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Dell Dimension 4550

P4 2.4 Ghz
80 GB Harddrive (Windows XP)
80 GB Harddrive (Windows Storage)
80 GB Harddrive (Linux Redhat 9)
40x CD-RW Drive
64 MB DDR nvidia geforce mx440 (i think) <-- horrible video card


Toshiba Satellite

Celeron (yeah...I know...) 1.06 Ghz
512 MB RAM (that makes up for the celeron =P
15 GB harddrive
8x DVD-ROM Drive
Yeah, here's my craputer (LOL)

Pentium III 1Ghz
ASUS Motherboard
RAM 384Mb PC133
HDD 48Gb total (40+8 )
Graphics nVidia TNT2 32Mb (AGP 2x, poor me)
it's a laptop

Pentium M (centrino)
256 mb Ram
60g 5400rpm
Ati 9200 64mb
15.4 widescreen screen
All built by my own hands ... 3nodding

2.8 GHz Intel with HT
640 MB DDR
256 MB DDR Asylum GeForce FX 5200 Video Card
CD Rom Drive
40 GB HD (for my OS and programs)
120 GB HD (for all my media)
Windows XP Pro

A sweet case...
<img src=http://img9.photobucket.com/albums/v24/invictusx/Cam Pics/Picture_002.jpg>

18 inch Microtek Flat Panel Monitor....
USB Game Controller (For Emulation, guh...)
Intel PC Pro Camera
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
ASUS A7N8X-DLX rev. 2.0
2 x 512 MB PC3200 @ 400 MHz DDR (Micron, or whoever they are now blaugh )
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
Creative SB Live! (needs to be upgraded crying )
Yamaha HTR-5560 w/PolkAudio 6.1 Home theater system
TDK DVD/CD burner 440N
Memorex CD-Rom 52x
7 in 1 Floppy Drive
6 USB Ports 2.0
2 x 120 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM Serial ATA HDD in mirrored RAID array
Antec case (blue) w/window & Blue neon cold cathode lights and blue LED Antec fans
Cheap Argus Webcam (its okay)
21" NEC Monitor (old)
Motorola Cable Modem
8-port SMC Barricade w/print server plus a 5 port switch (11 computers & a PS2)

Researched & built in July 2003 by yours truly.
Apple eMac
1Ghz G4
768MB Ram
160GB HD
DVD-R Superdrive

...that's about it. biggrin

Whoa...Invictus Prime, my friend just built a computer that looks just like yours.
Alright, I have the best computer out of all of you, by far.

400Mhz PPC 750.
ATi Rage IIC+
6x DVD-ROM (Matshita mechanism)
30GB Fujitsu HD
Oh yeah.
Athlon XP 2400+
Gigabyte nVIDIA GeForc FX 5200 128MB video card
13GB Quantum Fireball WinXP/Mandrake Linux (OS drive)
80GB Western Digital storage drive
Dual 512GB DDR RAM (eventually upgraded to dual 1GB when my tax return comes in)
ZIP100 drive (hey...it's free, and I've got the space in the tower)
Hell, I don't even remember what brand case it is...but it's all decked out on the inside w/ UV-reactive IDE/floppy cables and a cathode, and the mobo's UV-reactive too. Fun fun.
Dell Demision Desktop 8300

Operating System: Windows XP Home
Processor: Pentinum 4 at 3.0Ghz
Moniter: 17 inch flat panel display
Memory: 512MB SDRAM
Hard Drive: 120GB
Other Drives: 3.5 Floppy Drive, 16x CD-Rom/DVD-Rom Drive, and 8x CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Graphics Card: 9800 Radeon 128MB
Speakers: Altec Lansing Swoofer Surround Sound
Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Processor: Athlon XP 2400+
Memory: 512MB DDR RAM
Hard Drive: 120GB and a 5GB recovery drive
Other Drives: 3.5 Floppy Drive, Zip Drive, 42x CD-Rom/DVD-Rom Drive, and 8x CD-RW
Sound Card: a crappy one
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce3 64mb DDR RAM
Speakers: Harmon/Kardon

It's not the best, but she gets the job done! heart
My computer is... old. There's no point in posting, really. And yet...

No brand.
Laptop thinking it's a desktop.
4.41 GB
ADM-K6 3D Processor
333 Mhz

NOTE: Cricket rarely shuts down properly... I mean, I don't get the Screen of Death, but she just won't cooperate. She starts to shut down, then stops halfway. I can't give her the 3-fingered salute, so I have to shut her down manually. Which is bad. xp

Anyway, I shouldn't be rambling at a time like this. I have work to do!
okok here are my specs took a while to find the processor but i have friends at intel

Pentium 5
ati radeon 9800
3gb ram
soundblaster pro(sad)
wireless keyboard and moiuse
Heres my comp specs:

Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.5Ghz
Memory: 256 DDR Ram
Hard Drive: 80GB
CD Rom Drive: 52x CD/CD-RW/DVD Rom Drive
Graphics Card: 64MB Extreme Intergrated Graphics (Yeah.. it sux)
Sound Card: Don't know but has good quality
Monitor: 15" NEC LCD Monitor
Other: 3 Firewire Ports (Uploading videos), 2 USB Ports 2.0, Regular optical mouse and keyboard.

When i get the chance i'm upgrading the memory and graphics card.
Alright, I have the best computer out of all of you, by far.

400Mhz PPC 750.
ATi Rage IIC+
6x DVD-ROM (Matshita mechanism)
30GB Fujitsu HD
Oh yeah.

Heh. 384MB of RAM still makes for a fairly useable machine, though.

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