutter but I like how it makes my room feel homey. Other than that I have a shelved nightstand with some books in it and a mini-fridge topped by my microwave with random s**t scattered on top.
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Mine isn't really decorated. We have too much stuff and not enough space.
Except I do see that piles of books count as decorating now, so we may just be halfway there.

If we get better space, well who knows. He loves modern, and I love antiques. I want a big old house filled with dark wood and books.
it's a big mess. walls are pink ( i have paint but havent painted) from when i was little. posters of games everywhere, one anime wall scroll, a giant desk, tv, laptop, bed, violin, piano, and a mirror which i dont use. 3nodding
Omg this is perfect I just cleaned it! biggrin So it's got a Asian mixed with a European style ambiance, with light green walls reflecting the European side while the furniture is a mixture of old southern tastes as well as old asiatic customs. I have a sma piano, writing desk, huge bed, book shelf television set, a Chinese table, and a southern 100 year old rocking chair from Georgia. Throw in street signs on the walls candles, orange carnations in a vase and there you have it. Every thing I own or will own is in this room. It is the spirit of my very existence. Every. item I own, every piece of it, is mine. And no one can take this individuality away from me. It's my place where at the end of a Lon day at school i can come to and relax, breath, and remember that life is worth living, that web though things may be tough, all my treasures and happiness awaits me when I return to that special place, my room. Feel free to tip me, I thought it was moving just as much as you did xD
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I share a room with someone. There's clothes and jewelry lying all over the ground. There's a music stand blocking the closet and at the foot of my bed there's my violin case. There's also textbooks covering the ground and several purses.

It's a really small room. When I live by myself, interestingly enough, I'm usually cleaner. My roommate is a slob, though, which may be why I let myself be so messy.
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I'm 23 almost 24. A total geek and I haven't had my own bedroom in years (We move a lot so I could never paint or etc any rooms I was in because it was always an apartment or some other place we rented). I'm buying my first home in December.

I like quirky things, creative things, fairy/christmas lights, hand made stuff like Etsy, bohemian and whatever.

So I was curious- how did you design your room? What kind of stuff do you like in your room/wish you had?
if I had a custom designed house, my rooms wouldnt be normal lol. I would have one big room, like a two story room, where the bed is up top at the end of some rope-net you need to climb to get into bed (if theres even a bed instead of just blankets lol) and some other room would have a floor with optical illusions, so it looks flat but isn't, its all wavy, so its hard to move around. and there would be no furniture, and everything would be 20-50% bigger than normal since Im 6 foot 6, and I am absolutely sick of this house im in it was made for midgets. And there would be a clear cieling for the whole house So you can see the rain or snow on top, the sun can wake you up in the morning instead of being lazy lol, etc, and lights dont need to be on during the day thats stupid. And all the windows would be screen windows, no glass windows, but sturdy screens. So theres fresh air, and the house would have an acre or more all around it, so theres no chance for pollution to significantly enter the house. And a second room with optical illusions glows in the dark at night and looks entirely different at night from during the day, and during the day its painted to look like theres a whole in the floor or something, so people can have a strong imagination, and other scary stuff you can see during the day I guess. And at night itd glow in the dark, either to look like spirits or patterns that are good, positive stuff, stuff a kid could dream about. Then there would be an upstairs balcony roof thing, so you can see all aroudn the house and there would be some powerful binoculars, and maybe have a tree house you could binoculate at, and the treehouse would have some binoculars too, so they can wave and stuff at each other lol. Maybe also chalk boards or something so they can write to each other from far away lol, itd be fun anyways.

But realistically, prolly a mostly empty room, a big tv, videogame console, dirty clothes pile, clean clothes pile lol. and swords in the closet. lol
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Good thoughts everyone! Does anyone use Etsy to decorate their room?
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Well, I'm 18 and still living at home so it's not exactly my ideal room. The walls are blue, which is about the only thing that was my decision. Oh, and the mess. I like to collect stuff. But people have told me it's a "nice mess", whatever that means.

When I do get my own place, I will need lots of shelf space for all my stuff. So there will probably be bookshelves all over the house for my books and all my lovely knick knacks. I'd also like to have lots of plants. And pretty pictures on the walls. And stuffies. And one of those vanity mirrors.

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