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Narumi Misuhara
Narumi Misuhara
Hey guys, we've made some significant changes to Towns 2, Rally and Virtual Hollywood backend and UI. As with any change, sometimes we miss stuff or things go awry. Below are some of the things we're aware of and working on...

Known Issues To Be Fixed

  • Arrow transition through keyboard not working, arrows must be clicked to change areas.
  • Rally usernames are too big. -FIXED
  • Usernames are black in VH & Rally instead of white. - FIXED
  • Chat bubble on/off option missing - FIXED (added to phone settings)
  • Rally cars are too small. - FIXED
  • Server instancing not working correctly, causing overloaded and laggy instances. - FIXED
  • Gaia standard time day cycle still faster than 5 hours. - FIXED
  • Cars in Rally stack when placed on same space - FIXED
  • Parking animation missing - FIXED
  • Find friends feature not working correctly. - FIXED
  • Gaia Rally racing disabled (still working on some fixes to racing) - FIXED
  • Avatar image not updating in space when you log out, change it, log back in. - FIXED
  • Can't place car in Virtual Hollywood.

If you have run into issues outside of what is listed above feel free to report them here. Approved fixes will be added to the list.

i am unable to accept friends in rally
instead i get this link here
it comes up saying 404 not found
if someone could look into why this is, it might help alot of users out

It's because that url is worng, it should be http://www.gaiaonline.com/friends/?list=approval

well is it gonna get fixed or are you gonna fix it?
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Error! NOT LOGGED IN. Please check to make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in please check that you are not logged into any of the flash spaces, such as towns, rally, or Hollywood, and then refresh this screen

im logged on.
When I go into Towns 2 on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome it gives me this message. I have no other windows open, but my logged in Gaia account homepage:

"Error! NOT LOGGED IN. Please check to make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in please check that you are not logged into any of the flash spaces, such as towns, rally, or Hollywood, and then refresh this screen"

When I log into Towns same problem there on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

"Method: Town Server
Error Code: Joining Session Failed
Error: Try reloading Gaia Towns. Report this if it fails the second time.

Please copy and paste the above message and send it to games@gaiaonline.com"

This comes up for rallying and virtual hollywood again:

"Error! NOT LOGGED IN. Please check to make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in please check that you are not logged into any of the flash spaces, such as towns, rally, or Hollywood, and then refresh this screen"

Not that these error messages occur while loading these applications and not after I've gotten into a room and tried switching. None of the world applications will open. This is very detrimental to my Gaia social experience considering I just created my account. It would be awesome if somebody could give me a clue as to what is going on and how I can fix it. Also if it helps I am using an HP Laptop with Windows 7 installed and an intel core i3 processor. Thanks a bunch Gaia staff for taking the time to read through all our troubles. Much apprieciated!
Same things happening to me, HELP.
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In Virtual Hollywood, I can't type anything to anyone. The "Please type a message here" box is gone. Is it because I have to use Mozilla Firefox or something? I have to click on a person and send them a message in order to talk. Any suggestions?
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omg evertime i go to rally,towns,towns 2,or virtual hollywood it is like everythings moved up like i cant see the bottom of everything,and it wont even let me talk to other people or see what people tell me a the bottom,and everytime someone trys to talk to me i cant reply.It is so frustrating!can anyone help me? gonk exclaim mad
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I've mentioned this before in my own thread in this section but I didn't see this one so I'll post it here too.

For some reason, I'm experiencing a certain issue with Towns/Rally/ and Hollywood. When I try to log into these places it seems that for Towns it will never load past the Join Server mark.
Towns 2 and the others it just doesn't seem to load at all.. I did a check on my flash player and browser ( Firefox ) to see maybe if my browser was at fault. Even still...So I decided to check out another browser, Internet Explorer.
Even on there, the same situation was happening.
So I checked with a few other friends to see if this was occurring to them.
It didn't seem so, so now I am unsure and STILL unable to enter these places. I was wondering if I can obtain a bit of help or some info on this?
Well that's stupid ;-; ,
I just barely joined back to gaia once again . And i can't do anything ._.
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Reporting a person needs to get fixed. I have seen several trolls these past few weeks Spamming the same thing over again on every layer of rally I would switch over too. Plus when I put someone on Ignore I can still see them speaking. Its quite irritating.
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I also get stuck at the "joining server" thing then it says "join server failed" looks like it will try again and nothing else happens.

The weird thing is this only really happens recently at my college on either of their two wifi networks.
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I don't know if this is a glitch or I am missing the point but navigating to a bookmarked rally?

Is it supposed to just show an arrow pointing to an area and when you go to that area, it just turns right around?

Joining friends in rallies is impossible as there is no option for a friend and I and even the cell phone which allows you to follow friends doesn't show your friends online all of the time.

Also I see scriptors are back, I haven't seen any since the days that they could boot people.
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I have a problem with changing the walk speed, I will set it on a certain speed and then my Arrow keys for left and right stop working and change the walk speed when I press said keys ._.

It is rather annoying as i would have to get off Town/Hollywood/Rally just to get my arrow keys to function again ._.
I have the same issues. what confuse me is that how come my brother can log in to the rally, towns 2, and virtual hollywood without a problem while in my situation I have the opposite. I have problems about the chat bars not showing up and worlds not loading.

He uses the computer (microsoft XP) - flash player not the latest
I use the laptop (windows 7) - Latest flash player

does it have to do with the program I am using? Is it not compatible? is my flash player the problem? or does it have nothing to do with my laptop but Gaia?
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Rally, Towns 2 and Hollywood not loading ever for me anymore. Cookies cleared, computer updated and it still won't load. It just sits there with the orange screen saying gaia online. I know others have the same issue. Regular towns loads sometimes, but often errors.
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When entering virtual hollywood, the window box is way too big. The box is so big it cuts off the "Type your message here" box. Now I can't talk to anyone unless i send them a message! Also, the walk-speed is weird. Please change it back to the way it used to be. Came back to Gaia after a few months and I can't to anything. cry

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