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We first met through my best friend, who was my first real friend after moving to a new state and new eighth grade class. He thought I hated his guts when we first met. xD I don't remember our first meeting. Fast forward to sophomore year of high school, fall Homecoming. He'd been talking about me to my best friend, and she gave me a little heads-up that he might ask. I was like "lol, ok," and we went to the game together that night, and walked to the dance afterward (football field is some three blocks away from the high school). On the walk over, he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes, of course. But oh Lordy, were we ever two awkward nerds. xD We didn't dance much, 'cause neither of us really know how. And the thing I remember most, after the asking-out, was this lardball with a not-so-great attitude and a fouler sense of hygiene who came up to me and asked me to dance. I, being the terribly shy prude that I was, hesitated and looked over to my date for help, and Taller Half jumped to the rescue with a simple, "No, she doesn't want to dance."

And so began our relationship. I wasn't really expecting it, but I was, as aforementioned. I just didn't expect it to really go anywhere. My persona was the academic overachiever with a lacking social skill ranking. The girl who would go, "O_O What the hell are you doing asking ME?" when asked if a guy was hot or sexy or cute.

Over time, we grew up and fell in love. And here we are, seven years later, never broken up, happily married, and with a baby we adore. emotion_yatta
How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other?
He was a friend of a few friends and I was deso'ing them out into town one night and offered him a lift.

Were you expecting it?
Not at all. I was just getting used to being single again.
Did you even think the relationship would go anywhere at first?
Nope, he had a reputation that I'd heard as a bit of a player and a flirt, so I assumed that was all he wanted, and I was fine with that, being the fresh new single life yay person I was.
I was utterly shocked when a friend told me he was planning to ask me to be his girlfriend. So when he got back from his camping trip I'd had time to think about it, and I really liked that I wasn't pressured into a spur of the moment decision.
Anyway, I tortured the poor b*****d, knowing what he was going to say but pretending I didn't until he finally managed to spit it out.
Now we're at...five months and its a happy and healthy relationship with all the spark and love I could want smile
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I met my fiance through a friend (who i'm no longer friends with) at school.
They happened to sit by each other in History class, which I was also in and sat next to my (ex) friend.
He asked me out a couple months later and that was that.

Been together for five years, engaged for almost two months.
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ℜinny says: I met him here on gaia. I never wanted to try online dating but we couldn't help falling for each other. After a year of being together online we visited and then later moved in together. Best and scariest choice of my life.
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Met him at work. Played video games all night etc. eventually developed feelings. Went to a carnival and started relationship
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How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other?

I met my boyfriend in the LD's Tinychat. Starting late December of 2011 I was in TC pretty much all day after school every day. Then, in early April he came in one day and I immediately fell head over heels. We talked until the early morning that night. He kept coming in after that and every day I would crush on him even harder and daydream about him (creepy, I know). I was too scared to ask him for his number or anything like that. He eventually gave it to me and we started to text every day. Then, sometime in July he got really drunk and had me go to an empty chatroom to talk. Finally, I worked up the courage to tell him I loved him and he said it was mutual. We've been together for a year now and we've met in real life. heart

Were you expecting it?

Honestly, no. I wasn't. I never really noticed him in the LD, even though I've been lurking here for YEARS. When he came into TC, just the way he talked and his personality snagged me right away. It didn't help that when he got on cam I thought he was ******** hotter than VY Canis Majoris.

Did you even think the relationship would go anywhere at first?

I wasn't sure. I hoped and wished for it every night and daydreamed about it, but sometimes I felt that he didn't like me and I was just stupid for continuing to bother the poor boy. I was too scared to tell him anything, so I knew it couldn't go anywhere except for like... a miracle of some sort. heart
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How did you meet your husband?
--I met him at his house lol, my friend was dating this one guy, we were hanging out and he was like hey let's go to Kyle's house, so we went over there. And played perfect dark on n64...wasn't love at first sight, but definitely interested...I love n64, most guys are like yeah let's play Xbox not hey let's play n64. We got drunk and hooked up at a party about a month later and starting seeing each other

Were you expecting it?
--not really but suspected it, kinda planned on it, when we were on our way to the party my friend was like "you're gonna hook up with kyle tonight aren't you" I just smiled...who knew he'd be so willing lol

Did you even think the relationship would go anywhere at first?
--no we were in a non committed sexual relationship for about a year, 8 months in I fell in love, everytime I asked him to be my boyfriend he said no but we could still be exclusive, he just didnt like the title idk we acted like boyfriend/girlfriend, but I got sick of it and broke up with him. We missed each other like crazy and got back together a year after we broke it off, and have been perfect together ever since, got married, have a baby, our own place, it's perfect
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My friends have been saying to me for a while, "When you get a girlfriend blah blah blah."
I keep telling them that it's not going to happen for a while.
They said, "You wont even see it coming, it just happens."
I find it hard to believe that you find people like stray cats. They just show up one day and you keep them.

How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other?
Were you expecting it?
Did you even think the relationship would go anywhere at first?
I agree with your friends. I met my BF at a TOTALLY random thing. We were at a nerdy game type thing (kinda like Dungeons and Dragons). I was coming in as an NPC, and he was a PC playing a strong NPC-like role. I thought he was an NPC at first 'cos he has such a strong role in the world. But yeah, basically we crushed on each other immediately. We have the right "chemicals," LOL. Just got tingly feelings and loved how he smelled immediately, HAHA. I found him so incredibly charming and sweet, and he really IS, to the core, a fantastic human being. I keep second-guessing him because he just seems too awesome, but nope, he genuinely is amazing. He has his issues but they come at a small price compared to his big heart.

But yeah I basically did find him like a stray cat, cooped up in the corner of a dark tavern sipping gin.

The funny thing is I went to this event because a guy I had a crush on was going. I was totally after THAT guy, but my BF (who wasn't my BF yet) was with him a lot. I was trying to be cute/handsome for one guy, and ensnared the heart of another, who I turned out to like much better anyway. heart

I definitely did NOT think our relationship would go anywhere or last. He's like super hot, he's got a good job, and he's actually married (going through divorce). I thought there was NO WAY that could EVER work, but it's been the exact opposite.
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Your friends actually aren't that far off! When I met the man I'm now engaged to, I had no idea we'd be dating or anything like that. I was only 17 and he was 25, so neither of us had any intentions of going after eachother. In fact, he's probably the last person I would have considered dating because he was known for being really talkative and annoying. xD
That and, at the time we met - I wasn't looking for anybody. I was just focused on getting through school, saving up money, starting college, and diving in to a career. I figured relationships just weren't my thing. I had the kind of "if it happens, cool, if it doesn't, whatever." attitude.

We met at work one day while he was covering for another cashier and I was sent down to a nearby register. At that point I'd seen him around before, but had never actually talked to him before that.

Like I said, I wasn't expecting a relationship at all because I was so focused on college/starting a career. When the relationship did start I didn't know how it was going to go. But when I enter any relationship, I have the intentions of making it last and so did he.
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It kind of does happen that way, though... at least... sometimes.

It is slightly an embarrassing story. I only say that because I get a lot of judgment because of how we met. J and I met in 2010 on World of Warcraft. I had a boyfriend IRL, but he quickly became my best friend. I always kind of liked him but felt like he would never feel the same since we were so far apart.
And well, long story short my boyfriend IRL screwed me over and wasted almost three years of my life. The night he left I was on the phone with J and he confessed that he was in love with me. I had always had a thing for him but I wasn't really sure about getting into a LDR.
Fast forward 11 months later and we finally met in person. He came 1200 miles to see me and we haven't been apart since. We are now married and have a daughter.

There's a lot of stigma surrounding online relationships. A lot of my friends spoke about it behind my back and almost no one took us seriously. But here we are.
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ℜinny says: I met my boyfriend on gaia. I didn't expect it, I didn't even want to date online but my feelings were too strong. I'm glad I went with it because I'm currently living with him and very happy.
Really? Holy crap.
That's...really awesome.
ℜinny says: Thanks, I've been living with him for two years and things are great.
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We were in High School, he was sitting in the Band Hall with his clonky headphones on playing his portable game. I was talking with some friends and we noticed him. Being the open, social butterfly I am; I went over and pushed him and asked him why he wasn't talking. It evolved from there.
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I first met my now fiance on Final Fantasy XI on the Lakshmi server about ten years ago. We weren't fast friends or anything, I thought he was an uneducated country bumpkin. His spelling was horrible, grammar was not much better and he didn't come off well in text.... at all.

Three years into playing FFXI together in the same linkshell (kinda like a guild/group) he told me that he liked me more than a friend. I basically went "lol.... ok...." and left it at that. But a few months after that he told me that he wanted to fly down from Kentucky for my 20th birthday and I figured, why not? He's a friend.

Well, I fell for him in person.

Nine months of dating long distance (spending a chunk of change on plane tickets), he moved to Florida to be with me. We have been together for five years and getting married on November 1st.

Honestly, I didn't think it would work between my fiance and I before I met him in person. He didn't seem too intelligent, he didn't really know much about the causes I am passionate about and so forth. But oddly enough, I fell for him like one of my cats and a can of tuna. He is better educated now (I got him to crack open books, zomg!), he comes across 100% better in text and he can hold up his end of a debate.
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We met when I was at uni, in a nightclub (ugh, I know). I was out with friends, he was out with friends... he was really cute and very sweet, and it turned out he was at uni too. We became friends, hung out a lot after lectures, he asked me on a few dates and then we just decided to officially call ourselves an item! 5 years later, we're living together biggrin

It was completely unexpected, I wasn't looking to find someone when I was out, it was just meant to be a fun night out with some girlfriends. Just a complete coincidence that our paths crossed, really, and even more so that we had so much in common.

I didn't think too much about where the relationship would go at the start. My previous relationship ended with me getting pretty hurt, so I was a little scared about letting myself get too emotionally invested too quickly. However, there was one date we had just before he asked me out that made me realise I'd found someone really special for me. He invited me to have lunch in town, and we ended up talking for hours... so much so, that it ended up getting to 8pm without us even realising! I knew then, having been able to go hours talking to this guy without feeling bored or fed up, he was special.

Basically, it was totally unexpected and I really wasn't looking for it. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me, he is my best friend and love of my life.

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