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i have currently found a home in Linux mint, it feel comfortable in it's walls...... i did not feel it would be decent .... but just as reviewed it likely is best desktop Linux for 2012
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I mostly left Windows years ago. I only keep it around for playing games.

Right now I'm using openSUSE Linux and liking it. I'm still pretty new to it. People complain about YaST a lot but I'm not having any trouble with it. It's a bit heavy-handed maybe but that's ok. openSUSE with KDE looks sex. Sometimes I have KDE-related application crashes though.

I used Ubuntu Linux for a while. Really nothing to complain about. It was the smoothest ride I've ever had with an OS.

Then I used Debian for a while and that was pretty much the same as Ubuntu after I got all of my proprietary drivers installed. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of Debian but meh...

So my favorite that I've used was Ubuntu or anything else Debian-based I guess
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My mom's com is a windows 7 sony vaio. It's here so I use it. I also have ubuntu in my room that i installed on a old school com that brought home, but I just use it for torrent downloads because it has A LOT of problems. sad If I had the money, I'd get all three. dramallama
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Ubuntu with Gnome 3 is cool; Xubuntu

Great for lappies.
Hey everyone. You probably figured as much, but I'm new here.

I always use SOME version of windows on my newest machine, which, at this point, is a 3+ year-old ASUS G51J Gaming Laptop. It runs Windows 7 Ultimate, which is fairly stock, with no UI mods or any of that crap installed (I've seen some pretty crazy setups)

My OTHER machines usually run Gentoo. I have an old clunker Compaq F700 Laptop, 2 Raspberry Pi's, and an old Toshiba netbook that all run gentoo.

My Routers run either OpenWRT or DD-WRT (only if OpenWRT isn't supported/stable... which, unfortunately, is the case on most of my newer routers)

My phone runs Android ICS (It's a Brazil-import unlocked Moto XT910 running on ATT)

My backup phone is a Nokia N8... Runs Symbian. It's been reduced in function to essentially an alarm clock.

My VPS in New Zealand runs CentOS.
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I currently use Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on my Lenovo G555, and I use Fedora 18 x86 on my MSI Wind U100. I have had lots of computers with lots of differet OS' over the years, so I'll just focus on the most recent ones.

I have been using Windows 7 since around 2010, and it has served me very well for the most part. I was using Windows XP Pro MCE before that, because I had decided I would never install Vista on one of my own machines.

Fedora 18 is new, so obviously I haven't been using that long, so far it is stable and performs better than Windows did on my netbook. I was using Fedora 17 for a while before this, and that was without a doubt the best free distribution of Linux I have used, so I figured may as well try 18.

I don't like Windows 8 so I probably won't be using that. I used to use Kubuntu, no spelling mistake, but I just like Fedora much more now due to performance mainly. Windows 8 just doesn't seem right for a desktop computer operating system, in my eyes.

I would probably be using Fedora 18 x64 on my laptop, if not for the fact that most of my games are only compatible with Windows. Since aside from that there is nothing holding me back from doing so. I am glad that Valve are making efforts and encouraging other developers to get more games on Linux operating systems.

Reasons I like Windows 7; good performer, customizable, easier for the most part, great hardware and software compatibility, does what I need it to do.

Reasons I like Fedora 17/18; great performer and doesn't guzzle RAM like Windows, completely free - to own and modify, customizable, does most of what I need it to do, easier than some other distributions of Linux.

My suggestion to anyone that is using a Mac, is to give some Linux distributions a go, you might discover you prefer them.
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I use Windows 7, but I ordered a USB stick to put Linux Mint onto. I'm keeping Windows because I have so many games. It'll be my first time using Linux, I'm looking forward to it.
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Windows 7 over Windows 8 everyday.

Windows 7 = Win XP of the new age. Time was actually put into making this OS and its been stable since initial release.

Windows 8 = Win Vista of the new age. Was rushed out into the market just like Windows Vista and crashes multiple times just like Vista.
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I use Linux Ubuntu 12.10 and I use it because it runs so fast.
I used Windows XP before this and I could easily get a cup of tea so that it could start up, but now it takes hardly any time for everything to load.
The only con is that there are a lot of programs not available for Ubuntu while I do need those for school.
The Linux version of office is also crap.
mrgreen Linux all the way!
slackware linux 14, on my desktop and laptop User Image
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I use Windows 8 on my laptop, which i use for gaming, 3D modelling, Game development etc

I'm soon going to get a Mac Mini with OS X Mountain Lion, so i can shift some of my work from my laptop such as 3D modelling and photoshop etc onto it. i also need it for mac and iOS game development.

My Moms netbook runs Ubuntu

and I sometimes use xubuntu from a live usb drive.

I don't prefer a particular OS but I wouldn't miss windows if all games would be playable on linux razz
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I use Windows 8 on my laptop, but have not changed my desktop from Windows XP.. I still prefer the same old look and still working fine...
because it's 90% immune to viruses! 3nodding
mrgreen Linux all the way!


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