psychic stalker
Hi guys, I'm planning to make my desktop to have 6 monitors and I just wanna ask you if linux supports up to 6 monitors. My distro is Debian Linux Squeeze. Just wanna ask if that would work before I buy 4 monitors and 2 video cards. biggrin
Your distro is irrelevant.

Xorg-X11 is the package that handles this sort of thing. The proper question is, does Xorg support 6 monitors. And the answer is Yes. It'll support as many monitors and video cards as you can install, in various combinations.

HOWEVER, only very recent ATi cards can handle 6 high-resolution monitors, and support for doing that on a single card is entirely dependent on the fglrx driver doing the right thing - which it often doesn't. So it's possible that you can use 6 monitors, but it's unlikely that it'll work well, if at all.

Further, Xinerama is notoriously difficult to set up on X11. It's only really well-tested on 2- and 3-monitor configurations. Very few people have done more than that, and certainly not with a single video card. It's unlikely to work well.

My advice is to not do it unless you plan to spend most of your free time testing for bugs in Xinerama and fglrx or radeonhd.

Thank you very much for the info. I'll just use this info for future references. biggrin