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As the topic suggests: For a little over a year now, my computer has been making a weird puttering noise. Being a broke college student, I've been hesitant to take it to a repair shop, especially if it's nothing.

I'd open it up myself, but it being a laptop and all. Don't want to mess anything up.

My laptops a Qosmio X505-877. The sound is coming from the back of the computer. It sounds like a fast puttering noise. Similar to a card being placed in a bicycle wheel, although not as severe.

If anyone has an inkling of what it might be, it'd be helpful! I've asked around, and most think it might just be the fan hitting against something, such as a sticker.
sounds like a fan is out of alignment, and needs to be replaced.
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Shy Borg

Right-o, how much does that usually cost?
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Right-o, how much does that usually cost?

no clue, I usually replace them my self.

and I do not know what kind of fan you need.

if you are luck giving it a thorough cleaning with some compressed air, might give you some more time.
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Shy Borg

Alrighty, thanks much!

I still have warranty that covers replacement parts, just gotta find the paperwork. SO it should keep it under $100.

Thanks again.
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I once had a similar issue I had to fix on my sister's laptop. I ended up finding out it was the heatsink fan for both the GPU and CPU (their connected via the heatsink) and replaced the whole thing for about $40. Unfortunately, I didn't think of just replacing the fan itself. I'm just trying to give you an idea of what you might pay, I suggest seeing if just replacing the fan itself will work.

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