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This started in the past few days. It happens when I try to revive someone's crop. It's very annoying, I've only got a few hours to play, and I run down my friend list to check out their towns and get bonuses. Now I keep getting disconnected and lose track of whose towns I haven't visited.

If SummerSpring is trying to prevent some kind of cheating, then don't. reviving a crop is only 10 exp. Fighting with your users over 10 exp is not cool. Besides, there might be people who needed their crops revived and now everyone will probably avoid trying to revive crops because they can't tell if clicking them will cause a disconnection and waste lots of time reloading the game.

Fixed, thanks SummerSpring
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I'm getting the same issue.

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It started a few days ago and only happens when I try to revive a friend's crop.
Same thing has started happening to me too - only when trying to revive a crop confused
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Mine is doing the same thing as well emotion_sweatdrop
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this just started today...for me. somebody doesn't want me helping my friends? stare
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Add me to the list, it happening to me as well .... wondering if the new adobe flash is the culprit?
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I keep getting this too. If it is something to do with Flash, it's happening both with the current version and the one that came just before it. I'm running Firefox 15.0 Beta 2, if that helps as well.
I sent an error report and got this reply:

A solution for your issue has been suggested.

Thanks for contacting us! We're always happy to help out you out! We're very sorry for the glitch; we are currently in beta so we do have some bugs roaming around, but we're always working on smashing and exterminating them! This issue has been reported to the Developers! Thank You for reporting this to us because every report helps!
Update: I was able to revive my neighbors crops without being disconnected - so fingers crossed it has been fixed eek

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