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I'm going to be internet-less soon, and was wondering if there might be a freeware program that allows you to make and preview CSS. It's something I've been studying in my free time, and I'd like to at least be able to work offline. I know you can put some HTML (and I suppose CSS?) in a notepad and preview it in-browser, but I'm not familiar with HTML, sadly. sad

Thanks in advance.
CSS really need a HTML skeleton to hang on, and to affect.

HTML is the basic cake, CSS is extra flavours, and added icing and decorations.
it still needs the cake to be added to.
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Learn HTML. CSS is useless without it, and you can then use and study it offline all you want. It's not a terribly difficult language, not at all.
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As mentioned by others, CSS merely does the decoration (or "prettyfication" as I've sometimes called it) for HTML. It's still extremely useful for helping to ensure the consistency of presentation, which I consider a fundamental of web design.

You can do HTML and CSS in Notepad (remember to save as .htm or .html instead of .txt for HTML and .css if for the CSS sheet) but I like Notepad++ for it's customisable syntax highlighting (tag names will have a different colour to your text) amongst other nifty features that helped when I was doing Javascript. I won't go into them because I'll be here ALL DAY and I would like to shower at some point this morning. The syntax highlighting is the most obvious one and one that can really help if you're doing lots of coding.

As long as you have a browser you can view HTML files. HTML is "translated" by the browser on the reader's side. You may be getting confused with the server-side languages like PHP which do require a live connection to preview.
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Thank you for your answers. I'll have to do some studying on basic HMTL then. Hopefully I can fish around for a downloadable guide, seeing as how I won't have internet for a little bit. I also want cake now.

Thanks a lot for the input, I'll keep what you said in mind. I know a few things in HTML, but I don't know to place CSS into it, which is why I'm going to study it a bit online while I can. I'll be sure to check out Notepad++ and download it, thanks for that. Any other programs or perhaps downloadable guides you could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

My internet speed at the moment is a turtle race. It's been going between 5-20KBps according to my download manager in Firefox (below 1mbps according to speedtest.net), so I'm downloading these things ahead of time while I can. emotion_donotwant
Dig around for a copy of "Eric Meyer on CSS".


Watch both of those playlists, it will teach you loads. It is how I learned HTML and such, make sure you learn XHTML and CSS then move onto HTML5.

Also, use Notepad++, free program.

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