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Shameless Exhibitionist

My room is tiny, and it's a mess... The room is 16m^2, and holy jeez I have a lot of stuff... But most of it's stuff I shouldn't get rid of...
Most of my mess is fabric, patterns and clothes. D:
The room is too small to be my bedroom, living room, and work room all at the same time...
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I live in a friend's apartment and the room I sleep in, I share with three other people. It looks like World War TornadoHurricane in here. gonk
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It's got a dresser in the back corner with clothes inside and stuffed animals, shampoo, face wash, bird house, analog camera, boxes of film, etc. etc. Diagonal in the other corner of the room is a desk with a wagon of books and another small desktop shelf with more books and makeup equipment and a netbook and markers and a letter from an author and some more hair cream and 2 trophies. Then my bed's behind and a mirror. A closet in the wall and a basket of dirty laundry.
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Newbie Noob

My room is a flat lavender color.
I have a black rock shooter, super junior, MIYAVI, and AP ART poster in my bedroom.
I also have a shelf of manga plus the anime magazines i've been collecting for years.
I have a nendoroid on one shelf and one on the other.
There's a computer desk as well that I don't use much and a fat television.
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Rainbow Smoker

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This is a few months old, it looks a little different now. My room has so many weird angles it's impossible to take a picture of the whole thing at once.
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Moonlight Pirate

One purple wall, one blue wall, two orange walls, a huge painting of a ship above my bed, a 55 gallon aquarium taking up one wall, two bird cages, and brown furniture. There are fairy statues, a fairy blanket on my bed, and things like maps and pirate flags on my walls.

I'm a nerd, but I don't put things like wall scrolls or posters on my walls. I think they look tacky.
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Profitable Prophet

I share a room with my older sister. We each have our own closet and there are bookcases filled with books and DVDs that we share.
My room is pretty spartan right now. I don't know when I'll be moving, so... I plan on collecting Louis XVI furniture stuff and making my permanent home a little paradise. There will be bookshelves on every wall practically. It will be like living in a library...filled with musical instruments because that's my passion, too. Like, you go in one room filled with white bookshelves which contains my collection of books about music and composers and such, and in the middle there'd be a beautiful antique piano. Lovely...so lovely. If there's ever a fire in that home I'd be dead because of all the wood and the books' pages, but still.
the walls are white
the door is white
the baseboards are white
there is a bed
the bed sheets are white
there is a bookshelf with a few books in it
there is a table
there is a bedside stand
there is a chest of drawers/closet
there are a few lamps
there is a fan
the fan is white
there is a palm tree
and a deflated yoga ball
the deflated yoga ball is white
and a camp bed
and a little bin
thankfully that's black

it is grim
but it keeps the heat in
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Anxious Gekko

future moose
my room couldn't get any smaller, it's like 8ft long/wide with beige walls and purple accessories. it might be extremely small but i've definitely made it mine. <3

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My room is black and white.... Yeah that's pretty much it.
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Consists of:
- Bed that's never made
- Dresser 1 (largest) always has clothes and s**t on it.
Dresser 2 (smallest) always neat, actually. It has 2 drawers, one that's for school stuff and the other is for electronics and stuff.
Dresser 3 (tallest) has plates, jars/vials I've collected, food, and things for my tarantula.
- Desk has tons of paper, my tarantula's home (I'm fixing it up), and important stuff.
- Floor has my backpack and camera case. It's relatively clean.
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Hygienic Member

My room is pretty childish.

Its a big bedroom, my bed is big but neeever made. My shelves are lined with stuffed animals heh. My walls have posters (aka SHINee posters nerhehrher). My desk is covered in drawing stuff and my computer. My bookcase is overflowing and barely holds all my books. But surprisingly its all rather clean right now.
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living the good life
omg that screen is huge

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