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What does the bright side look like, LD?

Puppies and rainbows 0.26190476190476 26.2% [ 11 ]
Gold and jewels and shiny cars 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
People who I love and care about 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 12 ]
Friends and family 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 7 ]
Jedi's. The bright side is filled with Jedi's. 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
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    So, I'll admit right now - somewhere around the age of ten or twelve, I was no longer the most positive of people. I gave up. I threw in the towel. I just mentally said, "Forget it" and began to saw off all emotional ties in one way that I saw most effective: being stone cold silent and even more impassive, plus vacant in appearance. No more smiling. No more friends. No more anything. I was just fed up with everything.

    My parent said that I should smile more - which I had immediately decided was useless advice. I'm not going to smile if I'm not happy; I'm not going to pretend that I'm happy or that I care about somebody when I could really care less. That's counterproductive. I'd be even more miserable, and in the process probably drag more people down with me.

    So that made me think: how can you be happy, LD? What makes you happy? What makes you actually think about and see the bright side of life? If you could give a tip to someone on how to be positive and look on the bright side of things and life in general, what would you say?
Life is a pile of rotten s**t. Nothing you can do about it. Just gotta accept it.
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Tipsy Codger

Heh. Bright side. ******** bright side is the bright headlights of the car you just jumped out in front of. mad

Ahhhh, the bright side. heart
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Omnipresent Lunatic

I'm...Going to just be the lighter side of this post, and present a brighter comment that may in-fact, someone shine in your life. ERRMAHGERRDD PUUUNNSS..

I at a few points in my life had made QUITE the effort to keep this ongoing pissed off, ******** you, life sucks and is a pile of s**t, everything in my life sucks attitude. And..No matter the effort, there was always something to make life suck a little less.

Aaannd I don't care who the person is, even if you have had..the shittiest life, or you are a person with a worse back story than whoever the ******** is out there that's famous and has had it rough. There had to of been SOMETHING in your life that made your life suck less. And there HAS to be a reason that you are alive today, rather than just jumping in-front of the next bright, head light and ending your life then and there.

So how can I be happy? Weeell. Even though I currently have this incredibly s**t situation in my life, that has currently/finally made itself to the thin ice, and one wrong ..looong step could end it all for me for a very long period of time, which would further my depression. I've learned to force myself to forget at times where being depressed is Just not needed.

I've learned to force the thoughts out of my head for a period of time to where I can fully forget and enjoy myself through whatever occasion. And this is coming from someone who LEGITLY has no IRL friends, except for there left hand (Cause I am not a righty ;D DOUBLE THE AWESOME). So it's extra hard cause I don't get out as much as i'd like (Hopefully college fixes that). WITH THAT SAID..

My advice?: Forget about the fact that you're sad and depressed for a good period of time that ..you're out with people.

Aaanndd to make you smile:

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Turn on the lights
Then everything is bright side
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Mr Stylo
Life is a pile of rotten s**t. Nothing you can do about it. Just gotta accept it.
But once in a while you find a hallucinogenic mushroom beneath the s**t and odorous rot. SUCH A SPORADIC ACT OF PROBABILITY IS THE INCENTIVE WE LIVE FOR. lol
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The only thing that makes me feel like I want to keep on living when I've fallen is nature. The trees, the grass, the air, the birds, the stars. If I'm feeling good and I'm already happy, then I am open to the beauty of nature all around. I love to find someplace private and just sit in the sun and feel the breeze and breathe in and out. I feel like I'm breathing with world. When feeling depressed and cynical and tired of it all, nature is still a sanctuary. I'll go and sit at the trunk of a tree and observe the clouds going by, listen to the quiet sounds. The sun still rises, indifferent to my suffering, the crow caws and the stars still shine bright. We as a species see but don't really see, there is a world here that most of us are not even interested in becoming aware of and being in nature is really the only time I can drop all pretenses and just be me as I am.
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To be honest, I think you are probably just not appreciating what you already have. When I first started going to school it was night school, and I took alot of classes with former soldiers and single mothers. What pulled them through was their family and friends. If you have no people that you care about in your life, that's on you. Either you aren’t making a concerted enough effort to find good people, or you don't appreciate the good things that are a part of the people in your life now. Sorry, but the fact of the matter is there are alot of great people in the world, people that can help you grow as a person and reveal new facets of yourself. I guess that is what I look for on the bright side, that no matter what my life is like I'll still meet interesting new people and be exposed to new ideas, and since my life is so small in the grand scheme of things, I'll NEVER run out of new experiences. Here is my advice; The next time a homeless person approaches you and tries to strike up a conversation, talk to them. That person is probably soul-crushingly lonely, and you would be doing good thing as well as possibly gaining something as well.
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I believe that life will always have disappointments, we will always commit mistakes and we will fail at one point or two in our life. We have to recognize that and overcome it coz if you dwell on the negatives, you won't see the positive. You have to decipher what makes you sad and what makes you happy. I believe that being happy or lonely is a choice. It's a matter of perspective. Im an optimistic person and I chose to be happy. Even putting a smile or scowl on your face is a choice. I love the feeling of making other people happy. That makes me happy.
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        • Really? No one thought of this video?
          Really? Well, ********.

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Cats, thinking about cats makes me happy.
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Stare at the sun.
I take one thing at a time, by breaking down the things you have to do and don't want to do, you're taking away thier overwhelming power. they dont seem so terrible when segmented. That's one thing. Also never forget what you have, think and determine the things that mean the most to you, the people you would die for, and spend as much time with them as you can, enjoying their company. Being positive is very much a fight in my eyes. People, events, and tragedies will try and take you down but it's up to you to decide if you're willing to lose. You need to be able to look at your obstacles and decide, no that's not enough to stop me. Positive isn't easy and I think the only way to really be able to move on is to first breakdown, even if just a little. It's in that breakdown that you get stronger and re-form yourself.

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