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windows 95, with 33k modem
took me 26.23557634 seconds to load this page

Dual booting Master Race here. sorry I came here from 4chan
I use OS X 10.7 and Windows 7.
OS X for whenever I want an os that I feel is intuitive and pretty, and Windows for whenever I want to play GTA: SA and kill hookers. I've been using OS X since I got my first computer in 2008, and I've been using Windows since mid 2011 though I had to reinstall it a few times because I accidently the whole thing by deleting system32 while trying to install a patch so it would look like OS X. I've since stopped trying to make it look pretty and just accepted that it's like a very ugly child that has clothes that fit it, unlike pretty goody-two-shoes OS X.

Oh. And I have iOS on my iPod touch. If it's relevant. I don't know if there are other OSes available as I've heard about jailbreaking but haven't done it.

Hey how'd you install OS X on your PC? Is it a difficult process?

Just make sure your hardware is compatible and make a bootable flash disk to install your OSx
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Due to a large number of duplicate threads, this subject has been created.

Which OS do you use?
How long have you been using it?
Have you tried more than one?
Why do you prefer one over the other?

Redundant threads will be removed.

I use Windows & Linux.
I have been using Windows since I was 10 i think. Then when reaching at the age 20, i started to understand and use Linux more.
Right now I'm typing this through Sabayon Linux (my current Linux).
I have tried a few versions of Windows (95, 98, Me XP, 7, 8, 8.1).
I have tried a bit of Mac as well, but just for a short period of time.
Also tried a few versions of Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Sabayon, Xubuntu, DreamStudio, Fedora). Already I have downloaded a few more to try out more of other Linux flavors.
I prefer different versions of OS based on their usefulness for me. :> Windows for gaming.
Linux for work -- seriously easy to do work here because less distraction. ^_^
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This has probably been said before, but all operating systems have their strengths... I'm assuming this topic is about those intended for everyday personal use.
Most games and professional software are developed for Windows, so it's kind of unavoidable. Most of the time It Just Works™, but is also fairly customizable, enough not to cause much frustration for power users.
My desktop pc runs Win7 and my tablet runs Win8.1. Both are behind a separate OpenWRT router for security reasons. No, double NAT doesn't cause noticeable latency.
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I use Windows 7 on my personal computer, never really touched any Linux based OS until this last year, and it's great.
I'm currently learning windows administration using both linux and windows.
Linux is very much preferred, windows can be such a maze when you're digging into the os, and having to restart after every right-click is a pain, I love that Linux is flat and most distributions don't come with so much crapware, and the option of no GUI is great and also preferred.
(I do hate that microsoft's patch tuesday always ends with them fixing the patches sunday)
I'll try not to bash Windows too much, it's really a great personal computer razz

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