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I'm 23 almost 24. A total geek and I haven't had my own bedroom in years (We move a lot so I could never paint or etc any rooms I was in because it was always an apartment or some other place we rented). I'm buying my first home in December.

I like quirky things, creative things, fairy/christmas lights, hand made stuff like Etsy, bohemian and whatever.

So I was curious- how did you design your room? What kind of stuff do you like in your room/wish you had?
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Can't design it, I'm renting. Not that I would care to, anyways. I don't spend much time in there anyways, and when I do, I'm too bust on the computer or studying or something to notice or care about decorations.
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Mainly Hello Kitty stuff, EVERYWHERE. But it's still pretty plain. emo
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Well, it's big...
I've got some neat posters...
And some cool stuffed animals on my couch...
I'd take some pictures, but I'm lazy.
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I have a lot of Shaman King and sweets/cupcake stuff in my room. Stuffed animals.. Anime all around. Right now, my room is messy.. My room is pretty small. I wish I had more wall room for more posters.
It stills looks the way it did when I was 16: lots of colours, black-and-white photography, MTV-style. Only stuffed with moving boxes and my bf's clothes added now.

In about 3 months I'll have something more age appropriate at my new place: chocolatebrown boxspring, white walls, wallnut cupboards and probably a coloured lounge chair.
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I actually have a few pics on Photobucket.

My room is pretty boring for the most part. All I have are tacky bedsheets. cry & It's on the smaller side...sometimes I wish my room was bigger.

I keep a lot more collectables and photo albums than actual books in my bookshelves though.

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& It's never that clean, it's usually messy. gonk
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Messy. I collect things that people give to me and decorate the room with them, from cards/perfume bottles/ornaments/posters/art that people have drawn for me etc.

I still have these super old paper cranes that people made for me in primary school. Keep them even though they're falling apart. xp
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my room looks like from when i was in high school. only difference now is there's pony s**t everywhere. i don't really have much anime anymore and i also don't nearly as much manga as i used to.

at 23 years old my room hasn't changed that much... ol i still live at home. the only difference is that most of my stuff is unused since i'm mostly in my bed anymore on my laptop due to medical issues. the only thing that's new is my desktop desk. XD if anything my laptop reflects more of my personality NOW than my room does.

a lot of my stuff is still from when i was in high school, my taste haven't really changed that much in RL. the only thing that's different like i said before there is mlp things all over my room in various places. it also looks like my clothing hamper exploded since i don't have energy to pick up like i want to right now.
It looks like a tornado hit it. Which reminds me, I woke up early today to clean/remodel it and I have yet to do anything within the last two hours...

I have random paintings and art on my wall done by me and my friends and just little mementos I've collected suck as pictures and other things. Then I have one wall dedicated to work and to-do lists etc. I don't think I can do much with this room because I don't see myself staying here long but there is definently more things I want to do with it.
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living the good life
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Well mine's organized according to feng shui. My walls are white and a very light yellow in one if them. The light reflects directly into my yellow wall and it gives the room this really nice atmosphere. I highly recommend you use more than one color for your walls. It creates a nice contrast and gives the room a nice atmosphere.
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i have white christmas lights in the bedroom too. they're so pretty and calming. 4laugh

most of my bedding is black or gray and my furniture is dark wood. i have little pops of color here and there, the carpet is dingy gray and the wall idk what color it is, an off white would be the best explanation. we rent so we can't change the place too much. gonk

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I have a lot of Shaman King and sweets/cupcake stuff in my room. Stuffed animals.. Anime all around. Right now, my room is messy.. My room is pretty small. I wish I had more wall room for more posters.

shaman king is awesome ******** ya
my room is so plain, everything is the same color.
i was forced to repaint my wall an antique white, it was previously a soft pink.
i have a flat screen 48" inch television on my dresser & my bed is a queen size.
my sheets are currently leopard print, i'm satisfied. B]
my drawers and closet is cluttered with clothes, i have barely anywhere to put them.


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