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My desktop has Windows XP for playing games, pretty much the only thing I need Windows for, otherwise I don't use it much. I love Linux operating systems, until recently I've been using Ubuntu, though seeing as how my laptop is ancient, and the bloat in Ubuntu is getting ridiculous, I decided to switch to Debian. Now have almost the same setup, but my computer runs much faster and has more free space.

Slightly off topic, though I'm also slowly working on my own operating system, though it will probably never be as full featured as the big common ones, it's a fun little project.

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Try LFS or Gentoo.
I'm split between Windows 7 and Linux Mint.
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I use a version of Linux called Ubuntu. Why? I am a hardcore gamer. Simple kernel changes makes a big difference.
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It's awesome to see other Ubuntu users on this forum. I love this operating system with all my heart (even though my girlfriend will always be first... xD). Here are some great things I love about it:

- New Unity interface in Ubuntu 11.04
- Integrated support with Google Calendar
- Integrated support for MSN, AIM, GTalk, Facebook, and Yahoo.
- Integrated Email
- Integrated Facebook support
- Integrated Pandora support via Pithos (best Pandora client for Ubuntu IMO)
- Free office tools
- No antivirus/anti-spyware tools needed
- CompizWiz effects (3D rotating desktop cube, wiggly windows, menu transparency, etc.)
- Great hardware support.
- INSANELY fast boot times!
- Integrated surround sound support and testing features.
- Integrated youtube support in MPlayer

As you can see, Ubuntu has amazing integration with a variety of online services, making it a very productive and much more comfortable operating system to use than Windows or Mac. :3
I use Slackware Linux. Two big reasons why:

* It's minimal
* It's stable

However, it's somewhat advanced, so if you don't know *NIX operating systems, stick to Debian or Ubuntu.
I use a version of Linux called Ubuntu. Why? I am a hardcore gamer. Simple kernel changes makes a big difference.

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Mac is better but I use Pc
Current OS: Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (Might be switching back to Windows 7 soon due to failing hardware)

Previous OSes:
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Linux: Ubuntu 7-11 (Including netbook remix), Puppy, Damn Small, XUbuntu
Mac OSX 10.4-10.6

I've been using Ubuntu off and on for the past few years and I'm still trying to learn it better. I used it mostly when I had a netbook since I could use Terminal for things that usually hog CPU and RAM usage

I prefer Ubuntu because its free and I can run terminal programs. I also get better customization options than I do in Windows or Mac. It also doesn't have as much of a strict list of system requirements and I feel like I'm in sandbox mode for my computer using Linux :3
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I use windows 7 just because it came with the computer, but i like it
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I use Windows, because just about everything works on it, and I get to use two mouse buttons. I loves my right click! :3

EDIT: I also like Linux, but it doesn't have quite as many games or programs (such as Microsoft Office) and I don't feel like using WINE.
Dual boot Linux/Windows 7.

My current Linux OS is Ubuntu, but I'm switching to either Debian or Mint soon.

I keep Windows 7 for gaming.
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I've been using Windows XP ever since it came out. Only time I used Windows Vista (and then later Windows 7) was when I was in college and had to work in the computer labs.

Only reason why I still have Windows XP on my laptop (and why my parents still have XP on their laptops and desktops) is because it's still reliable to us..... and because our computers are rather old, so any sort of upgrading wouldn't exactly be feasible. In my case I'm better off just buying a new laptop, but I don't have the money to do so and I'm still content with running XP. Admittedly though I did have to tweak my laptop a bit in order to run certain PC games (for a while I had issue with playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam because of a recurring problem that only happens on XP).
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I use windows (always updating to the latest version, of course smile )

It's just better for me as a gamer.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit - It's fast, the new version of windows, and the ultimate edition has windows xp mode

Ubuntu - Best linux distro in my opinion, I do not use linux that much though

Microxp for older computers - a very watered down version of windows xp

I hate macs with a passion

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