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You people ruined everything for everyone. Most of the old users don't like this change. None of us do. My problem is that the walking, and everything in general has been ruined. Towns 2 was brought up for the olympics it should of went out when the olympics ended. But no you Devs had to change everything to like towns 2. Its too laggy. Bring back everything to the way it was.
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i cannot say anything positive about this "change".....Hollywood has been reduced to a junkyard,rally even more so....

if anything,i only have a question....

what the F gaia? do you honestly see this as an upgrade?if you do...get better glasses.

here's my two cents.
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For the love of God fix the whisper..
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Rally and Hollywood:
Issues with the our avis not being centered in the screen.
The walking is uneasy. The palm trees block our walking. Gaia signs are nice but are in the way.
The house isn't loading at all yet.

How do you go to rally from Towns 2?
I can't chat in rally or do anything really. Cars are stacking together in one parking space.

I can't chat at all :L i wanted to say hi to narumi so hi... c;

The loading page is screwy... I have to click the "show all content" option b4 it loads. The load screen is off
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I love.. I mean LOVE the fact that animated items work when in Rally, etc.
But I did notice in my case that both animated and still poses were being shown at the same time.

EDIT: Notices when trying to follow my friend when we are both in Rally, is says they are offline when they really aren't.

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i HATE towns 2, so i always hang out in Towns 1, VH, and rally, now VH and rally are like towns 2 and i have a feeling towns 1 is going to be the same.
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Wow. I haven't seen Virtual Hollywood THIS crowded since it first came out. owo;

Also, is it me, or is there no link from Towns 2 arrow Rally? I found the Taxi to VH, but no Taxi(?) to Rally.

Just a little Towns side note...
If you guys ever DID move our houses over to Towns 2, would we be able to choose a city/suburb to live in? Or is Barton just out default?
Personally, I think it would be awesome if we could make neighborhoods housing up to 20 homes, all on the same screen, where you and your friends could be neighbors. (Perhaps something like guilds, but instead, housing associations?) In Towns 1, I know none of the 5 people sharing the housing section with me. sweatdrop And it was practically impossible to find my other friend's houses...
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I cant go in houses i tried on my cousins cumputer my dads and my grandmas D: ...

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I can't get into the house in Virtual Hollywood, it just gets stuck at the loading screen.

thats what i was gonna say lol
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Dear Developers,
I'm sorry for being a negative nancy here, but....
I absolutely hate what you did to Rally and VH.

emotion_bigheart Glad you got rid of the flies on the light stands, they caused a lot of lag.

emotion_bandaid I like what you did with the animated items, however, that must be fixed so only the animated state is being shown.
emotion_bandaid I like how you sped up the walking just a little, but WHY, dear why, did you make them so fast? It's giving people motion sickness, in a pain to look at, and also in my opinion, a huge lag.
emotion_bandaid I do appreciate that you guys made the Rally eligible for full-screen, but whenever I go all the way out to full screen, the screen does not extend all the way, and I honestly believe that this extra should be added to Rallies.
emotion_bandaid I'm glad you added the "Take Picture" app, but whenever I take a picture, the save document pop-up takes FOREVER to load.

emotion_bigvein You NEED to fix whisper. In all of the things I have noticed, the whisper actions still do not appear most of the time, only occasionally. However, I would love to still have the option to have whisper.
emotion_bigvein It makes me mad that there are restrictions in some areas, such as behind the metal bar on the right side of the rally
emotion_bigvein Why did you guys add the store? It's a waste, and doesn't even need to be there.
emotion_bigvein Let us create our own rooms!
emotion_bigvein Why is there a smartphone option and pathfinding option? I feel like you should just remove these 'tools' because they don't work. You can't visit your friends with the smartphone, and hotspots and favorites are honestly useless. Pathfinding is also stupid, I mean c'mon, why do you need a compass in a rally?
*Edit* emotion_bigvein How the hell do you change the quality? I'm sorry, but if I can't change my quality to end the lag, i'm never going back to rally, or any of the virtual worlds, with exception of original Towns.

OVERALL: This was honestly a very stupid update. If it is possible, I would highly appreciate the older version, or at the least, let us choose which version we would like to use. Thank you.
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Narumi Misuhara
Hey guys, we've made some significant changes to Towns 2, Rally and Virtual Hollywood backend and UI. As with any change, sometimes we miss stuff or things go awry. Below are some of the things we're aware of and working on...

Known Issues To Be Fixed

  • Arrow transition through keyboard not working, arrows must be clicked to change areas.
  • Rally usernames are too big.
  • Find friends feature not working correctly.
  • Rally cars are too small.
  • Server instancing not working correctly, causing overloaded and laggy instances.
  • Gaia Rally racing disabled (still working on some fixes to racing)
  • Gaia standard time day cycle still faster than 5 hours.
  • Cars in Rally stack when placed on same space

If you have run into issues outside of what is listed above feel free to report them here. Approved fixes will be added to the list.

when pressing 2-3 time fast on the same arrow on ur keyboard to move it will just stop you and make you unable from moving until you release the arrow.
also, the walk system seem a bit buggy, it's slow...and it can take up to 1.5-3sec before your avi change direction
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The walk speed didn't need to be increased. I don't like this update. Rally was the only thing I liked on this game.
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Ok, so like I obviously gonna be one of those who repeated what everyone else just said but, yeah.
-The new upgrades suck, really bad.
-Too laggy
-Too many people
-We move WAY too fast
-I liked when we got to choose our rooms..not sure if we can so, yeah.

**Also, I'd like to point out that I've known the old rally since I've joined this site so, by upgrading it, you basically killed all of the memories I've made there. Yeah, corny right? But still. Come on, just change it back. >:l**
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When you click on cars, nothing comes up.
You can't rally in rally?
That's f**ked up.

omg that rhymes 8D.

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