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Yawn, all of these Crap-lon AMD systems. AMD sucks, period.

My system will smoke all of the AMD systems minus the Athlon64 systems only because you cannot compare 64 bit to 32 bit operation CPUs unless you are comparing an Extreme Edition with the Athlon64, in which the Extreme Edition smokes the s**t out of the Athlon64 FX-51, easy.

Pentium 4 2.6c Overclocked to 3.06 (FSB mhz- 220 (x4) = 880)
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe
1 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Dual Channel (512x2)
80 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM Special Edition 8 MB Cache
Old 12.6 GB Western Digital 5200 RPM (old comp's drive)
ATI Radeon 9800 AIW softmodded to a Radeon 9800 Pro All in Wonder
Audigy 2 Sound Card
Lite-On 52x32x52x CD-RW
Samsung 16x DVD-Rom
Thermaltake Xaser III Case (silent as hell, 7 case fans)
480 Watt Thermaltake PurePower Silent PSU
XP Pro (modded)
21" Nokia Multigraph 445xPro running at 70 hZ easily
2x Red Cold Cathode Ray Tubes
Logitech Elite Keyboard
Microsoft Intelimouse 1.0 (5 Button)
Logitech Z-640 5.1 Speakers

Unreal Tournament 2K4
Call of Duty
Far Cry (beta)
and a hell of a lot more.

Owned, AMD gangbangers.
2600+ @ 2.2 Ghz
EPoX 8RDA+ 1.1
Buffalo Tech 2*256mb
GF4 Ti4200
80gig WD SE
250gig WD SE
Here we go!

Athelon XP 2400 (no overclocking)
512 MB DDR400 RAM
A7N8X Deluxe MB
120GB 7200RPM ATA133 hard drive
ATI 9600 Pro graphics card
Adaptec SCSI card (for CDR only atm)
Creative Labs Live! card (may go Audigy 2 soon)

I think that's all the important stuff. razz
Intel 2.4Ghz
1 GB PC2700 Kingston memory
80 GB HD
Soundblaster Audigy 2
Radeon 9700 Pro/128 MB

That's pretty much the core of the goodies.
my computer has

2800 athlon
1024 ddr 400 ram
asus a7v8x modo
128 radon graphics card
120gig hdd
250gig hdd caddy
sound blaster 2

Intel P4 @ 3GHz
1024mb dual ddr
Ati Rade0n 9800Pro 128mb
Soundblaster 2 ( i think razz )
250Gb westerndigital hdd...
Pentium 4 2.67GHz
512 MB of RAM
120 GB HD
19 inches screen
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
Behold, my system of suck!

1.7 Ghz Athlon 2200+
4 GB hard drive running at around 3200 rpm
20 GB HD at 7200
Nvidia GeForce 4 MX (soon to be ugraded to GeForce FX 5200, I'm poor)
256 megs of RAM (Can you believe it? I only have two RAM slots!)
NForce 2 mobo, onboard 5.1 sound
No Name 56kpbs modem (I live in the country, I can't get DSL)
Dunno what my power supply is...
No name mid tower, AOC 17" CRT, no name mouse/keyboard

I'm getting a new machine at the end of the summer, hopefully. The suck shall be alleviated.
Well, I just bought this PC for £430! It's new!

2.4GHZ Intel Celerion Processor
512 RAM
80 Gb Hard Drive
Radeon 64 Graphics...

16x DVD-RW
48x CD-RW
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Incomplete specs:


PC 1 (mine):

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU 2.2@2.4 GHz, 400MHz FSB, 640 KB Cache
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Mobo (using onboard sound)
2x 512MB Corsair RAM 400MHz, currently 2,3,3,7 Latency settings
ASUS GeForce 4 Ti4400 Deluxe
1x 80GB Maxtor Diamondmax 9 IDE133 8MB Cache
1x 80GB Maxtor Diamondmax 9 IDE133 2MB Cache
Realtek ethernet card
Philips 107T monitor
Philips 48x CDRom
Philips CDWriter/DVDPlayer combi
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition


PC 2 (mine, mainly used for running DOS):

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
1x 512MB TwinMOS PC2100 CL2.5 RAM
MSI MS-6380 Mainboard, Via chipset 2x133MHz (266MHz data rate) FSB
TNT2 Videocard with 32MB memory
Maxtor 7200RPM 80GB Harddisk
8x Philips CDRom
Soundblaster 128
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition optimized for DOS


PC 3 (relic)

AMD 4x86-P75-S 133@166 MHz
16kB L1 Writeback Cache

Asus PVI-486 SP3 (AT format) Mainboard
256kB L2 Cache, mode
Chipset SIS 496/497NU, Version 2B
Bios AWARD 4.51 PnP
ANSI-ATA-4 (PIO mode 4)
2x64MB Fast-Page 60nS RAM

2x Maxtor Diamondmax+ 2500 7.5 GB UDMA/33 7200RPM, 9mS, 512kB SDRAM Buffer

Matrox Millenium PCI G200 8mB SDRAM, 250MHz RamDac
Philips PCA 363 UDMA/33 ATAPI/EIDE, 512kB Cache

Windows 98SE version 4.10.2222 A
(with MSDOS version 7.10 A)

Philips 105 B SVGA 15" (With built-in Speakers)
85Hz, 2x 0.4 Watt
Chicony Keyboard (Win 101)
Logitech PS2 Optical Wheelmouse
Philips PCA 750 PS ISA Soundcard
3D 16 bits SB Comp


PC 4 (Dad's):

Athlon 2600 XP
FSB 166 MHz
256kb ECC sync wb L2 on-board Cache

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 333MHz FSB DDR400 Mobo
2x Corsair 256MB TwinX 400MHz 3200LL Cas2 DDR heatspreader
Philips 107B monitor
ASUS 9480TD NVIDIA GeForce4 4800SE 128MB
Sony standard 16x40 speed DVD/CDROM
Philips CDRW (48x CD-burner, 16x RW, 48x read)

Maxtor Diamondmax 9+ 120GB,
7200 rpm, 8mS, 8MB Cache, IDE133

Onboard NVidia 128-bits Sound (with Dolby Surround 5.1)
Onboard LAN
Logitech Optical wheelmouse (with cord) OEM
Standard Chicony Keyboard
Philips MMS 230 Speakerset + Subwoofer
OS: Windows XP (boo hiss!)


PC 5 (Dad's):
AMD K6 III+ 550MHz@600MHz
64kB L1 cache
256kB L2 cache
32kB data write-back

Asus P5A Mainboard (ATX Format)
Ali-V-AGP 1541/1543 chipset
512k L2 cache

Infineon 256 MB PC-133 7nS CL-2 RAM

Maxtor Diamondmax+60 40,9 GB, Ultra100 Harddisk
7200 rpm, 8mS, 2mb SDram buffer

Hercules Geforce 2 MX Videocard
32mb SDram 5,5 nS 350 MHz Ramdac

Sigma Design Xcard DVD Adapter
Mpeg Layers 1,2,3,4
Philips PCCD048 UDMA/33 CDROM (48 speed incase you cant figure that out)
ATAPI/EIDE, 512kB Cache
Philips PCA 460 RW 4x4x32 CD-writer

Windows 98SE version 4.10.2222 A
(with MSDOS version 7.10 A)

Philips 107B SVGA 17" Monitor with built-in microphone and speakers
(still looks like any other monitor, no fancy things hanging overboard)
1024x800, 0.26 dotperinch, 90Hz, 2 x 0.4 Watt Speakers

Chicony keyboard (win 101)

Logitech PS2 optical wheelmouse (with cord)


PC 6 (server):

Cyrix 266 MHz
1x 700MB harddisk (for OS and backups)
1x 40GB corrupt Maxtor harddisk (for server software and files)
TNT2 16MB videocard
Realtek Ethernet Card
No keyboard/mouse
No monitor
No soundcard
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
AMD 3.2 Processor
180 GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
512 Kingston DDR2 Hyper Ram
Linux SuSE OS
Integrated GeForce 4 MX 440 Graphics (Disabled)
GeForce FX Ti 5900 Graphics
Creative SoundBlaster 6.1 Surround....

umm im pretty sure i win
Hmm... let's see

Motherboard: Asus A7V8X-X
Processor: AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Sound: on-board (I know, I should buy a sound card some time...)
Speakers: Creative 4.1
RAM: 1GB DDR-3200
HDD: 40GB Seagate
HDD: 120GB Samsung
CD-RW: 48x12x50
Case: Green with blue LEDs and side window
OS: Windows 2000 Pro and FreeBSD

AMD Athlon 2400+
512 DDR
Albatron 128mb Geforce 4 ti4200 8x AGP
EpoX nForce2 mobo
80gig Maxtor
52x24x52 Liteon


Pentium M 1.4
512 DDR
128mb Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo
DVD play/CD burn
AMD 2400+
256mb DDR RAM
80Gig 7200RPM
Radeon 9000 64mb memory AGP 4x
56k modem connection at 26-44k
My 1st computer is a AMDXP 1800+
Gforce 2 64 mb

HD one 20gb
HD one 180GB

CD burner Philips 48X
DVD reader
A floppy
WindowsXP Sp2 eng.
Office 2003 server.
And tons of games and Anime movies biggrin ...

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