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Section: Internet 1 ('cause it's smaller than section 2).
Change: Adding a section on the fact that we won't and can't help find the identity of people online.
Reason: In addition to being technically impossible in most causes, it's also a legal issue dealing with ISPs and customer data.
Additional Information: Something like...

Somebody's being mean to me online, can I take their IP address and find who they are and where they live?

Despite what you may see in movies and TV shows and hear online you cannot trace somebody's house or identity by their IP address, for many reasons.

  1. IP addresses are not publicly linked to a person or a specific computer. While an IP address assigned at a given time does correspond to a certain customer of an ISP (internet Service Provider), this is considered private customer information and ISPs only legally give it to law enforcement upon request.

  2. Even if any third party managed to steal that sort of information and make a database, they would find the database quickly incorrect, as some IP addresses change daily.

  3. While there are some methods to get a general overview of where an IP is located (due to locating the ISP's datacenter, not the customer connected to it), these only get down to the city level, and even then are often mistaken (sometimes appearing to be the next city over).

  4. IP addresses on the internet can be easily masked with a proxy, so even if you do try to geolocate them, the IP you're locating could easily be a false one and appear in an entirely different city/state/country without a solid way for you to tell if it's fake or not.

While computers themselves are said to have a specific unique address, there's issues with that as well.

  1. The MAC address is actually that of the network interface, not the computer, so it can be changed by swapping cards or network connection methods.

  2. MAC addresses can be "spoofed", effectively making a fake one.

  3. Even if you manage to find somebody's MAC address, it is NOT used outside the user's home network anyway, so there's no way to trace it over the internet because it's not even involved in those connections.

If you are having a serious problem online (i.e. death threats, blackmail) it's suggested you contact your local authorities to see what can be done.

If not, then make use of whatever blocking functions are available to you on whatever service you're having the problem with.

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