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I've seen Rydian have differant sigs over time that track the amount of gold he has.. I was interested in making a similiar tracker for a differant game called OGame.. instead of gold, you have Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium.. and they're always changing dynamically. How would I implement a tracker on my own website that allows me to see the current amount of say.. Metal.. I have when the page is loaded?

</div> <ul id="resources">
<li id="metal_box" class="metal tipsTitle"
title="Metal:| Available: <span class=''>79.508</span><br>Storage capacity: <span class=''>865.000</span><br>Current production: <span class='undermark'>+14.064</span><br>Den Capacity: <span class='middlemark'>14.550</span>">
<img src="http://gf3.geo.gfsrv.net/cdn59/ccdb3fc0cb8f7b4fc8633f5f5eaa86.gif" />
<span class="value">
<span id="resources_metal" class="">
79.508 </span>

^ When looking at the page source, here's the code for what I believe is what is the tracker at the top of the page. [http://i.imgur.com/7LvcQ.jpg]

Sorry if this is too questionable of a post or that it doesn't belong here.. I don't have very much experience with HTML/CSS/PHP, but am slowly learning. If I didn't provide much details/explanation for a proper answer.. i'll try my best to explain what i'm asking better.
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Rydians sig uses a userscript that scapes the page every page load and sends that value as a request to a PHP script running on his server, which then serves an image.

unless the game has some form of API (unlikely) you'll have to do something similar.

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