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Chrome, because it's the fastest and i love its simply style. I use firefox when chrome is not compatible with the website.

Chrome addons:
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                I love internet explorer 9. ;3
                It just is simple and easy to use.
                I don't think I have any add-ons just because I don't feel it needs to.
                I have just used other "generations" of internet explorer on my computer, but I have used other browers on my friend's computer.
                So, firefox and something else.
                I didn't like them, so I never thought of changing.
                I've heard good things about google chrome, but I don't want to switch.
                I AM IN LOVE! <3
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Safari for ipad
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I prefer firefox, but I can't use it on my current computer. On my current computer the only thing I can use it for is to browse Gaia, and even then I sometimes have problems with it. It constantly shuts itself down when I visit most webpages, like almost any recipe site, photobucket, games on Gaia, etc.

My second choice is Chrome, it runs a lot faster than firefox, and doesn't shut down randomly, which is a plus. However, I like firefox's add-ons better than Chrome's.

For Firefox, I use add-blocker plus and the personas plus thing, as well as AVG's protective searchbar.

Chrome I don't really use any add-ons.
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Bumping up linked d2d threads.
I love Opera, because it's simply the fastest thing ever for me.

Firefox is 2nd best, and I use it when Opera is not compatible

Internet explorer 9 is 3rd best.

Chrome sucks. I'm not using that (you'll have to excuse me for my foul language here)pile of doodoo again.
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Chrome sucks. I'm not using that (you'll have to excuse me for my foul language here)pile of doodoo again.
Says the Opera user. hahaha

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