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There is no error message; the game simply does not load. Instead, there are the two advertisements at the top of the page, and the usage of all the crops and factories underneath. The game never shows up.

This problem has been present for the past 24 hours.

It is not the computer or browser or facebook, as my mother's Summer Springs loads just fine.
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me too!
my game don't load ç.ç
mine 2 n itsw been doing it 4 the past week does any1 no whats up
same for me
i've just recently have gotten that problem as well, however my whole page is just blank, with the exception of a single grey line at the top.
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mine 2 n itsw been doing it 4 the past week does any1 no whats up

same here
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Any word on how to fix it?
Same here. It's just white. I've updated my flash player...Twice and it still doesn't want to work :/ I've tried restarting my browser and everything
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I've been having this problem too for weeks now. I cannot play at all sad
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mine's not loading tonight. I get to the screen that shows what all the animals and shops do and no farther.
My screen is white too, except for the Facebok bar at the top and the Gaia bar under that. =( Bummer...
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Mine only works in explorer, not in chrome (and I always want to use chrome)
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Oh wow, I have the same problem too!
My Summer Springs just doesn't work at all...
It just shows up the how to play stuff and the crops etc....
and Never loads......

I tried it with another account and it worked perfectly fine.
I liked the graphics and I wanted to play more.. guess I can't

I inboxed the community and it asked me to tell them my internet browser flash stuff... and never replied...
stupid them.

D..V.I.L. T.Ø.N.Y. 3.3.
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Mine too.
It stops mid-load and doesn't ever continue. I refresh the page several times and reset my internet, but nothing changed.

My page has a habit of not loading at night, for some odd reason. It's been happening for the past 3 nights, and now it's morning and it's still not loading. gonk

My sunflowers!!! gonk emotion_donotwant

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