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Okay listen this has worked EVERYTIME for me
Many of you have said that refreshing is how you fix this glitch but in reality its much different.

Launch Monster Galaxy as you normally do. When you get to a Moga that freezes you I want you to copy the website and paste it onto a NORMAL Firefox or normal Internet explorer tab.
This is the link your have: http://www.gaiaonline.com/monstergalaxy/launch
Now your see that its still frozen. To fix this just click on the refresh button and go to a different tab has its loading the page. Once the Monster Galaxy page has loaded look back and it'a show that the Moga battle will no longer be frozen.

IF THIS DOES work for you pass it on if it doesn't I'm sorry but that's the best I can do.
Respond to keep this post up please.
it worked for me
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Great, please spread the information around.
I don't wanna have to keep making topics.
This did work this time, might have been a fluke but I'll definitely keep trying and update this.
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Wow, it actually worked. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing! It worked for me!
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Feel free to add me.
I play everyday (just started May 25th, and I'm lvl 10! ) and have tons of time to devote to leveling up.

Bump ^.^, very helpful!
Yay! Worked for me - Thanks a ton!
hmm - tried again, now it worked confused thank you heart
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Give me starseeds, please?

Usually refreshing works for me but I'll keep this thread in mind for future use biggrin

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]Give me starseeds, please?
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O.o Thank you!
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Didn't work for me
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This worked for me perfectly when refreshing refused to solve the problem!

Regular, day to day glitch: When you select an abilty for example, but never actually gets round to fulfilling the command, that is the most common glitch i know of.
Common solution: Refreshing is the easiest, as many know.

My glitch (dont actually know if anyone else has had this): When you enter a battle, but cant select any moga to use, and none of the in game links work. At this point i would go to refresh, but, after trying it multiple times without sucess, i gave this a whirl, and its done the trick!
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You know what, sir?

Thank you very much!

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