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I live in Australia.

Personally I do not wear the hijab, but I really want to one day =) .. out of my own free will of course

I have many friends who wear the hijab because they love it, but MOST of them have faced a lot of discriminative people - who call them 'terrorist', asking 'what are you hiding?" and all this nonsense

And this is while the girls would mind their own business and are chilling with their friends

I was wondering if it is worse in America?
Would you judge me if I wore a hijab?

Ps: by hijab I mean only covering the hair, not the full face .. here are examples of the kinds of outfits my friend's wear

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Personally I find them beautiful =) and if anyone here says they WOULD hate the girl wearing this, (even if it's by her own choice - trust me I know many girls who do it by choice) I want to know why would you hate her?
I wouldn't judge them at all. Where I live you see a lot of people from all over the world, so I've come across many that did wear a hijab. I didn't think for even a second "omg, terrorist!" That's just silly.
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I notice them, but I don't discriminate. People will though. I say the odds of discrimination is a high 5/6 people who would be looking at you with dirty eyes or racist eyes.
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I personally wouldn't discriminate you but at the same time I know people who would.
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I am not American but I will still give my two cents.
I do not agree with women covering up at all. In my opinion it is a sign of suppression. I do discriminate I guess; I have never talked with a woman who has covered up and I am pretty sure it will stay like that in the future (I avoid women who cover up in real life). I have talked with muslims, but those were men.
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those pictures look really pretty if you don't mind me saying.

for the most part it depends on where you are in america and if the area is not islamophobic. many areas are and you are likely to be discriminated against.

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naw i wouldnt care
but i know the majority of people here would say "hey look a muslim"
yep i would stop you in the street and urinate on you
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Some will discriminate, and some will not. I wouldn't, but my family would. It all depends on the person, unfortunately. Some areas do have more people that will discriminate against you. They might want to be places that you avoid (personally, I don't know of any.)

Also, I worry about the girl in the last picture tripping on her dress.
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Depends. Would you judge me if I were to walk around in a black cloak?
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As a cashier, I don't. I am pretty bitter with people who don't know English, though (mostly Hispanic). I have customers who are like "I'm visiting from Germany," and then a person living in America "No, I no have" or staring at you blankly when you ask if they have our rewards card or if they would to donate to St. Jude.
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I wouldn't judge you. Then again I don't live in America.
I think in America, especially the south or other areas with lower education rates, there is definitely discrimination. I wouldn't judge you, and I know many people who wouldn't but I think you would see some sort of reaction from some people.
There's a bunch of Muslims in my city. I'm kind of used to seeing people wear those things whenever I go to the mall or to a big store. I don't mind it, why would I care? They do look cumbersome though.
how do you get laid, wearing those?

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